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debian-installer (20160425+devuan1Beta1.1) stable; urgency=low
* update VCS-tags
* oops forgot to add the purpy splash!
-- Daniel Reurich <> Mon, 25 Apr 2016 15:39:34 +1200
debian-installer (20160425+devuan1Beta1) stable; urgency=low
* Update for jessie Beta release
* purpy splash is here!
-- Daniel Reurich <> Mon, 25 Apr 2016 14:19:37 +1200
debian-installer (20160129+devuan1+alpha4) stable; urgency=medium
* fix boot-splash links
* fix version
-- Daniel Reurich <> Fri, 29 Jan 2016 15:00:54 +1300
debian-installer (201507023+devuan.alpha3) stable; urgency=medium
* change to notoy splash
* bump date
-- Daniel Reurich <> Thu, 02 Jul 2015 17:38:53 +0000
debian-installer (20150702+devuan.alpha3) stable; urgency=medium
* add new boot-screen png and standard linkage
* tidy up bootscreen images for installers
* use boot-screen.png symlink
* tidy up old bootscreen images
* more rebranding fixes
-- Daniel Reurich <> Wed, 01 Jul 2015 23:00:22 +0000
debian-installer (20150511+devuan0.3) stable; urgency=medium
* Add me as uploader
* Added devuan-keyring-udeb package to the base build
-- Franco Lanza <> Tue, 02 Jun 2015 05:46:08 +0200
debian-installer (20150511+devuan0.2) stable; urgency=medium
* Rebranding for Devuan
-- Daniel Reurich <> Mon, 01 Jun 2015 12:33:47 +0000
debian-installer (20150511+devuan) stable; urgency=medium
[ Didier Raboud ]
* jessie is released! The next target is stretch; update those files accordingly:
- build/boot/x86/xen/debian.cfg
- build/config/common
- doc/devel/internals/building.xml
- debian/rules
* In syslinux configuration, drop default64 statements that have not
been working since Squeeze
* In syslinux configuration, reorder alternatives to put the gtk
option first
* Default to graphical install, reorder and rephrase the help texts
(Closes: #485586)
[ Steven Chamberlain]
* Slightly reduce kfreebsd-amd64 MFSROOT to 68 MiB, reducing total
memory requirement to 160 MiB and leaving about 4 MiB safety margin.
(Closes: #783773)
* For kfreebsd, override /etc/default-release to unstable, and use
jessie-kfreebsd as the default stable release, as used by
[ Daniel Reurich ]
* Initial conversion for Devuan
* update VCS locations
* use devuan-keyring
* Initial conversion for building Devuan installers
* Update changelog for 20150511+devuan~1.gbpf4df3e release
* Further changes for Devuan
-- Daniel Reurich <> Mon, 01 Jun 2015 12:31:35 +0000
debian-installer (20150422) unstable; urgency=medium
* Update translation-status for the release.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Wed, 22 Apr 2015 21:41:38 +0200
debian-installer (20150418) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Karsten Merker ]
* Add util/gen-hd-image (a script to create partitioned harddisk images
from a directory and optionally install a bootloader into the image).
* Add SD-card image build support for hd-media builds on armhf.
* Add SD-card image and tftpboot tarball build support for netboot builds
on armhf.
* Add u-boot-imx, u-boot-omap and u-boot-sunxi to the "built-using"
package list.
* util/gen-hd-image: set proper permissions for the generated partition
* Add a symlink boot.scr.uimg -> debian-installer/armhf/tftpboot.scr
in the armhf netboot.tar.gz to support network autoboot with modern
u-boot versions.
* Provide u-boot and SD-card images for the Olimex A20-OLinuXino-MICRO
and for the LinkSprite pcDuino3 (support for both has been added
in u-boot 2014.10+dfsg1-5).
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Include fb-modules on powerpc if available (Closes: #782059).
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Restore shortcuts (install, installspk, expert, menu, etc.) on help
screens by restoring the menu.cfg include which was probably dropped
accidentally (Closes: #764154, #781853, #781992), as pointed out by
Vaclav Ovsik. Thanks!
* Update translation-status for the release.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Sat, 18 Apr 2015 11:39:37 +0200
debian-installer (20150324) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Didier Raboud ]
* Correct typo and joy images paths in debian/copyright
* Use APT `apt-config dump`s result to determine where to find the
system's sources.list (Closes: #775136)
[ Raphaël Hertzog ]
* Bump Build-Depends on dns323-firmware-tools to require version
0.7.3-1 because d-i uses options that are not supported in the wheezy
version of the package.
[ Karsten Merker ]
* Add boot/arm/u-boot-image-config (a list of u-boot components and their
offsets on disk, needed to create bootable images for arm-based systems).
* Provide u-boot binaries for armhf systems without u-boot in flash.
* Add a workaround for the console baudrate mismatch on some i.MX6-based
systems in boot/arm/bootscr.mainline_common.
[ Helge Deller ]
* alpha: Switch to KERNELVERSION
* alpha,hppa: add debian-ports gpg keyring
[ Michael Walle ]
* Add support for the Buffalo Linkstation LS-CHLv2/LS-XHL (Closes: #744716).
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Extend write-built-using to also generate the ${extra:Built-Using}
substvar, making it possible to track packages mentioned in the
EXTRA_PACKAGES variable (currently set to "bf-utf-source syslinux").
Thanks to Ansgar Burchardt for the reports (Closes: #696418, #700026).
* Update translation-status for the release.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Tue, 24 Mar 2015 03:25:12 +0100
debian-installer (20150107) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Karsten Merker ]
* Add hd-media support for the armhf platform.
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Add scsi-modules to the cdrom flavour on ppc64el to be able to access
the CD-ROM drive.
[ Steven Chamberlain ]
* Update kfreebsd (kernel) BASEVERSION to 10.1-0
[ Ian Campbell ]
* Add grub.cfg to x86 netboot mini.iso for use on EFI systems
(Closes: #762618).
* Use --- as options separator for all Linux command lines. (Closes: #764675)
* Provide a PXE bootable grub.efi in the netboot flavour for amd64 and arm64.
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Bump linux kernel version from 3.16-2 to 3.16.0-4.
* Update (linux) i386 config to pull 586 packages instead of 486 ones,
since the minimal requirements on i386 (consistency!) have been bumped.
* Update translation-status for the release.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Update documentation of required minimum disk size.
* hurd: Also create /servers/startup
[ Didier Raboud ]
* Add Lines boot pictures for x86 Linux, Hurd and kFreeBSD; also make
these default, add their copyright information in debian/copyright
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Wed, 07 Jan 2015 04:25:52 +0100
debian-installer (20141002) unstable; urgency=low
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Add speech synthesis entries in alternate desktop boot menus.
* Add keyboard shortcut for Advanced options menu.
[ Ian Campbell ]
* Depend on mklibs >= 0.1.40 for ARM EABI fixes relating to the handling
of__aeabi_* symbols (Closes: #758581).
* Switch to installing Jessie by default on ARM64.
* Build netboot mini.iso on ARM64.
* Build cdrom flavour for ARM64.
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Deal with even more incompatible changes on the syslinux side by
adding a syslinux-utils build-dep (Closes: #751731), no thanks to its
maintainer as far as cooperation is concerned (See: #751724, #759189).
* Bump linux kernel version from 3.14-2 to 3.16-2.
* Drop code snippet meant to ensure every checkout would get an updated
sources.list.udeb (with [trusted=yes]), since that was meant to be
temporary, and that was almost 2 years ago.
* Replace ttf-kannada-fonts-udeb with fonts-knda-udeb.
* Specify -j1 for the submake definition in build/Makefile; that's what
happens anyway, and warnings go away accordingly.
* Add fonts-lohit-guru-udeb to gtk images, fixing rendering for Punjabi
(Closes: #761573).
* Apply patch from Ron and Chris Kuehl to fix lib location and search
path for syslinux >= 5. Some constraints include having ldlinux.c32
in the tftp root, and being able to find some support libraries
thanks to a defined path (Closes: #756275). Many thanks!
* Update translation-status for the release.
[ Frederic Bonnard / Aurelien Jarno ]
* Add ppc64el support installing sid (Closes: #754093).
[ Steven Chamberlain ]
* On kfreebsd and hurd, which use GRUB for PXE booting, request two
additional modules in the grub-mkimage step: (Closes: #759686)
- tftp: required since GRUB 2.02 otherwise PXE boot will crash/hang
- gfxterm_background: required since GRUB 2.02 for the boot splash
image functionality to be available
- raise the grub-pc (and indirectly grub-common) build dependency to
>= 2.02~beta2~ on these architectures, because module
gfxterm_background did not exist in GRUB 2.00
- raise the xorriso build dependency to >= 1.3.2-1~ on these
architectures, for compatibility with grub-mkrescue in GRUB 2.02
[ Joey Hess ]
* Remove desktop selection from syslinux; now available in tasksel.
* remove desktop=xfce preseeding on kfreebsd-* and hurd, since tasksel
3.27 knows about architecture-specific defaults (Closes: #762614).
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Keep Linux modules.builtin file in the initrd.
* Update new-kernel-checklist.txt for the last few years' changes.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Thu, 02 Oct 2014 08:21:25 +0200
debian-installer (20140802) unstable; urgency=low
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* debian/rules: Introduce build-{arch,indep} targets, depending on
build-stamp, and depended upon by build.
* debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5, no further changes
* Remove Otavio from Uploaders, with many thanks for his past work.
* Bump linux kernel version from 3.13-1 to 3.14-1.
* Adjust and apply patch from Daniel Baumann to deal with incompatible
changes in syslinux 6 (Closes: #746743):
- Bump syslinux-common versioned build-dep to >= 3:6
- Add isolinux and pxelinux build-deps.
- x86.cfg: Adjust paths to isolinux.bin and pxelinux.0
- x86.cfg: Adjust path to vesamenu.c32 and add its new dependencies
(libcom32.c32, libutil.c32, and also ldlinux.c32).
* Exclude .gitignore files in the dh_installdocs call to avoid spurious
files when building from a git checkout.
* Disable translation-status check when proposed-updates is enabled.
This file isn't going to be updated during stable's lifecycle, so
avoid pointless warning and sleeping.
* Update translation-status for the release.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Add a separate Hurd boot option for CJK support in pseudo-graphical mode, so
the default can use 720x400 resolution, instead of using 640x400 which is
not supported by some screens...
* Pre-configure hurd-libs and libparted.
* Increase room for udebs on hurd.
* Remove bogl-bterm-udeb on hurd.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Add support for QNAP HS-210. Thanks to Kevin Woldt for the patch.
[ Ian Campbell ]
* Move armmp subarch to toplevel armhf.
* Ship DTB files for netboot on armhf and armel/kirkwood.
