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  Paul Gevers dbf024bf7a
travis: Build Debian stable docker image and use it for testing 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier bc0a5f6e2b britney: Split "ood" and "unsat_deps" loops 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 24bd315c20 Update .gitignore 2 years ago
  Paul Wise 94a3136f64 Drop duplicate 'has new bugs' excuses item 2 years ago
  Niels Thykier 20f709e157 doc: Wording/typos 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier c11d329d77 Add Makefile to generate documentation 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 0f41b1b6df Rewrite hints as restructured text 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 90e4bb6ba2 Rewrite documentation in sphinx 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 5c3229467a write_heidi: Include cruft arch:all packages in the output 3 years ago
  Paul Gevers 0b58a313cb
Treat arch:all nearly as regular arch when determining out-of-dateness 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 7217c22b42 get_dependency_solvers: The "foo:any" modifier can also appear in B-D relations 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 2242821c01 BuildDependsPolicy: Add missing build_depends=True to get_dependency_solvers 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier c195268019 piuparts: Properly discard the URL for testing 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier bda39f8ca0 Support :native in build-dependency relations 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 89765bc374 BuildDependsPolicy: Keep block_txt and block in sync 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier ee27d7a67c Add BuildDependsPolicy to check Build-Depends(-Arch) availability 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier c537f0554f Move PolicyVerdict to britney2.policies 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 784d80ab4c Replace a few lists with sets 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 94034f225f excuse: Drop unused field 3 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt 3ee3ba5463 doc/hints.md: subject-number agreement fix 3 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt f7173b9d66 doc/hints.md: fix another couple of "Britney" -> "britney" 3 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt 5e58d18676 doc/hints.md: remove gendered pronouns, to match other documentation 3 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt c6170a6042 docs/hints.md: be consistent of capitalisation of "britney" 3 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt ac39d2448f doc/hints.md: grammar fix - "if it was" -> "if it were" 3 years ago
  Adam D. Barratt 3220710a6c britney.py: stop referring to the freeze policy while we're not frozen 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier d3b90e754b britney: Rewrite conditional assignment 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 8352d62999 Improve bug example and avoid usage of "RC" 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 7e2c62a600 Avoid gendered pronoun for britney 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier e2cbe15157 Improve documentation based on review in #d-release 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier cb5d888733 doc: Document basic migration handling/debugging 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 1042c626ec excuse: Improve text for REJECTED_NEEDS_APPROVAL 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 77d737cefe doc/hints.md: New doc based on the RT README for hints 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 2692b503d4 Drop auto-generated doxygen documentation 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 6e022eed54 test: Add test for a bug I was about to introduce 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 69473eefca solver: Extract compute_scc into a function 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier bd375fdd85 solver: Make _compute_scc iterative 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 64653087d0 solver: Fix bug where some items were not emitted 3 years ago
  Jonathan Wiltshire 981b9333f6 Revert "Implement a mandatory 10 day migration delay" 3 years ago
  Ivo De Decker 363f51fd3b Give myself force and force-hint 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 5021053db5 Support doing migration-less runs 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 189edf42ec britney: Move britney's start of day to 7 pm 3 years ago
  Raphaël Hertzog 57bc721f50 Document new files required by PiupartsPolicy 3 years ago
  Raphaël Hertzog e3323d9a67 Rename FUCKED_ARCHES into OUTOFSYNC_ARCHES in template configuration file 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier f6120e5ec3 Use the correct required age in html excuses 3 years ago
  James McCoy 0c44d3ac27 excuse: Add an EOL to the verdict summary line in HTML output 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 67c784f796 excuse: Use verdict name rather than object in excuses.yaml 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 9ca5f7e24e Add more verdicts to provide more detailed excuses 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier d7a676d074 Aggregate all migration decisions and present it in excuses 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier f40a7f41b3 Replace dontinvalidate with forced 3 years ago
  Niels Thykier 6e560c854a Only show the first (relevant) remove hint in excuses 3 years ago