31 Commits (b380508635d0572fa34fe92ef3df402f0b8bc5cc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Gevers b380508635
Drop dkms auto-detection for autodep8 as it isn't opt-in 1 year ago
  Ivo De Decker f202601b81 fix codestyle issue in test_autopkgtest.py 1 year ago
  Paul Gevers 747c67854a
tests: use yaml.safe_load as yaml.load is deprecated 1 year ago
  Paul Gevers 964ecaf045
tests: add the suite to debci results 1 year ago
  Paul Gevers e8b5f5e631
Fix loads of pycodestyle issues in test_autopkgtest 1 year ago
  Paul Gevers 42ac9c34a1
autopkgtest: add timestamp to results 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier c9d523da93
Remove trailing whitespace 1 year ago
  Niels Thykier edfe40d69c
Fix and re-add a test 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 712b618ee8
tests: Comment out test requiring "do_test" function 2 years ago
  Iain Lane c09a229dc9
autopkgtest: Run gcc-n's testuite, if it has one 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 18633e275c
autopkgtest: figure out which packages from unstable are needed 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 9a7394c89d britney: Rewrite should_* to be (almost) suite agnostic 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 37f02d611c Revert "Rename autopkgtest related hints" 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier a07fa9f907 Rename autopkgtest related hints 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 624b185ba6
autopkgtest: enable NEUTRAL state for the case where all tests were skipped (or none available) 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 7e8ec20bc1
Put autopkgtest state files in their own namespace 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 9a28ec184b
Revert "autopkgtest: Drop retry_url from the excuses as this works different in Debian" 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers cb716e3186
Don't excuse.force() on skiptest hint 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 054830d03f
autopkgtest: Drop retry_url from the excuses as this works different in Debian 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers d6f713b8a1
tests: Update for recent changes 2 years ago
  Paul Gevers 597eac6130
Adapt test_autopkgtest.py so nosetests3 picks it up correctly 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers a16e4e5a55
Enable autopkgtesting on built arches when not all have been built yet 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers f2f20eb460
Limit accumulated bounties to configurable minum age 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers 77ea1cc8d5
Enable no-penalties urgencies; to exempt urgency >= high from penalties 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers 287a9d328c
os.path.join(options.unstable, 'autopkgtest') isn't writable in the Debian setup and we have options.state_dir already 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers eb60fc557e
Implement bounty/penalty system for autopkgtest 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers acec564443
Make autopkgtest web site URL an option 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers 648feb71d3
Implement swift free usage of autopkgtest 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers 278b3dcdd0
autopkgtest: switch from testing=series to testing=testing 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers 5ae8ccbcc6
Get the autopkgtest test suite to run with Debian's britney 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers 2bce9e334e
Initial commit for autokpgtest 3 years ago