* Drop version suffix from armhf kernel.
[ Robert Millan ]
* Remove kfreebsd-9 and switch to kfreebsd-10 as default (and only)
option. (Closes: #743292)
[ Philipe Muškovac ]
* Use -perm /0111 in Makefile as + is deprecated. Closes: #752009
[ Colin Watson ]
* Remove mention of partman's ability to create file systems, check file
systems, and copy data between partitions, since those all rely on
libparted's filesystem-handling code which is being removed.
[ Bastien ROUCARIÈS ]
* Support for DNS-320. (Closes: #751716)
[ Ian Campbell ]
* Bump linux kernel version from 3.14-1 to 3.14-2.
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Remove fb-modules udebs on mips*/sb1-bcm91250a.
* Add MIPSEL Loongson 3 images.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Sat, 02 Aug 2014 02:59:35 +0200
debian-installer (20140316) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Colin Watson ]
* Add SSL_CERTS variable, which can be used to build images with embedded
SSL certificates with c_rehash run over them so that OpenSSL can see
them (LP: #833994).
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* build/Makefile: Use $(GZIP) instead of gzip, and prefer pigz over
gzip if it's available, which can give a nice speed-up.
* Update boot config/screens for the default desktop change (GNOME → Xfce)
in tasksel 3.19 (Closes: #738602).
* Update copyright years in boot screens.
* Bump linux kernel version from 3.12-1 to 3.13-1.
* build/config/{amd64,i386}.cfg: Remove old "video=vesa:ywrap,mtrr" option
from VIDEO_MODE_GTK (See: #395040). DirectFB apparently needed those at
some point. Let's see whether letting the kernel do its job just works.
* build/Makefile: Add “| sort” after some find calls, to reduce entropy
and notably to make build logs more easily post-processable.
* build/Makefile: Move the drop_lang definition to the top of the file to
deal with incompatible changes in make 3.82 leading to the following
error: “recipe commences before first target” (Closes: #720719).
* build/README: Mention USE_UDEBS_FROM in the recipe at the top, and add a
pointer to debian/rules in its documentation (Closes: #653513).
* Remove iop32x flavour on armel since support has been dropped from the
linux package (in 3.13-1~exp1).
* config/kfreebsd.cfg: Put xorriso's -J flag after “--” to work around
grub-mkrescue's change in option handling (See: #741656).
* Update translation-status for the release.
[ Robert Millan ]
* Enable kfreebsd-10 builds.
* Bump kfreebsd-10 from unstable ABI to 10.0-1.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Upgrade hurd kernel to 1.4
* Add usb key boot support for kfreebsd & hurd images. This needs another
grub image, grub_embed, which has to be very small. Add x86-image script,
similar to efi-image script, with factorized grub-cpmodules part, to build
minimal grub images with iso9660 and biosdisk support, and put GRUB modules
on the ISO image. grub.cfg thus now has to explicitly load modules.
* Also build initrd for hurd Xen target.
* Add base infrastructure for kfreebsd Xen images.
[ Didier Raboud ]
* Add a comment documenting the need to keep the video modes in sync
between d-i and win32-loader
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Sun, 16 Mar 2014 13:45:22 +0100
debian-installer (20140208) unstable; urgency=low
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Remove Cobalt images.
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Bump linux kernel version from 3.11-2 to 3.12-1.
* Update hppa config (for debian-ports), thanks to Helge Deller
for the patch (Closes: #736966).
* Update translation-status for the release.
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Add MIPS Octeon images.
* Add MIPSEL Loongson 2E images.
[ Steven Chamberlain ]
* Remove gPXE workaround on kfreebsd and hurd (fixed already in
GRUB 2.00 as #635877)
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Sat, 08 Feb 2014 19:27:33 +0300
debian-installer (20131211) unstable; urgency=low
[ Ian Campbell ]
* Remove mx5 and vexpress flavours from armhf, they are covered by armmp.
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Bump linux kernel version from 3.10-3 to 3.11-2.
* Out of ext{2,3,4}-modules, only keep ext4-modules since it provides
support for all of those starting with 3.11. Use ext4 as well where
only ext2 and ext3 were listed.
* Update translation-status for the release.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Wed, 11 Dec 2013 21:51:10 +0100
debian-installer (20131014) unstable; urgency=low
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Fix boot beep.
* Add hd-media target for hurd-i386.
* Update lowmem and minimum disk figures in x86 boot help
(Closes: #709436).
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* wheezy is released! The next target is jessie.
* Update those files accordingly:
- build/boot/x86/xen/debian.cfg
- build/config/common
- doc/devel/internals/building.xml
- debian/rules
* Those need a deeper look:
- doc/i18n/languages.xml
- doc/i18n/languages.xsl
* Bump linux kernel version from 3.2.0-4 to 3.10-3.
* Set DEBIAN_VERSION to just '8'.
* Drop doc/devel/kerntabl since it doesn't seem either up-to-date
or helpful.
* Add doc/devel/internals/maintenance.xml to document a few
- Updating to a new Linux kernel version
- Dropping a deprecated filesystem
* Drop floppy-modules from Linux build configs, since support was
removed in Linux 3.10:
- build/pkg-lists/cdrom/amd64.cfg
- build/pkg-lists/cdrom/i386.cfg
- build/pkg-lists/cdrom/powerpc.cfg
- build/pkg-lists/netboot/amd64.cfg
- build/pkg-lists/netboot/i386.cfg
- build/pkg-lists/netboot/powerpc.cfg
* Use eatmydata when apt-get installing udebs during the build, if
it's available.
* Update translation-status.
[ Philipp Kern ]
* s390(x): Remove the tape image flavour (no longer supported by
the kernel).
[ Steve McIntyre ]
* Fix GRUB EFI prefix in efi-image to work properly with GRUB
2.00. Patch stolen^Wborrowed from Colin in Ubuntu's d-i code.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Recognize QNAP TS-12x, TS-22x and TS-42x devices.
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Remove partman-reiserfs and partman-ufs from packages' lists as
modules for these filesystems are no longer provided by the kernel
* Drop "support" for ads, that has indeed never been really supported
* Drop nic-extra-modules that is no longer generated by the kernel
source package:
- netboot/i386.cfg
- netboot/alpha.cfg
- netboot/powerpc.cfg
- netboot/amd64.cfg
- net_drivers/powerpc.cfg (was commented there)
* Add list of neeed characters for Tajik
[ Robert Millan ]
* Bump kFreeBSD ABI from 9.0-2 to 9.2-1.
* Remove kFreeBSD 8.x support.
* Add kFreeBSD 10.x support.
[ Steven Chamberlain ]
* Drop pxecmd module on arches using grub2pxe:
- build/config/hurd.cfg
- build/config/kfreebsd.cfg
- The pxecmd module only provided pxe_unload, which was not used
anyway, and is now implemented by GRUB 2.00 in the pxe module.
[ Ian Campbell ]
* Add armmp flavour to armhf.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Mon, 14 Oct 2013 03:02:17 +0200
debian-installer (20130430) unstable; urgency=low
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Include virtio-modules in sparc and sparc64 netboot images (Closes: #704672).
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Tue, 30 Apr 2013 23:10:12 +0200
debian-installer (20130415) unstable; urgency=low
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Include nic-modules in armhf/vexpress netboot image.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Mon, 15 Apr 2013 20:35:44 +0200
debian-installer (20130412) unstable; urgency=low
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* internal.xml: Point at the repository README instead of duplicating
checkout information.
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Include {ata,mtd,pata,sata}-modules in mx5 netboot image (Closes: #675017)
* Replace nic-modules with nic-{usb,wireless}-modules in armhf netboot
images (Closes: #705118)
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Amend previous changelog entry to mention that the added vexpress
image is a netboot one.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Fri, 12 Apr 2013 17:39:04 +0200
debian-installer (20130409) unstable; urgency=low
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Build a netboot vexpress image on armhf.
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Update translation-status, computed with a fixed calc-release-status
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* For reference, build against linux 3.2.41-2.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Tue, 09 Apr 2013 16:45:49 +0200
debian-installer (20130211) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* When building with localudebs, only disable secure apt checking for that
repository, while keeping it working for network repositories,
by using [trusted=yes] in sources.list.udeb. Closes: #696168
[ Wouter Verhelst ]
* Bring m68k back from the dead:
- Use current kernel versions.
- Point to for now.
- s/atari-ekmap/ataritt-ekmap/, since the former packages don't exist.
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Apply patch from Steven Chamberlain (thanks!) to fix PXE configuration
on kfreebsd-* for the netboot-9 images: build/config/kfreebsd.cfg is
now responsible for generating proper entries based on the
build/boot/kfreebsd/grub-kfreebsd-pxe.cfg template. Closes: #696780
* Update translation-status for d-i wheezy rc1.
[ Steven Chamberlain ]
* Decrease kfreebsd-amd64's MFSROOT_LIMIT to 72MiB, to allow 128MiB-memory
installation (Closes: #696786).
[ Steve McIntyre ]
* Tweak EFI video setup at boot time:
- Try 800x600 as the default EFI video mode, some machines don't do
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Mon, 11 Feb 2013 22:26:19 +0100
debian-installer (20121114) unstable; urgency=low
[ Philipp Kern ]
* Update to 3.2.0-4 linux ABI.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Reduce "1GiB key" images to just below 1GB.
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Apply patch from Arnaud Patard to include Hyper-V linux kernel udebs
on cdrom and netboot images for am64 and i386 (Closes: #690978). This
is needed after a kernel change on the ata_piix side (cd006086fa in
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Wed, 14 Nov 2012 14:56:37 +0100
debian-installer (20120930) unstable; urgency=low
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Drop outdated documentation about brltty.
* Add console-setup-linux-fonts-udeb to speakup-enabled images
(closes: #684473).
* Document that new languages need to specify a console-setup font name to
be loaded.
* Pull netdde-udeb instead of nic-modules on hurd-i386, the former providing
the latter does not seem enough.
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Apply patch from Paul Tagliamonte, updating the Joy pictures to use
the correct brand; the Debian logo is now DFSG free.
* When SPLASH_PNG is set, search for a matching SPLASH_SVG; if it's
found, call rsvg-convert to generate the PNG file. Clean those on
reallyclean. Add librsvg2-bin build-dep for rsvg-convert, restricted
to any-{amd64,i386} (splash is used on x86, kfreebsd, and hurd).
* Remove build/boot/{x86,kfreebsd,hurd}/pics/joy-hurd.png accordingly.
* Fix broken kfreebsd-9 CD gtk install menuentry (add gtk/), thanks to
Steven Chamberlain (Closes: #686858).
* Bump MFSROOT_LIMIT from 64m to 128m for kfreebsd-amd64, thanks to Steven
Chamberlain (Closes: #686861).
