10 Commits (31e3278202df606a22a5a0d382710e206b0cf366)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Niels Thykier 22610d86a0
Skip codestyle in stable 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 6bc776daf1
Accept non-zero exit codes from pycodestyle 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 594ac576b9
Include codestyle reports for master branch 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 3d076d9bb0 .gitlab-ci.yml: Run tests with coverage on gitlab 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers e95315e57c
codecov: try alternative approach to get codecov data out of the docker container 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 7635a22d55
tests: disable different live data set on Travis 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 2e627f9be5
travis: Disable one live data test to prevent time outs 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers dbf024bf7a
travis: Build Debian stable docker image and use it for testing 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 96b7e606cf Add simple RC bugs unit test 4 years ago
  Niels Thykier 4eb5bdb396 Show coverage reports in travis-ci builds 4 years ago