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  1. * If ftp or http isn't turned on, we can trim down the templates file..
  2. Or, if cdebconf supports registration, I could just collapse the more or
  3. less duplicate ftp and http templates into one, and register multiple
  4. questions from it. Which is probably best..
  5. * Grab country names translations at build time by using the iso_3166
  6. translations from the iso-codes package. See countrychooser mechanism
  7. for this. Will save useless work to translators.
  8. * Dynamically build list of suites on a mirror and let the user choose
  9. between them, instead of choosing from a static list that might be wrong.
  10. (The question is, where to get translated descriptions of the available
  11. suites? Or would a list of suite names w/o descriptions be ok as the
  12. question only shows up in expert mode?)
  13. * Now that the mirror split has happened, some work needs to be done on
  14. default mirrors. The current default of is not available
  15. for some arches, and those arches will get a semi-randomly determined
  16. default. Possible solutions include:
  17. - Using , but this would best be aliased to
  18. due to limitations of Mirrors.masterlist format.
  19. - Using the dns infrastructure, if it's reads.