* Add myself to Uploaders.
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Install wheezy by default instead of sid on armhf and s390x.
[ Steve McIntyre ]
* Add EFI support:
- Add code to create bootable EFI images.
- Add definitions for amd64 and i386 (disabled for the latter).
- Add grub-efi.cfg
- Add build-deps: grub-efi-{amd64,i386}-bin, grub-common, xorriso.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Sun, 30 Sep 2012 06:33:54 +0200
debian-installer (20120828) unstable; urgency=low
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Team upload.
[ Robert Millan ]
* Bump kFreeBSD ABI.
[ Julien Cristau ]
* Switch from module-init-tools-udeb to libkmod2-udeb (closes: #683790)
* Don't remove modules.{dep,alias}.bin from /lib/modules/*, without them
kmod doesn't load any module. Instead remove the non-.bin files, which
aren't necessary. Thanks to Didier Raboud for the report and help.
[ Didier Raboud ]
* Fix typo in the fix for the kfreebsd empty line in Grub.
(Closes: #680850)
[ Ian Campbell ]
* Add netboot images for kirkwood/dreamplug platform.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Fix gnu-mach-color terminfo into mach-gnu-color.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Tue, 28 Aug 2012 09:44:42 +0200
debian-installer (20120712) unstable; urgency=low
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Team upload.
[ Julien Cristau ]
* Update to 3.2.0-3 linux ABI.
* Follow symlinks when generating checksum files, so the guruplug paths are
included. Thanks, Didier Raboud.
[ Didier Raboud ]
* Switch the boot backgrounds to the Wheezy joy theme.
[ Steven Chamberlain ]
* Fix the place of the kfreebsd empty line in Grub (Closes: #680850).
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Add console-setup-udeb to hurd-i386.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Thu, 12 Jul 2012 14:23:12 +0200
debian-installer (20120626) unstable; urgency=low
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Team upload.
* Fix FTBFS when some foreign packages are installed in a
multiarch-enabled environment (Closes: #678943): use arch-qualified
package names when calling “dpkg -s” when a multiarch-aware dpkg is
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Add fonts-sil-padauk-udeb to gtk-common to support Burmese
Closes: #672635
[ Simon Guinot ]
* Include LED modules for LaCie devices in armel builds
Closes: #673132
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Increase hurd-i386 monolithic root size, to fix hang during template
* Enable clock-setup on hurd-i386.
* Add gzio module to hurd-i386 grub.
* Remove useless mention of rescue-mode package in cdrom and netinst
hurd-i386 pkglists.
* Add net-modules to netboot hurd-i386 pkglist.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Adjust syslinux boot menu to not overlap with debian logo.
[ Robert Millan ]
* When more than one kfreebsd version is available, make kfreebsd-9
the default boot option.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Tue, 26 Jun 2012 13:42:43 +0200
debian-installer (20120508) unstable; urgency=low
[ Adam Conrad ]
* Call mklibs with a hardcoded --ldlib in armhf.cfg, so we get a
deterministic result in our linker search, and then add the
symlink from the old linker path in build/Makefile (LP: #984007)
-- Colin Watson <> Tue, 08 May 2012 16:29:40 +0100
debian-installer (20120507) unstable; urgency=low
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Team upload.
* Add lintian override for e2fsprogs in Build-Depends.
* Add “Depends: ${misc:Depends}” to please lintian.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3 (no changes needed).
[ Joey Hess ]
* Increase hd-media size to target 1 gb USB key. The i386 netinst iso
is now too large to fit on a 256 mb key. Closes: #666090
[ Robert Millan ]
* Update to kFreeBSD 8.3.
* Fix console setup on monolithic/kfreebsd-*.cfg.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Add rescue entry to hurd-i386 boot menu.
[ Hector Oron ]
* Generate image for LaCie Kirkwood NASes.
Thanks Simon Guinot for patch. Closes: #670530
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Remove incomplete HP t5325 images.
-- Cyril Brulebois <> Mon, 07 May 2012 00:52:34 +0200
debian-installer (20120327) unstable; urgency=low
[ Jurij Smakov ]
* Add pata-modules to cdrom config for sparc and sparc64.
Closes: #610906.
* Use xz compression for initrd during netboot image build for sparc
to get it down to acceptable size (otherwise it does not boot).
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Add netboot hurd-i386 package list.
* Do not enable the Hurd console by default.
* Stick gnumach kernel versioning to Debian style.
* Add hurd-i386 Xen and gtk netboot image support
* Hack hurd-i386 netboot image size to have some room for downloaded udebs.
* Enable netcfg on hurd-i386, now having working DHCP support.
* Add hurd-i386 cdrom and pxe support, inspired from kfreebsd.
* Add sub-hurd d-i testing target.
* Move gtk-common's xserver-xorg-input-evdev-udeb and
xserver-xorg-video-fbdev-udeb to arch-specific packages. Use
xserver-xorg-input-kbd-udeb, xserver-xorg-input-mouse-udeb and
xserver-xorg-video-vesa-udeb for kfreebsd-i386,
kfreebsd-amd64 and hurd-i386.
* Add sound-modules and espeakup-udeb to i386 and amd64 gtk images.
* Add software speech synthesis as last x86 menu choice with an 's' shortcut.
* Widen x86 menu.
* Set default desktop to xfce on hurd-i386.
* Fix "extras" option in build/boot/x86/xen/debian.cfg. Closes: #637460.
Thanks Gedalya for the report.
* Rename amdspkgtk.cfg x86 menu item into amdspgtk.cfg to fit 8+3 oldiness.
* Add usb-serial-modules to armel images.
* Expand libbogl-dev dependency to !linux-any, as it is now available
everywhere for the font reduction tool.
* Include console-setup-pc-ekmap on Linux gtk images only. Include
console-setup-pc-ekbd and console-setup-freebsd-charmaps-udeb instead on
kFreeBSD gtk images (Closes: #600229).
[ Joey Hess ]
* Initial changes to target wheezy.
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Add needed characters for Uyghur
* Add needed characters for Ossetian
* Add needed characters for Sindhi
* No longer Build-Depend on palo (no longer used and
will allow removing palo from unstable)
* Add fonts-ukij-uyghur-udeb to graphical installer to
properly support Uyghur language
* Add file-preseed to netboot images. Closes: #621769
* Rename ttf-farsiweb-udeb to fonts-farsiweb-udeb in
pkg-lists/gtk-common after package rename because of new
fonts packages policy
* Rename ttf-khmeros-udeb to fonts-khmeros-udeb in
pkg-lists/gtk-common after package rename because of new
fonts packages policy
* Rename ttf-sil-abyssinica-udeb to fonts-sil-abyssinica-udeb in
pkg-lists/gtk-common after package rename because of new
fonts packages policy
* Rename ttf-lao-udeb to fonts-lao-udeb in
pkg-lists/gtk-common after package rename because of new
fonts packages policy
* Rename ttf-sinhala-lklug-udeb to fonts-lklug-sinhala-udeb in
pkg-lists/gtk-common after package rename because of new
fonts packages policy
* Rename ttf-tmuni-udeb to fonts-tibetan-machine-udeb in
pkg-lists/gtk-common after package rename because of new
fonts packages policy
* Rename ttf-thai-tlwg-udeb to fonts-thai-tlwg-udeb in
pkg-lists/gtk-common after package rename because of new
fonts packages policy
* Remplace ttf-malayalam-fonts-udeb by fonts-mlym-udeb
* Remplace ttf-tamil-fonts-udeb by fonts-taml-udeb
* Remplace ttf-telugu-fonts-udeb by fonts-telu-udeb
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Update Linux kernel to 2.6.38 (ABI 2). Closes: #617943
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* qnap-flash-debian: recognize QNAP TS-x12 devices.
* Add Buffalo Linkstation Live V3 and Mini.
* lspro-config-debian: Exit if the firmware version cannot be
determined. Thanks John Bytheway. Closes: #609476
* Remove support for Linksys NSLU2.
* Remove support for QNAP TS-x09.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Document Breaks as a disallowed control field.
* Skip the option field in sources.list lines, if present.
* Add gzio to GRUB_MODULES on kfreebsd, since the kernel is compressed.
Closes: #618320
* Add mipsel/loongson-2f images.
* When building for a subarchitecture, don't include udebs for other
subarchitectures in standard-udebs.
* Document move of /dev/.udev/firmware-missing to
/run/udev/firmware-missing in hw-detect 1.87.
* Handle udebs installing libraries into /usr/lib/$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH).
* Don't emit spurious errors if there are no files in $(EXTRAUDEBSDIR)/lib
or no files in $(TREE)/lib.
* Don't fail when one of the entries in sources.list.udeb has an empty
Packages file.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Work around binutils breakage (#623710) that broke mklibs,
by using mklibs-copy.
Of course this means larger images, and should be reverted ASAP.
* Revert use of mklibs-copy, as breakage seems fixed (tested on i386 and
amd64). Closes: #624144
* Let fdisk choose end sector for piggyback partition. Closes: #642183
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Add virtio udebs on s390/generic and s390/netboot.
* Update kFreeBSD kernel to 8.2 (ABI 1).
* Install unstable on s390x.
[ Robert Millan ]
* Enable netboot-gtk flavor on kfreebsd-amd64. Closes: #596596
* control: Use "any" architecture wildcards where possible.
* Set default desktop to xfce on kfreebsd-any.
[ Didier Raboud ]
* Include win32-loader's setup.exe on kfreebsd.
[ dann frazier ]
* Add pata-modules to cdrom config for ia64. Closes: #622187.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* i386 (xen): use 686-pae flavour
* Switch Linux kernel to 2.6.39 (ABI 2).
[ Joey Hess ]
* Apply internal documentation typo and wording fix patch from
Karl Goetz. Closes: #633606
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Update Linux kernel to 3.0.0-1
* Output information of all used udebs into the debian-installer
binary package for usage by the archive tool
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Mention kernel type in any-x86 boot menu.
* Add in the boot directory on hurd-any.
[ Hector Oron ]
* [armel] Add support for Linkstation Mini.
Thanks Benjamin Cama. (Closes: #637339)
* [armhf/mx5] Add initial support for armhf/mx5 devices.
* Rename uboot-mkimage build dependency to u-boot-tools.
- Add armhf to the list.
[ Philipp Kern ]
* Add support for s390x.
* Update Linux kernel to 3.0.0-2. (Hence using udebs from linux-2.6.)
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Update kernel version to use to 3.1.0-1.
[ Robert Millan ]
* Remove filesystem modules (except isofs and nullfs) from cdrom image in
kfreebsd-* (their udebs are now available in the CD-ROM).
* Enable kfreebsd-9 builds.
