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  Julien Cristau 042ce9200f doc: add missing end quote 1 year ago
  Ivo De Decker 75287427a5 Document allow-archall-maintainer-upload and allow-uninst hints 1 year ago
  Felix Yan 39e3ad9d55
Fix some typos in doc/short-intro-to-migrations.rst 1 year ago
  Niels Thykier c9d523da93
Remove trailing whitespace 1 year ago
  Niels Thykier ba7b737fae
docs/contributing: Update to include optional amqplib dependency 1 year ago
  Niels Thykier 7df8cc3ae3
doc/hints.rst: Fix a warning from sphinx-build 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers b752bdea07
Document force-badtest and force-skiptest 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 1c79e19b67 doc/short-intro: Use literal style for package names etc. 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 8ecde14d48 doc: Replace a md link with a rst link 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 4a7d3f4bbd doc: Fix typo 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier d371323206 doc/contributing: Use literal rather than italics 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier d4d8f672a5 Document how to build the documentation 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier de8a84695c doc: Update git repo links 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier d7792657a7 doc: Use a different style for hints config and file names 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 58d855a31f Move install+config docs from README to doc/setting-up-britney.rst 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier ba74012678 Fix shinx warning 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier e441902d92 doc: Fix missing letter in title 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers e667e4dcaf doc: Initial version for piuparts solutions 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers f25060edf4 doc: Wording/typos 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier e5d790f592 Typo fix 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 754defc49c
doc: minor tweaks to autopkgtest part in solutions-to... 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 4d9c1cdbea
doc: initial version talking about autopkgtest policy 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 1e277b81fe
doc: Initial version for piuparts solutions 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 072aff2af1
doc: Wording/typos 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 20f709e157 doc: Wording/typos 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 0f41b1b6df Rewrite hints as restructured text 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 90e4bb6ba2 Rewrite documentation in sphinx 2 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt 3ee3ba5463 doc/hints.md: subject-number agreement fix 3 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt f7173b9d66 doc/hints.md: fix another couple of "Britney" -> "britney" 3 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt 5e58d18676 doc/hints.md: remove gendered pronouns, to match other documentation 3 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt c6170a6042 docs/hints.md: be consistent of capitalisation of "britney" 3 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt ac39d2448f doc/hints.md: grammar fix - "if it was" -> "if it were" 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 8352d62999 Improve bug example and avoid usage of "RC" 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 7e2c62a600 Avoid gendered pronoun for britney 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier e2cbe15157 Improve documentation based on review in #d-release 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier cb5d888733 doc: Document basic migration handling/debugging 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 77d737cefe doc/hints.md: New doc based on the RT README for hints 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 2692b503d4 Drop auto-generated doxygen documentation 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 6774ed6877 Fixed a typo in the doxygen.conf file 8 years ago
  Mehdi Dogguy 6ecb711860 Typo fix 9 years ago
  Fabio Tranchitella 70be82be3f Updated documentation. 14 years ago
  Fabio Tranchitella 8bd331e037 Several important fixes to excuse generation and upgraderun; rebuild documentation. 14 years ago
  Fabio Tranchitella ec4469c589 Added a verbose explanation of how the excuses are generated as docstring for the module britney. 14 years ago
  Fabio Tranchitella f7b9bdc1f4 Support for fake source packages, which solved the last compatibility issues for the old britney code. 14 years ago