469 Commits (debian/master)

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  Yves-Alexis Perez af1fc20fb5 Merge branch 'lintian-fixes' into 'debian/master' 1 year ago
  Debian Janitor 50f37dec7d
Set debhelper-compat version in Build-Depends. 1 year ago
  Debian Janitor 817d657e03
Bump debhelper from old 11 to 12. 1 year ago
  Jeremy Bicha 7fa95bb3d1 Fix trivial typo in team name 2 years ago
  Jeremy Bicha 73b24b31c4 releasing package clearlooks-phenix-theme version 7.0.1-3 2 years ago
  Jeremy Bicha 2e41b0c102 debian/copyright: trivial updates 2 years ago
  Jeremy Bicha f261e98ea2 Bump Standards-Version to 4.2.1 2 years ago
  Jeremy Bicha fba7be5abe Bump debhelper compat to 11 2 years ago
  Jeremy Bicha 4ab7d2af67 Adopt package under the Debian Desktop Theme Team 2 years ago
  Jeremy Bicha 1352fea24d Update debian/gbp.conf 2 years ago
  Andrew Shadura a9ce6a53a2
Update the changelog. 3 years ago
  Andrew Shadura e6de2a84d7
Orphan, now really. 3 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 2970823f38
Mention both Salsa and dgit in Vcs-* 3 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 1ce872c663
Update to the newer upstream version. 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 3d03da1101
Add gbp.conf 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 460e0c7948
Update the changelog. 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 40ceac798d
Commit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadata 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 97eaf73c21
Merge commit 'e41be36dae630028437fbcba3ab6b4d458e83490' into debian/master 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura c2ee435b4a Imported Debian patch 7.0-1 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 8bc2d39d51 Imported Debian patch 6.0.3+git20161006-2 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 0bd6673348 Imported Debian patch 6.0.3+git20161006-1 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura af48fa752f
Merge commit '1a5ce59f7d0c2ffbf3021ff306d8802d478f16be' into debian/master 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura e41be36dae
Remove strange padding from horisontal stack switchers. 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura c8c605e7bd
Make comboboxes look nicer. 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura df4f5bf3a3
Fix menus. 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura e705071be9
Fix font definitions. 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura f5dfb4a4f4
Remove stray closing brace. 4 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 9858e58e46 Maj doc en anglais pour le numéro de la dernière version du thème 4 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 4d47b53832 Merge pull request #32 from andrewshadura/master 4 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 008ab55dbc Maj doc 4 years ago
  Yuri Khan 1a5ce59f7d
Adapt for HiDPI compliance 5 years ago
  Andrey Cherepanov 0f5b415daa
Adapt theme for GTK+ 3.20 (including Firefox support) 5 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 6c1b8542eb Update README.md 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury c2418659be Update LISEZ-MOI.md 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 037d2c9c8d Update to 6.0.3 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 7929e09fd5 button padding 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 2a8093f081 NautilusToolbar GtkToggleButton 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury e1073c489b More subtle hover style for "GtkListBoxRow.button.list-row" and "GtkTreeView" 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury d8d397d0cb evince search bar buttons 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 5b3ae193b1 Style for two linked image buttons 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury bb5c991774 Style for ".path-bar .button:only-child" 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury e8b1285feb Prevent double border in path bar 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 68ce2ebc0e evince style 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 960e290494 ".primary-toolbar.toolbar .button" padding 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 467a5b057d Fixes #6: problems with dialog action buttons 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury eed5d51b1f Revert "Fixes #6" because it causes regression with path bar 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury e644bb02b7 Border for ".gedit-bottom-panel-stack-switcher .notebook GtkBox.vertical" 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury a7b97e0f86 More padding for ".header-bar" and ".titlebar" 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 09d9ddc1f2 Improving ".inline-toolbar.toolbar .button" padding 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Fleury 26a6a36501 Improving "GtkListBoxRow.button.list-row:hover" and "GtkTreeView:hover" 6 years ago