* Remove `vfs.root.mountfrom' setting (not necessary with current kFreeBSD
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add SHA256SUMS file like MD5SUMS file. (See #622941)
* Switch from spacefun back to the generic (klowner) boot image.
Closes: #650979
[ Robert Millan ]
* Enable gtk in kfreebsd-amd64 cdrom builds.
* Remove unnecessary "cd" variable from grub.cfg.
* Detect GTK+ images on GNU/kFreeBSD and add them to GRUB menu when
* Misc grub.cfg fixes:
- Pass menuentry information using parameters instead of variables.
Thanks Steven Chamberlain.
- Pre-load test.mod. (Closes: #651641)
- Make GRUB 1.99 a build requirement (introduced in previous commits).
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Use grub functions to factorize grub boot.
* Include kbdcontrol-udeb by hand on kfreebsd gtk images, as pkg-list is not
able to choose it among the alternative dependencies.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Remove unused pkg-list files and configuration for i386 floppys.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Use console-setup on kfreebsd text images.
[ Jurij Smakov ]
* Update kernel version to 3.2.0-1.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Replace kbd-chooser with console-setup-udeb+kbd-udeb, and
console-keymaps-* with console-setup-*-ekmap (Closes: #610524).
[ Bastian Blank ]
* mips: Use initramfs.
* Remove unused cramfs support.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add ext4-modules to hd-media initrds. Closes: #661620
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Update to 3.2.0-2 ABI.
[ Julien Cristau ]
* Drop ide-modules and ide-core-modules from all images except
* Use linux-any instead of a long moving list of archs for the m-i-t
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Switch mach console-based hurd-i386 installer to gnu-mach-color TERM.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Refactor code that generates the 'Built-Using' data.
* Drop binNMU suffix from Built-Using version.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Tue, 27 Mar 2012 09:21:45 -0300
debian-installer (20110106) unstable; urgency=low
* Use SpaceFun theme. Closes #603554.
* Update Linux kernel to 2.6.32-29.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Thu, 06 Jan 2011 09:37:41 -0200
debian-installer (20101127) unstable; urgency=low
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Add pata-modules to powerpc builds to properly support
YDL Powerstation. Thanks to Milan Kupcevic. Closes: #603893
* Add ttf-lao-udeb to graphical installer to properly support the Lao
-- Otavio Salvador <> Sat, 27 Nov 2010 15:18:28 -0200
debian-installer (20101121) unstable; urgency=low
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Enable localudebs usage again since #600852 has been fixed.
* Add VCS-Browser field to debian.control. Closes: #601908
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* LS Pro: /boot can be ext3 too. Thanks Ryan Tandy.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Update Linux kernel udebs for 2.6.32-27.
* sparc/sparc64: put input-modules into initrd. Closes: #602740
[ Colin Watson ]
* geniso_hybrid_plus_firmware_partition: Cope if the disk size exceeds
32MB. (The previous code seems to have misunderstood isohybrid's
defaults slightly, but we now just specify the full CHS geometry
explicitly in case anything changes in the future.)
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Add ttf-sinhala-lklug-udeb to graphical installer to properly
support the Sinhala language
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Document SPLASH_PNG variable for build configuration.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Sun, 21 Nov 2010 15:53:25 -0200
debian-installer (20101020) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Run isohybrid on i386 and amd64 miniiso, which allows it to be written
directly to and booted from a USB stick.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Explicitly set timeout to -1 in grub configurations, to make it easy to
set it to 0 for preseeding.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Update Linux kernel modules for 2.6.32-25.
* Fix parameter used to force generic IDE driver. Thanks to Rafael
rafuch0 Rumbos S <> by reporting it.
Closes: #599041.
* Disable localudebs usage due APT bug #600852. This has been done to
not delay Beta1 release but needs to be reverted as soon as
-- Otavio Salvador <> Wed, 20 Oct 2010 18:56:41 -0200
debian-installer (20100912) unstable; urgency=low
* Skip last translation changes for rescue and debian-installer-
launcher when calculating the translation status since those are
rarely used until now.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Sun, 12 Sep 2010 23:16:50 -0300
debian-installer (20100911) unstable; urgency=low
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Update the pkg-lists on ARM to reflect the renaming of input-modules
to event-modules. (As a side effect, USB modules won't be pulled in
anymore when they are not needed).
* Revert the temporary removal of jffs2-modules and minix-modules from
the orion5x image.
* Add fb-modules to the Kirkwood netboot image.
* Add g-i images for Kirkwood.
* Add nic-modules to pkg-lists/netboot/armel.cfg so it doesn't have to
be listed for every armel flavour.
* Remove devio-udeb from most ARM images since it's only needed on
ixp4xx (for oldsys-preseed on the NSLU2).
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Build-depends on debian-ports-archive-keyring on architectures
hosted on (sh4, sparc64).
* Build-depends on module-init-tools on sh4 and sparc64 as on other
Linux architectures.
* Switch kfreebsd-amd64 and kfreebsd-i386 to 8.1 kernel.
* Don't try to build unifont.bdf on GNU/kFreeBSD as the console already
has basic font support for level 1 and bogl-bterm is not available.
* Build-depends on xorriso on kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386 and hurd-i386.
* Add support to generate cdrom images on GNU/kFreeBSD.
* Add support to generate netboot images using GRUB PXE on GNU/kFreeBSD.
* Add sparc64 support based on sparc configuration.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Fix build breakage introduced by tighter version parsing in
dpkg 1.15.8. Thanks, Thibaut Girka
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Add pkg-lists/standard-udebs to kfreebsd and hurd's monolithic.cfg
[ Jeremie Koenig ]
* Use mklibs-copy on hurd-i386 for the time being.
* Disable the uninstallable or otherwise broken standard udebs from the
monolithic hurd-i386 images.
* Add /lib/ and /servers/exec to hurd-i386 initrd's.
* Include a BDF font on Hurd images.
* Use the newer "module --nounzip" grub command to load the initrd on Hurd,
and let the gunzip store do the job.
* Move the definition of the genext2fs command-line up, so we can
override it in hurd.cfg.
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Add ttf-telugu-fonts-udeb and ttf-kannada-fonts-udeb to the
graphical installer to properly display Telugu and Kannada
Closes: #593208
[ Joey Hess ]
* Use Dir::Etc::trusted rather than Apt::GPGV::TrustedKeyring,
to work with apt 0.8.0.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Sat, 11 Sep 2010 11:15:37 -0300
debian-installer (20100722) unstable; urgency=low
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* orion5x: Temporarily remove jffs2-modules and minix-modules from
the initrd because the image is too large. This will be fixed
properly soon when we move to new kernel udebs. Closes: #590010
-- Otavio Salvador <> Thu, 22 Jul 2010 22:00:09 -0300
debian-installer (20100719) unstable; urgency=low
[ Theppitak Karoonboonyanan ]
* Add needed characters for Thai.
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Remove Thai from the list of languages only supported with the
graphical cdebconf frontend.
* Activate needed characters for Persian
[ Frans Pop ]
* sparc: add components needed to load firmware for netboot images.
* Update pkg-lists for changes in auto-install (1.7). Main benefit is that
netcfg will no longer get pulled in on images that shouldn't have it.
* ia64: add support for loading firmware to images. Closes: #572724.
* Fix building with alternative LOCALUDEBDIR.
* Ensure glyphs used in the translated right column of localechooser are
included in images to avoid incomplete display of the languagelist when
some translations are dropped through DROP_LANG.
* Drop auto-install from pkg-lists now that it has been integrated in
the preseed udebs.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Switch amd64, i386, hppa, powerpc, mipsel, s390, ia64, mips, sparc to
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Switch armel to 2.6.32.
* QNAP: make the check for a valid MAC address more reliable.
* QNAP: add a check to ensure that the right installer files for the
user's QNAP model are used.
* OpenRD-Base and OpenRD-Client can use the same image, so provide
only one generic image for OpenRD.
* QNAP: Copy uLinux.conf in case it's not there so we can identify
the QNAP model.
* QNAP: recognize Fujitsu Q600 and Q700.
* Generate an image for GuruPlug.
* Generate an image for HP t5325 Thin Client (but it requires a
serial console).
* Generate an image for QNAP TS-41x.
* Add a netboot image for SS4000-e.
* armel: Don't pretend that network-console images are "netboot"
[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Warn if only the 'build' directory has been checked out instead of the
full source of the 'debian-installer' package.
* Fix boot splash images to use 640x480. See #571045 for details.
[ Cyril Brulebois / Frans Pop ]
* Switch graphical installer from DirectFb to X.Org backend
- include xserver-xorg udebs for G-I images
- use console-setup instead of kbd-chooser for G-I images
- exclude X.Org modules from library reduction
- stop including in G-I images; it's not needed with X.Org
* Enable graphical installer build targets again. With many thanks to
Cyril Brulebois, Julien Cristau and others who have contributed to
implementing the X.Org backend.
[ Frans Pop ]
* G-I: include gtk2-engines-udeb through pkg-lists.
* Add check for incorrect file attributes on device nodes, which can occur
when using fakeroot after restarting a (failed) build.
* x86: update info about disabling framebuffer in F8 syslinux help screen.
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* mips/mipsel: re-enable Broadcom SWARM (sb1-bcm91250a) support.
[ Ryan Tandy ]
* Create images for Buffalo Linkstation Pro/Live. Closes: #580714
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Move amd64, sparc, mipsel and i386 to linux 2.6.32 (ABI 5).
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* hurd-i386: Fix boot menu ramdisk support.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Move hppa, ia64, powerpc and s390 to linux 2.6.32 (ABI 5).
[ Jeremie Koenig ]
* util/get-packages: fix selection of the most recent packages.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Support new apt mirror method, available from apt 0.7.26~exp6.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Mon, 19 Jul 2010 12:05:17 -0300
debian-installer (20100211) unstable; urgency=low
[ Frans Pop ]
* Major update of Debian Installer Internals document.
* Move menu-item-numbers.txt and available-hooks.txt to D-I Internals.
* Exclude localechooser, kbd-chooser and auto-install for all installs
of type network-console.
* armel/orion5x: drop some additional languages as the image is too large.
* Drop languages only supported in graphical installer by default and only
keep them for targets that build graphical installer images.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Do not list dhcp3-client-udeb in pkg-lists since it is added, when
needed, as dependency in netcfg.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Thu, 11 Feb 2010 18:03:22 -0200
debian-installer (20100122) unstable; urgency=low
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* debian/copyright: clarify it is licensed in GPL 2 or later.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Include contents of fosdem07 talk as a tarball instead of loose files as
they confuse Lintian.
* get-packages: correctly restore original Packages files when script exits
after they have been filtered.
* x86: only include gtk related syslinux files in the cd_info tarball for
debian-cd if we're building both text and gtk images.
