Devuan deployment of britney2
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  1. Contributing to the development of britney2
  2. ===========================================
  3. If you are interested in improving britney, you can obtain the source
  4. code via::
  5. git clone
  6. # Additional tests
  7. git clone
  8. You will need some packages to run britney and the test suites::
  9. # Runtime dependencies
  10. apt install python3 python3-apt python3-yaml
  11. # Test dependencies
  12. apt install python3-pytest libclass-accessor-perl rsync
  13. # Documentation generator
  14. apt install python3-sphinx
  15. # AMQP integration for autopkgtest policy (optional runtime dependency)
  16. apt install python3-amqplib
  17. Britney has some basic unit tests, which are handled by py.test. It
  18. also has some larger integration tests (from the ``britney2-tests``
  19. repo). Running the tests are done via::
  20. cd britney2
  21. # Basic unit tests
  22. py.test-3
  23. # Integration tests
  24. rm -fr ./test-out/
  25. ../britney2-tests/bin/runtests ./ ../britney2-tests/t ./test-out
  26. The ``runtests`` command in ``britney2-tests`` supports running only a
  27. subset of the tests. Please see its ``--help`` output for more
  28. information.
  29. There are also some heavier tests based on some snapshots of
  30. live data from Debian. The data files for these are available in the
  31. ``live-data`` submodule of the ``britney2-tests`` repo. They consume
  32. quite a bit of disk space and britney will need at least 1.3GB of RAM
  33. to process them.
  34. Documentation is handled by sphinx and can be built via::
  35. make html