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  Tianon Gravi 0549428171
Merge pull request #15 from G-M0N3Y-2503/set_memory_use_hierarchy 1 year ago
  Gerard Ryan f1304b5261 Enable cgroups memory hierarchy 1 year ago
  Tianon Gravi ff9548c711
Merge pull request #11 from debian-janitor/lintian-fixes 1 year ago
  Debian Janitor 8893a9bbbe
Bump debhelper from old 9 to 12. 2 years ago
  Debian Janitor 0d434d513a
Use secure copyright file specification URI. 2 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 481f8b684f Merge pull request #6 from EdwardBetts/spelling 4 years ago
  Edward Betts 0424f42c94 correct spelling mistake 4 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 13d1f45ad9 s/UNRELEASED/unstable/ 4 years ago
  Tianon Gravi fe3cef6151 Properly remove /etc/init/cgroupfs-mount.conf (upstart script) from old installs (Closes: #834815) 4 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 62abb16d9e Add lsb-base to Depends (init.d-script-needs-depends-on-lsb-base) 4 years ago
  Tianon Gravi c7386b09a6 Use https for Vcs-Git 4 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 96b593fa2d Add a short blurb about installation in README.md 5 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 760a806ffe s/UNRELEASED/unstable/ 5 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 095ecdf521 Remove upstart (#808289) including "Suggests: mountall" (Closes: #826726) 5 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 7285bf4440 Explicitly mask initscript in systemd by creating a symlink to /dev/null (Closes: #812357) 5 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 951c38ee8d Update email address to @debian.org 5 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 4a5637ac46 Switch init script to use "BASE=cgroupfs-mount" 6 years ago
  Tianon Gravi b2eb01cd19 Add a manpage! 6 years ago
  Tianon Gravi c3a919af76 s/UNRELEASED/unstable/ 6 years ago
  Tianon Gravi d1c47ee846 Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6 6 years ago
  Tianon Gravi e558834be0 Relax "mountall" Depends to Suggests (Closes: #783143) 6 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 30e8999287 add "Multi-Arch: foreign" stanza to support other arches more directly (https://bugs.debian.org/776042) 6 years ago
  Tianon Gravi e2a7577ed3 s/UNRELEASED/unstable/ 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 01fcc90b5b add fix for upstart shutdown issues :) 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi df84c917c6 switch Dockerfile to use dpkg-buildpackage directly instead of debuild 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi fe459b9cf7 simplify Dockerfile by using "tianon/debian-devel" as the base 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi fec479eb64 more generic gitignore 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 06998d276c !!! add Vcs-Git and friends! 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 709d91a039 install README 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi eb97f74760 add new README.md describing some troubleshooting that can be done if the scripts don't seem to be working 7 years ago
  Paul Tagliamonte 06bcb5e9d5 Prepare release 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 9b68c9ca9f let's just use /usr/bin/ instead of /bin/ (unless someone reading this knows a good reason not to!) 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi a57dc162e6 resync Dockerfile with my docker.io Dockerfile for great caching 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 4a880e60a8 let's try using $(), since it's about 1000x prettier to look at 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi bcfdb011d2 added systemd detection, since systemd mounts the cgroups sanely already itself 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 6941e3efa7 line up a few things in the copyright for nicer reading 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 54ca462ef5 better debian/copyright file, and now GPL-3+ 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 2fe204e7fc update Dockerfile and move it to the root since we have no upstream (we _are_ upstream) 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 3fd3dbc72b more/better/safer logic in our main scripts (which is the whole idea of this package) 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi f1ce3ec454 simplify even further the sysvinit script, too 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 8966d6495d since the script already checks for /sys/fs/cgroup, let's make this upstart script even simpler 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 9e474d190c simplify the shell scripts and make them easier to maintain going forward 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi fd1acd6d12 can haz ITP 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 2e021a878c tons of tweaks, including and especially the name (cgroupfs-mount instead of cgroup-lite), but also an init script and some other tweaks 7 years ago
  Tianon Gravi 80c3d3309c Initial import of cgroup-lite 7 years ago