* Bump debhelper compat to 6; bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3.
* gen-sources.list.udeb: also use any mirrors defined in files in the
/etc/apt/sources.list.d directory; /etc/apt/sources.list can be empty.
* gen-sources.list.udeb: allow for multiple spaces and tabs in a source line.
* Remove unused references to socket-modules from pkg-lists.
* Drop no longer needed versioned build dependency on dpkg.
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Build GNU/kFreeBSD images using grub-mkrescue instead of grub-image,
using patch from Robert Millan.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Add hurd-i386 configuration files.
* Add mtools, win32-loader, and grub-pc build-dependency on hurd-i386 too.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Upgrade to debhelper v7.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Fri, 22 Jan 2010 17:58:49 -0200
debian-installer (20091215) unstable; urgency=low
[ Colin Watson ]
* Merge from Ubuntu:
- Document new $default_filesystem substitution and
$default_filesystem{ } internal specifier in partman recipes.
* Initial changes to target squeeze (see for its
version number).
* Add cdebconf-newt-terminal to most images that include
cdebconf-newt-udeb (although not floppies).
* Introduce *_SUPPORTED_EXTRA variables, which can be used to define
"optional" supported targets. Use this to allow monolithic to be built
without having to edit configuration files and without bloating official
* Use os-prober-udeb rather than os-prober for powerpc monolithic target
(thanks, Wartan Hachaturow).
* Filter udeb dependencies based on Kernel-Version and Subarchitecture
(closes: #490634).
* Filter out packages that don't match KERNELVERSION from downloaded
Packages files. Despite the above change, apt still seems to want to
pull in multiple providers of virtual packages, which causes problems
* Clear Dir::Etc::sourceparts in build/util/pkg-list, to match
* Fix spelling of mdcfg in menu-item-numbers.txt.
* Update menu-item-numbers.txt to account for architectures moving towards
partman, and the merge of lvmcfg and mdcfg into partman-lvm and
partman-md respectively.
* Remove mention of autopartkit, removed in r52272.
* Update design.txt to account for base-config's removal (!).
* Add some notes on recommended use of debhelper in d-i, based on my
conversion of most packages to dh(1).
* Update porting.txt for partman changes (default_disk_label moved to
* Update references to to refer to instead.
* cdebconf has had the PROGRESS extension nearly forever; update
retriever.txt to mention it.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Remove support for the old arm port.
* Convert the Thecus N2100 image to an initramfs.
* Include minix-modules on the orion5x image for the D-Link DNS-323,
thanks Matt Palmer.
* Generate images for the D-Link DNS-323 and Conceptronic CH3SNAS,
thanks Matt Palmer. Closes: #503040.
* Use the 2.6.29 kernel on armel, mips and mipsel.
* Use the 2.6.30-2 kernel on armel.
* Add images for the Marvell Kirkwood platform, including support for:
- QNAP TS-119, TS-219 and TS-219P
- Marvell OpenRD-Base and OpenRD-Client
- Marvell SheevaPlug
* Change the MAC address stored in the u-boot environment on the QNAP
TS-119, TS-219 and TS-219P.
* Remove Broadcom SWARM (sb1-bcm91250a) support since since few devices
remain out there and debian-installer support is likely broken anyway.
* Remove Broadcom Bigsur (sb1a-bcm91480b) support since debian-installer
support never worked.
[ Wartan Hachaturow ]
* Add CHRP boot structure on ISO images, Closes: #411728, #411203.
* Add monolithic support for powerpc64.
* Use 2.6.29 kernel on powerpc/powerpc64.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Bump kernels to use new 2.6.26-2 kernels.
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Add needed characters for Kirghiz.
* Take care to drop after moving the kernel to the top of the
tree and before removing the /boot directory there.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Drop support for the ppc64 architecture.
[ Stephen R. Marenka ]
* Move m68k to 2.6.29-1.
[ dann frazier ]
* Use 2.6.29-2 kernel on ia64.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Switch to 2.6.29-2 kernel for hppa.
[ Ian Campbell ]
* Add netboot-xen images for amd64.
* Add cdrom-xen images for i386 and amd64.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Switch to 2.6.29-2 kernel for amd64 and i386.
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Use back mklibs instead of mklibs-copy on mips and mipsel now that
they work again.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Implement version 2.0 of syslinux framework for x86. Basically this
backports the structure already implemented in debian-cd before the
release of Lenny to D-I (allowing to simplify the code in debian-cd).
Main changes:
- enhance templates to support selecting a default desktop environment
- support four types of syslinux configuration by setting SYSLINUX_CFG
- allow to define alternative default desktop environment (DESKTOP)
- split out rescue options as those are independent of desktop selection
- simplify setting correct directory to kernel/initrd for debian-cd
* Using the new framework, users can now also select an alternative desktop
environments from the boot menu for netboot/miniiso-based installs.
* sparc: display message for unsupported subarchitectures (mini.iso).
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Update alpha, amd64, armel, hppa, i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc and sparc
to 2.6.30-1.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Update s390 to 2.6.30-1 using -s390x (64-bits) kernel.
* Use printf instead of 'echo -en' to create win32-loader.ini.
Closes: #539933.
[ Max Vozeler ]
* build/Makefile: Support ROOTCMD with fallback to fakeroot unless
overriden or already running as root.
[ Luca Favatella ]
* Handle libc0.1 (GNU/kFreeBSD) and libc0.3 (GNU/Hurd) as libc6/libc6.1.
* Add ufs1 initrd support. Thanks to Robert Millan and Thorsten Glaser.
* Add kfreebsd-i386 monolithic config files. Thanks to Robert Millan.
* Use arch independent code for LSB_DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION.
* Use grub to boot kfreebsd-* d-i CD. Thanks to Robert Millan.
* Use makefs to generate the image. Thanks to Thorsten Glaser.
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Add kfreebsd-i386 netboot config files.
* Add kfreebsd-amd64 config files.
* Share code between kfreebsd-*
* Add a splash screen for kfreebsd-*.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Move hppa, i386, amd64, alpha, mipsel, s390, ia64, mips, powerpc
and sparc to Linux kernel 2.6.31-2 ABI.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Change default video mode for i386/amd64 to vga=788 for installations
using the "newt" frontend. This forces the framebuffer to VESA and will
thereby solve problems reported on various HP notebooks with the vga16fb
driver. It also increases the screen size and thus allows more information
to be displayed. Closes: #471505.
* [s390] Add localechooser to initrd for generic target (see #316006).
* Implement clean method to include udebs from proposed-updates for builds
for stable and testing.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Remove upx from build-deps, has not been used for over a year.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Disable GTK+ based images due #557387. This ought to be reverted
once GTK+ DFB backend is fixed.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Tue, 15 Dec 2009 12:34:36 -0200
debian-installer (20090123) unstable; urgency=low
[ Frans Pop ]
* Add build dependency on docbook-xml, needed for D-I internals.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Fri, 23 Jan 2009 12:38:07 -0200
debian-installer (20090122) unstable; urgency=low
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Fix off-by-one: the QNAP initrd should be padded to exactly 4 MB,
not 4 MB - 1 byte.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Add pata-modules on cdrom images (i386 and amd64) to enable support
for Marvell controllers and others.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Update minimum memory/diskspace requirements in x86 syslinux help
screens. New values are the same as in the Installation Guide.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Add uinput-modules to cdrom, netboot and hd-media images (amd64, alpha,
i386, ppc64, ia64 and powerpc) to improve brltty device support.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Apply patch from Jurij Smakov to add usb-storage to cdrom and netboot
images (sparc) to allow firmware to be loaded from a usb devices.
Closes: #505789.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Add option in syslinux configuration to return to graphical boot menu
from the help screens. Based on research done by Franklin Piat.
Closes: #505750.
* Rename syslinux adamd*.cfg files to amdad*.cfg.
* Rename syslinux *text.cfg files to *txt.cfg. This is needed because
adamdtext.cfg is one character too long which means it was never actually
included in the menu for multi-arch images.
[ Franklin Piat ]
* Add help text for help option in graphical syslinux boot menu to indicate
how to return to the menu from the help screens.
The new configuration also improves editing the command line from the
graphical syslinux menu if it flows over into a second line.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Add ext2-modules to hd-media images for i386, amd64 and powerpc.
Closes: #510015.
* Update copyright to 2009.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Thu, 22 Jan 2009 21:05:03 -0200
debian-installer (20081029) unstable; urgency=low
* Disable powerpc floppy. Fixes a FTBFS in powerpc architecture.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Wed, 29 Oct 2008 10:02:02 -0200
debian-installer (20081027) unstable; urgency=low
[ Frans Pop ]
* Test that a mirror supports the target suite before it's added to
sources.list.udeb. Should fix build failures on lxdebian for s390,
which includes an incomplete mirror in its /etc/apt/sources.list.
* config/s390.cfg: avoid loading partman-auto during anna as guided
partitioning is not very useful for DASDs.
* Include isofs-modules in hd-media images now that the isofs module has
been split out of the ide-modules udeb (kernels >=2.6.25).
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* nslu2: Make sure the whole ramdisk partition is padded now that
APEX tells the kernel to look at the whole partition.
* Remove delo from Build-Depends since DECstations are no longer
* Move arm, armel, mips and mipsel to 2.6.25.
* Enable the netwinder image again.
* Add images for QNAP TS-109, TS-209 and TS-409.
* Add an image for the HP Media Vault mv2120.
* Add an image for the Buffalo Kurobox Pro. Patch from Per Andersson
as part of his Google Summer of Code project.
* Move arm, armel and mipsel to 2.6.26.
* Move mips to 2.6.26.
* Add a README to the arm images saying that the arm port is not
recommended for new installations.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Use menu default64 support added to syslinux 2:3.63+dfsg-2 to
automatically select the amd64 installation option on multiarch images.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Test OMIT_WIN32_LOADER in arch_cd_info_dir and arch_miniiso targets as
well as arch_boot.
[ Joey Hess ]
* mountfloppy renamed to mountmedia
* floppy-retriever renamed to media-retriever
* Add usb-storage-modules to all netboot images that use mountmedia.
This will allow loading NIC drivers/firmware from a USB stick.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Include firewire-core-modules on cdrom images (i386 and amd64) to allow
usage of firewire dockstations (as found on some VAIO laptops). See
#488267 for reference.
* Move alpha, amd64, i386 and powerpc to 2.6.25.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Add ext2-modules for i386 boot floppy as ext2 is no longer built in.
* Move hppa, ia64 and sparc to 2.6.25.
* Add 3 characters that are directly accessible from Dutch and British
keyboards to needed-characters/nl.utf.
[ Ian Campbell ]
* Add i386 netboot-xen flavour using PAE enabled kernel compatible with PAE
and 64 bit hypervisors.
[ Robert Millan ]
* config/x86.cfg: Make desktop selection explicit in win32-loader.ini.
Closes: #486907.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Disable upx for all images due to bug #490149.
* Version newt build dependencies to ensure that buggy old versions are not
[ Jérémy Bobbio ]
* Add cdebconf-gtk-terminal to graphical images.
* Move powerpc kernel to 2.6.26.
* Add virtio-modules to amd64 and i386 netboot images.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Move alpha, amd64, i386, ia64, hppa and sparc to 2.6.26.
[ Samuel Thibault ]
* Optionally add a beep to the x86 syslinux menu, controlled by BOOTMENU_BEEP.
This is enabled by default only for release builds.
[ Bastian Blank ]
* Move s390 to 2.6.26-1.
[ Stephen R. Marenka ]
* Move m68k to 2.6.26-1.
* Add modules to cdrom.
* Rename atari bootstra.prg to bootstra.tos.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Apply patch from Samuel Thibault to add Speakup accessibility support to
Graphical Installer images for i386 and amd64.
* Rename syslinux config files (ad)amd.cfg to (ad)amdtext.cfg for consistency.
* Drop languages that require a graphical installer for all arm and armel
images to reduce image size.
* x86: set correct default entries in the isolinux config for booting the
installer from the help screens. Closes: #500464.
* x86: add support for installing to and loading drivers/firmware from
MMC/SD cards. Closes: #498568.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Mon, 27 Oct 2008 08:52:06 -0200
debian-installer (20080522) unstable; urgency=low
[ Stephen R. Marenka ]
* Add atari keymaps to pkg-lists for m68k.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Lenny will be version 5.0.
* Improve consistency between x86 syslinux bootmethod help screens.
* Add nic-usb-modules to netboot images for x86 and ia64.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Update to 2.6.24-1 kernel (i386, mipsel, arm, armel and amd64).
[ Robert Millan ]
* Add images for the versatile platform (armel).
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Activate the images for the MIPS Malta platform (mips and mipsel),
thanks Aurelien Jarno.
* Remove the QEMU flavour on mips and mipsel since it's replaced
by Malta.
* Update mips to 2.6.24-1.
* Use initramfs rather than cramfs on Cobalt since the initrd is too
* Use initramfs on MIPS Malta.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Remove dropped cdrom-modules kernel udebs from package list for i386,
amd64 and alpha.
* Update to 2.6.24-1 kernel for alpha, hppa, ia64, powerpc, s390 and sparc.
* Remove wireless-tools from package lists as it's not required to configure
wireless networking.
* Remove Alastair McKinstry and Joshua Kwan as Uploaders with many thanks
for their past contributions.
[ Joey Hess ]
* The i386 root floppy has been changed to a bare gzipped cpio file,
null-paddded to the end of the floppy. This needs rootskel-bootfloppy
version 1.60.
* Use syslinux's vesamenu for all x86 images except the boot floppy.
* Split up syslinux config files.
* Note that the pxelinux config file for serial terminals has been dropped,
at least for now, since the split config files made it too difficult to
set up.
* Note that this needs debian-cd changes to change its code for
merging syslinux configs when producing i386+amd64 CDs.
* Document the irqpoll boot parameter. Closes: #477988
[ Frans Pop ]
* For official builds, include a file with translation status information in
images to allow localechooser can warn users for incomplete translations.
A current status file should be generated before every upload.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Use genisoimage instead of mkisofs.
* Disable i386 floppy image since 2.6.24 kernel image is too big to fit
on a floppy.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Include both version number and codename as release identification.
* Add a file inside netboot tarballs. Closes: #475774.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Add cdebconf-text-entropy to common EXTRAUDEBS variable and
cdebconf-gtk-entropy on all gtk images.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Thu, 22 May 2008 12:25:14 -0300
debian-installer (20080227) unstable; urgency=low
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Disable the Netwinder image for now since it's too large.
-- Frans Pop <> Wed, 27 Feb 2008 18:22:25 +0100
debian-installer (20080224) unstable; urgency=low
[ Steve Langasek ]
* Drop obsolete boot args from alpha netboot images.
* Switch alpha cdrom images from initrd to initramfs (untested, but should
[ Joey Hess ]
* Changes to target lenny.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Drop build dependency on modutils (only needed for 2.4 kernels).
* Excluding non-us for sources.list.udeb should no longer be needed; add
exclusion for volatile.debian.{org,net}.
* x86: document parameters to disable ACPI and USB on F6 isolinux help screen.
* Switch i386, amd64, sparc and s/390 to 2.6.20-1.
* Don't include usb-discover in images as USB modules should be loaded
automatically now.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Don't try to mount devfs if $(TREE)/etc/udev exists.
* Remove apparently-stray test for /dev/tty that broke tree_umount target
for udev builds.
* Run the demo in the C.UTF-8 locale.
* Correct partman-auto-recipe.txt's descriptions of the $defaultignore,
$lvmignore, and $lvmok specifiers to include the $.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Remove rpc images because RiscPC machines are no longer supported.
* Remove DECstation images because these machines are no longer supported.
* Switch mips, mipsel and arm to 2.6.20-1.
* Cobalt: don't turn the serial console on explicitly since this will
kill Qube 2700 boxen and it's on by default on those machines with
a serial console anyway.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Exclude pciutils-udeb from the i386 root floppy as it's out of space
again thanks to libc etc bloat and we can do without lspci.
Closes: #420078
[ dann frazier ]
* Update ia64 to 2.6.20 - omit scsi-common-modules udev since these modules
have been merged into the scsi-modules udeb
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Switch arm, mips and mipsel to 2.6.21-1.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Switch i386, amd64, alpha and s390 to 2.6.21-1.
* Include the default release for the target system and the release from
which to retrieve udebs in images. The first makes it unnecessary to
hardcode the default release in choose-mirror and the last ensures
consistency between udebs included in the initrd and udebs retrieved
during the installation. See #424640 and #426303.
Requires net-retriever 1.18.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Stop including KEYRING onto initrds. Needs base-installer 1.80 and
net-retriever 1.17, which use the udeb, and debian-archive-keyring-udeb
* No need to unset KEYRING for floppies anymore. Closes: #423265.
* Work around upx-ucl-beta bug #426747.
* Exclude core-modules from i386 driver floppies, it's available on the root
[ Stephen R. Marenka ]
* m68k: Drop all non-at keymaps, except amiga, since we only support 2.6.
* m68k: Add -at keymaps explicitly to atari floppy.
* m68k: Add -amiga keymaps explicitly to pkg-lists.
* m68k: Punt the remainder INITRD22 stuff and simplify the rest.
* Switch m68k to 2.6.21-1.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Use BASEVERSION variable for powerpc to avoid needing to modify the kernel
version for each flavor separately.
* G-I for i386 is now also affected by the VT switching issue that earlier
affected only amd64 (#373253). Include to work around this.
* For i386 and amd64, add the 'quiet' kernel boot option for all boot
methods except expert mode. This reduces the amount of output to the
console to only a few messages before the first D-I dialog is displayed.
* Drop build dependency on mkisofs for s390 as we don't need it there.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Changes to support new wireless nic modules udeb.
* Switch i386 to have 3 net-drivers floppies. The second one now contains
wireless, usb, and pcmcia drivers, while the third contains
* Set APT::Install-Recommends=false in get-packages as a preventive measure
to avoid getting recommended udebs when apt later defaults to installing
recommends. (Mostly a no-op as there are very few udeb recommends
[ Frans Pop ]
* Increase build dependency on mklibs to version 0.1.23; needed to avoid
build failures or broken images after post-Etch toolchain changes.
* Switch alpha, amd64, arm, i386, m68k, mips, mipsel and s390 to 2.6.21-2.
* Get rid of hardcoded kernel versions in boot configuration files for mips
and mipsel; rename bootscreen-subst to bootvars-subst to reflect this
somewhat more general use of this script.
* Drop compatibility symlink to old location of the graphical mini.iso.
* Switch ia64 to 2.6.21-2.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Switch to dhcp3-client-udeb.
* Remove ugly workaround for apex filename transition, long over.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Remove support for sparc32 as it is no longer supported for Lenny.
* Simplify build structure for sparc.
* Switch sparc, powerpc and hppa to 2.6.21-2.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Remove pcmcia-cs-udeb from ads_cf image, as it's no longer in Debian.
* Remove old "linux" syslinux label for x86, it was replaced by "install".
* Convert mips/arcboot.conf to use "install" and not "linux" as the label as
* Apply patch from Václav Ovsík adding a NETBOOT_DI_DIR variable.
[ Davide Viti ]
* Switch g-i as to use ttf-dejavu for rendering Georgian text
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Replace the build dependency on grep-dctrl (transition package) by dctrl-tools
[ Joey Hess ]
* Call dh_md5sums.
[ Robert Millan ]
* Integrate win32-loader utility. (Closes: #412922)
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Fix the bootvars-subst call on mips so the actual kernel version will be
[ Joey Hess ]
* Change f8.txt to document tasksel/desktop.
[ Jérémy Bobbio ]
* Add support for apt_preferences(5) files (preferences.{deb,udeb}.local) to
ease development when packages are broken in unstable.
[ Bastian Blank ]
* Support coming cdebconf frontend changes.
* Bump build dependency for mklibs.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Switch alpha, amd64, arm, hppa, i386, ia64, m68k, mips, mipsel, powerpc,
s390 and sparc to 2.6.22-2.
* Load config/local by last so we can override previously set options.
* Support setting an extra udeb to be included exporting the EXTRAS
environment variable.
* Allow DEBIAN_VERSION to be overriden using environment variable.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Disable builds for PowerPC PReP images as there are no prep kernels
[ Joey Hess ]
* Switch i386 to 2.6.22-3.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Switch all other architectures to 2.6.22-3.
* Use mklibs-copy rather than mklibs on mips and mipsel for now since
the latter doesn't work.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Move Frans' d-i internals manual from doc/talks/d-i_debconf6/ to
doc/devel/internals/, and build it by default.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Switch from upx-ucl-beta to upx-ucl, now that it's out of beta.
* Avoid using sources.list.d when downloading udebs. Closes: #459612
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* Add support for MIPS Malta platform, but keep it disabled for now.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Add build dependency on libgcc1 for i386 also as we include libgcc_s for
graphical installer images.
-- Otavio Salvador <> Sun, 24 Feb 2008 06:39:28 -0300
debian-installer (20070308) unstable; urgency=low
[ Thiemo Seufer ]
* Add Qemu mips/mipsel images, thanks Aurelien Jarno.
[ Sylvain Ferriol ]
* Add keyboard usb packages in i386 root floppy and move all net packages
to i386 net-drivers-1 floppy.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Switch font used for Dzongkha in g-i to ttf-tmuni.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Provide a properly encrypted firmware image for Thecus N2100 so the
firmware upgrade process will recognize it. Thanks to Kurt Roeckx
for help with OpenSSL.
* Remove incomplete armeb support.
* Remove obsolete arm/nslu2 config files.
* Switch arm, mips and mipsel to 2.6.18-2.
* Switch arm, mips and mipsel to 2.6.18-3.
* n2100: Add support for Evesham's M-Box.
* Put in a workaround to support building with both apex 1.4.7 and the
new 1.4.14 which changes the name of the apex binary; closes: #409747
[ Joey Hess ]
* Stop using the system status file; generate a dummy status file for apt
containing libc6 and libnewt (the only two debs udebs still depend on).
* dhcp3-client-udeb is for some reason Standard priority, so gets included
in monolithic image builds (and breaks the build). Exclude it from the
monolithic images until its priority is fixed.
* The i386 boot floppy will be too big with the 2.6.18 kernel, so drop
usb input modules from it. USB keyboard support didn't work before
anyway AFAICS, since usb-discover was not included.
* With 2.6.18, nic-extra-modules gets too big to fit on the i386
net-drivers-1 floppy with nic-modules. Move nic-extra-modules to
net-drivers-2 and reorg to fit.
* Don't exclude usb drivers from driver floppies; the root floppy does not
currently load them.
[ Sven Luther ]
* Switch powerpc to 2.6.18-2.
* Add a prep flavour.
* Add fancontrol modules to cdrom and netboot images for powerpc64.
[ Thiemo Seufer ]
* Fix for mips/r5k-ip32.
[ dann frazier ]
* Switch ia64 to initramfs.
* Make the default boot option on ia64 "Install" for consistency with x86.
* Add rescue boot option on ia64.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Switch i386 to 2.6.18-3.
* Apply patch from Alex Owen to fix serial console support for grub in the
installed system (#224641).
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add time to image build date, and set build date to UTC (was local
time before).
* Etch will be Debian 4.0.
[ Stephen R. Marenka ]
* Add preliminary network-console support to m68k.
* Switch m68k to 2.6.18-3.
* Add back the atari subarch and the floppy initrd.
* Add emile to build-deps.
[ Steve Langasek ]
* Switch alpha to 2.6.18-3. Now with support for TITAN systems, huzzah!
[ Colin Watson ]
* Switch powerpc to 2.6.18-3.
* Document new GET_MAX_PRIMARY command in partman-base 99.
[ Dann Frazier ]
* Switch ia64 to 2.6.18-3.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Switch amd64, hppa, sparc and s/390 to 2.6.18-3.
* On amd64 we temporarily need to include /lib/ in g-i initrds
to work around #373253 until upstream can remove pthread_cancel() calls in
directfb. Because of the Etch release this is implemented for now by
setting EXTRAFILES in the relevant files under config/amd64.
* daily-build: keep file attributes between build targets if fakeroot is
used. Closes: #401603.
* Raise minimal memory requirement in boot help screens on x86 to 32MB.
Closes: #402276.
* Makefile: don't strip "Choices-C" fields from templates if DROP_LANG is set
(see #400263).
[ Joey Hess ]
* Copy the keyring from debian-archive-keyring into images (was using the
old keyring from apt). Build-depend on a current version of
debian-archive-keyring for good measure.
* Fix stripping of kernel modules by Makefile, was broken due to bogus find
* /etc/apt/trusted.gpg can't be guaranteed to be readable, and the udeb
download will fail to verify if it's not. Avoid this by making apt use
[ dann frazier ]
* Add scsi-common-modules to pkg-lists/cdrom/ia64.cfg. sym53c8xx.ko is in
this package, which is needed for scsi cd-roms in machines like the
HP rx7620 (closes: #403895)
* Add relocatable flag to elilo.conf for ia64 - this is required when booting
on Altix systems, though it cannot be used with 2.4 kernels
[ Joey Hess ]
* Remove udev-udeb from the ADS cf image.
* Rename gtk-miniiso targets to netboot-gtk, and place the resulting files
under the netboot/gtk/ directory. Add full set of netboot files for the
gtk image, not just the mini.iso. The gtk-miniiso directories are kept
working via symlinks for now, so that we won't have to update the docs so
late in the release process. Closes: #408535
[ Frans Pop ]
* Update general copyright notices for Debian and Debian Installer to 2007.
* Switch all architectures to 2.6.18-4.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Update mips/mipsel boot configs to refer to 2.6.18-4.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add support for armel. Symlink most arm configs to avoid duplication.
* Add libgcc1 to the udeb exclude list, and add a dummy item for it to the
status file. This supports armel, which already uses glibc 2.5, and will
be needed later when other arches switch to it.
[ Gordon Farquharson ]
* Enable users to select a timezone on arm/ixp4xx, arm/iop32, and
mipsel/cobalt. Closes: #403195.
* Include the IXP4xx Ethernet driver on the initrd now that oldsys-preseed
will choose the correct device depending on whether the NPE microcode
is available.
[ Steve Langasek ]
* Add fb-modules to the initrds on alpha, now that matroxfb has been
moved to a separate udeb; fixes support for installs on TGA-using
systems. Closes: #404485.
[ dann frazier ]
* [ia64] Fix elilo boot screen formatting - the addition of the time
to the $BUILD_DATE variable was causing an ugly line wrap
[ Joey Hess ]
* Document use of generic.all_generic_ide=1 in f6.txt.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Set default suite to etch (etch branch only).
-- Frans Pop <> Thu, 8 Mar 2007 23:43:33 +0100
debian-installer (20061102) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Increased hardcoded ramdisk_size in aboot.conf to 20 mb, 16 mb is just
barely too small with current images.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Add input-modules to the ixp4xx initrd.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Fix the generation of MANIFEST.udebs for extra floppy images.
* Add boot option "auto" for i386, amd64, powerpc and sparc to support the
new auto-install functionality.
-- Frans Pop <> Thu, 2 Nov 2006 03:25:11 +0100
debian-installer (20061022) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Remove some leftover 2.4+2.6 support in the ia64 configs.
* Make amd64 consitently use initramfs images.
* Drop 2.4 support for i386.
* Merge most differences between i386 and amd64 configs. Only remaining
difference is that floppy support is still desirable (though not
present) for i386.
* Build gtk isolinux initrd as part of the build process for the
regular isolinux image, so that it will be included properly in the
isolinux files.
* Switch i386 to 2.6.17-2.
* Remove root=/dev/ram from syslinux configs, turns out not to be needed for
the kernel to find initramfs.
* Remove ramdisk_size= and "rw" settings, also not needed.
* Which means that ramdisk-size-subst is not needed for x86; removed
calls to it.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Switch arm to 2.6.17-2.
* Clean-up arm config now that 2.4 is gone.
* Use mknettrom from the nwutil package instead of our own local copy.
* Add images for iop32x with support for GLAN Tank.
* Add images for ixp4xx.
* Switch mips to 2.6.17-2.
* Switch mipsel to 2.6.17-2.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Switch hppa and sparc to 2.6.17-2.
* Switch s390 to 2.6.17-2 and re-enable the tape target.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Remove pcmcia kernel modules from ads cf image; provided by monolithic
[ Wouter Verhelst ]
* Nuke 2.2/2.4 for m68k.
[ Stephen R. Marenka ]
* Nuke non-rc subarchs for m68k.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Fix ads image builds, need to turn off globally set KERNELVERSION.
* Remove leftover stuff for speakup/access floppy images.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Clean up pkg-lists for removal of 2.2/2.4 support.
[ Dann Frazier ]
* Switch IA64 to 2.6.17-2.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Fix gtk isolinux.cfg building.
[ Kurt Roeckx ]
* Siwtch amd64 to 2.6.17-2.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Switch alpha to 2.6.17-2 to keep it building. (Untested by me.)
[ Colin Watson ]
* Use pcmciautils on mips/mipsel monolithic 2.6 builds.
[ Sven Luther ]
* Get rid of cdrom64/netboot64/gtk-miniiso64 for the powerpc64
subarchitecture (closes: #385145).
* Switch powerpc 2.6 images to initramfs (closes: #385175).
[ Joey Hess ]
* Switch KERNELMAJOR to 2.6 for ads images, since that the most likely
kernel used.
* Include pcmciautils on ads cf image, but keep pcmcia-cs on there too, on
the off chance that a 2.4 kernel is used with it.
* Add X_INSTALLATION_MEDIUM to lsb-release file.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Switch powerpc to 2.6.17-2. Closes: #385164
[ Frans Pop ]
* Switch to using initramfs for sparc (except for floppy images); remove no
longer needed boot parameters from silo.conf.
* Switch to using initramfs for hppa; remove no longer needed palo
[ Wouter Verhelst ]
* Don't build powerpc floppy targets in the "regular" builds; they're of no
use there except to confuse the user. Which is not useful at all.
Closes: #323182, #315308
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Add a firmware image for Linksys NSLU2 for the new ixp4xx flavour.
* Put oldsys-preseed on the iop32x image.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Add support for ppc64 based on patch from Andreas Jochens. Closes: #382628.
* Switch default INITRD_FS to initramfs; configs for individual
architectures modified so there are no actual changes.
* Add sata-modules for cdrom images on alpha.
[ Sylvain Ferriol ]
* Add support for 2.6 based floppy installation for i386.
-- Frans Pop <> Sun, 22 Oct 2006 03:11:24 +0200
debian-installer (20060806) unstable; urgency=low
* Add ttf-bpg-georgian fonts for graphical installer.
* As that was the last missing font udeb, remove support for including
fontfiles from tarballs.
* Remove 2.4 images for sparc.
* Update arches in build depends for module-init-tools and modutils.
-- Frans Pop <> Mon, 6 Aug 2006 23:22:02 +0200
debian-installer (20060726.1) unstable; urgency=low
* pkg-lists/exclude: update to libnewt0.52.
* Add build dependency on wget for arches that support the graphical
installer; this is needed while we still have font tarballs.
-- Frans Pop <> Wed, 26 Jul 2006 13:54:56 +0200
debian-installer (20060726) unstable; urgency=low
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Make sure the Netwinder image doesn't exceed NeTTrom's size limit.
Closes: #345319.
* Include essential kernel modules on the Netwinder cdrom initrd.
* Fix a typo in the Cobalt preseed file.
* Rename sb1-swarm-bn to sb1-bcm91250a for consistency.
* Add 2.6 images on mips and mipel.
* Add support for the Broadcom BCM91480B evaluation board (aka "BigSur").
* Add support for the SGI O2 (IP32) machines (with R5000 CPU).
* Put beep-udeb on the NSLU2 initrd so we can notify people when SSH is
* Switch to 2.6.16 kernel on arm.
* Put the input-modules udeb on the NSLU2 image so the beeper will work.
* Remove (incomplete) LART and BAST support.
* Remove 2.4 images on arm.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Split off PRESEED_SUITE from PRESEED, use this for the suite setting
for development builds, and no longer unset PRESEED for release builds.
Should fix cobalt issues.
* Audited the x86 kernel parameter docs in the boot screens vs the 2.6.15
kernel. Removed documentation for parameters that are not listed in the
kernel's kernel-parameters.txt, and to a certian extent read the source
to find places where kernel-parameters.txt is wrong, and removed those
too. It's probably better to not document things than to document them
* Modified kernel parameter docs to use the module.param=value syntax
for all parameters that are owned by a loadable kernel module. The old
param=value at the boot line won't work, since d-i doesn't pass kernel
command line to modules. The new syntax requires rootskel 1.30 to work.
(Not sure what module(s) own hd=, didn't change it yet.)
* Remove docs for how to disable gdth, which harks back to a non-modular
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Rename Punjabi related files from pa_IN to pa.
* Add the list of needed characters for Northern Sami
* Add the list of needed characters for Thai
[ Frans Pop ]
* Remove no longer used graphical characters from graphic.utf (formerly used
in partman).
* Move graphic.utf to needed-characters.
* Rename all needed-character files to *.utf to simplify Makefile.
* Remove 2.6 references from hppa config as 2.6 is now default; keep
EXTRANAME=2.6/ for now in order to not break debian-cd.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Remove build dep on libdebian-installer4 now that all udeb deps are fixed
* Update i386 to 2.6.16.
* Copy library .so links from library-providing udebs into the udeblib
directory along with the library files, otherwise mklibs doesn't see them.
(Crossing fingers that this change, which has been tried once before,
doesn't break something..)
* Remove build dep on libdebconfclient0 since all relevant udeb deps are
* Remove libdebconfclient0 from pkg-list/exclude too.
* Remove build dep on libdiscover1 now that there's a libdiscover1-udeb
and proper deps. Remove it from pkg-list/exclude too.
* Correct comment for libbogl-dev build dep.
* Add mips mipsel arm and armeb to arch list for the module-init-tools build
dep since they all use 2.6 kernels now.
* Limit modutils build dep to the arches that still use 2.4 [arm i386 mips
mipsel powerpc s390 sparc].
[ Frans Pop ]
* Update sparc to 2.6.16; re-enable 2.6 for sparc32.
* kbd-chooser 1.25 will no longer use usb-mac keymaps for 2.6 based
installations if AT keymaps are defined; therefore, no longer include
usb-mac keymaps in images using a 2.6 kernel. Not touching pkg-lists files
for mips(el) sb1-bcm91250a as they currently don't include AT keymaps.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Can't find any uses of cdrom-minimal and netboot-minimal, so removing
those directories from pkg-lists.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Update powerpc to 2.6.16.
* Pass -r $(KERNELVERSION) to mkvmlinuz rather than -r $(KERNELMAJOR), so
that it can tell the difference between 2.6.16 and earlier releases.
* Build chrp initrds for powerpc64.
* Restore usb-discover on 2.6 images; according to Martin-Éric Racine it's
still needed to load usbhid et al on some systems. Plus, it's tiny.
* Add support for OS-specific pkg-lists entries: use lines like
"gnumach-udeb [hurd]".
[ Joey Hess ]
* Comment out nano-udeb and save-logs in the access floppy list to try to
save space.
* New usb-serial-modules package added to access floppy, although that
floppy will now be well oversize.
* Add kfreebsd and some missing hurd stuff to build dependency info.
Closes: #363661
* Remove ide stuff from access floppy, fixing its size problem. Don't know
why ide stuff was ever on there.
* Remove USB floppy and keychain support from boot floppy as it was out of
[ Kyle McMartin ]
* Update hppa to 2.6.16.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Also include libs named *.so.* when calling mklibs. Not including those
results in missing symbols when building the graphical installer.
Closes: #366441.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Patch from Samuel Thibault to support testing CD-ROM images in qemu.
Closes: #367068
* Add documentation for brltty= boot parameter (hope I got it right).
* Apply Samuel Thibault's patch to add brltty-udeb to the cdrom, netboot,
nativehd, and hd-media images. Closes: #355851
* Mark usb-serial-modules added by brltty patch as optional, since they're
not yet available on all arches.
* Increase size of the hd-media images from 128 mb to 256 mb to make more
room for the netinst.
* Put modutils udebs back on 2.4/2.2 images since new busybox has dropped
all support for that.
* Stop building el-torito i386 image, it's too big due to above busybox
* i386 floppy is full due to above busybox change, moved half the network
stuff the the net-drivers floppy, which now must be used for all network
* i386 bootfloppy is broken:
mount: Couldn't setup loop device
No idea why. Disabled i386 root and boot floppies. :-(
* Add EXTRAUDEBS variable which can be used to pull in extra udebs for
library reduction that are not on boot images.
* Include cdebconf-newt-entropy in EXTRAUDEBS so that its symbols are in the
boot images; since it is linked into cdebconf which uses the reduced libc.
* No more parted build dep; those udeb deps are fixed.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Integrate graphical installer. Closes: #228808.
[ Steve Langasek ]
* Drop serial-modules from the alpha images, since this package is empty
now in 2.6.16 apparently due to drivers being built into the kernel
[ Colin Watson ]
* Integrate graphical installer on powerpc.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Workaround syslinux weirdness on hd-media images; when asked to boot
2.6/linux, it tries to boot "2.6/l". Rename files out of directories to
avoid this; the gtk initrd has the unappetizing name "initrdg.gz".
* Fix amd64 gtk miniiso build.
* Switch i386 to 2.6.16-2.
[ Sven luther ]
* Switch powerpc to 2.6.16-2 and disable non-working powerpc subarches.
Closes: #373264.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Switch mips to 2.6.16-2.
* Switch arm to 2.6.16-2.
* Switch mipsel to 2.6.16-2.
* Add images for RiscPC (rpc).
* Remove 2.4 images on mips.
* Add 2.6 images for DECstation.
* Remove 2.4 images on mipsel.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Switch sparc and amd64 to 2.6.16-2.
* graphic.utf: add arrow characters needed for scrollbar display; remove
unused/duplicate characters.
* Remove needed_characters files for "level 4" languages (are not supported
in newt frontend).
* Rename needed_characters files for prospective languages so they're not
included yet.
* Switch hppa to 2.6.16-2.
* Switch ia64 to 2.6.16-2.
* Include USB-MAC keymaps again for powerpc with 2.6 kernels; they've been
re-enabled in kbd-chooser for that architecture.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Switch from using DEBCONF_PRIORITY and sometimes debconf/priority to
consistently using priority=low to boot to expert mode. Needs preseed
* Change x86 help screen to document fb=false alias.
* Remove libtextwrap1 from build deps and pkg-lists/exclude; cdebconf
now uses the library udeb.
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Remove all *.prospective files as all these languages are only used in
the graphical installer.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Remove mountfloppy from netboot/common list, add it to only arches that
support floppies.
* Don't include brltty on the netboot image for nslu2 machines,
which uses network-console. Actually, I removed it from images for arches
except for alpha, amd64, i386, ia64, and powerpc, since the other netboot
images seem to lack serial-modules.
* Remove local copy of slugimage and use the debian package.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Disable powerpc/apus as the 2.4 kernels it currently uses were removed
from the archive.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Only try upx compression if UPX is defined; avoids build noise on amd64.
-- Frans Pop <> Wed, 26 Jul 2006 08:27:46 +0200
debian-installer (20060304) unstable; urgency=low
* Add build dependency on debian-archive-keyring so that the archive key can
be checked. Closes: #355098.
-- Frans Pop <> Sat, 4 Mar 2006 01:56:43 +0100
debian-installer (20060302) unstable; urgency=low
* Remove floppy-modules udeb again from powerpc root floppy as it seems this
is not the cause of the problems in #345467.
-- Frans Pop <> Thu, 2 Mar 2006 12:59:32 +0100
debian-installer (20060218) unstable; urgency=low
[ Steve Langasek ]
* Add alpha to the list of archs build-depending on module-init-tools,
now that we're building 2.6.
-- Frans Pop <> Fri, 17 Feb 2006 23:58:05 +0100
debian-installer (20060217) unstable; urgency=low
* Add myself to uploaders.
* Acknowledge bugs closed in previous version which was uploaded as NMU by
mistake. Closes: #343674, #344854.
* Add missing build dependency on apt-utils (needed for localudebs handling).
-- Frans Pop <> Fri, 17 Feb 2006 02:52:43 +0100
debian-installer (20060215) unstable; urgency=low
[ dann frazier ]
* Stop using mklibs-copy on ia64, now that #326103 is fixed.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Deal with dpkg-deb output change in udeb version extraction code.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Switch to 2.6.14 kernel for i386 and sparc64.
* Run with udev by default (2.6 kernels only). This is now required for i386
and should also work with 2.6.12 kernels for other arches.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Add slightly more error checking to genbuilddeps.
* Include rescue-mode in monolithic images.
* Use pcmciautils-udeb instead of pcmcia-cs-udeb on architectures that
have moved to kernels newer than 2.6.12.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Make socket-modules kernel udeb optional in pkg-lists, it's going away in
current 2.6 kernels.
[ Kurt Roeckx ]
* Switch to 2.6.14 kernel for amd64.
[ dann frazier ]
* Switch to 2.6.14 kernel for ia64.
[ Frans Pop ]
* No longer use discover and usb-discover for 2.6 based installations (all
* Include pciutils-udeb for 2.6 based installations (all architectures).
This brings back display of NIC names when a system has more than one and
allows save-logs to include lspci info.
* Update to libdevmapper1.02 in monolithic target.
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Add needed-characters for Khmer (1780-17FF range)
* Add needed-characters for Nepali
[ Joey Hess ]
* Removed nic-extra-modules, isa-pnp-modules, usb-modules from the netwinder
netboot image since none should be useful on a netwinder and the netwinder
has a hard 4 mb limit to the initrd size. Closes: #343674
* Switch all i386 2.6 images to initramfs.
[ Sven Luther ]
* Updated powerpc config to 2.6.14-2 kernels.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Patch from Rod Whitby to support jffs2 generation. Closes: #344854
* Document the new MKFS_JFFS2 variable.
* Allow for TEMP_INITRD (and presumably INITRD too) to be theoretically
changed to something that makes more sense for jffs2 images.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Add initial support for BCM947xx mipsel devices but don't activate it.
* Add 2.6 images for Footbridge (CATS and Netwinder).
* Add support for NSLU2 devices on arm and armeb.
* Support SSH installations on Cobalt.
* Remove code to build xxs1500 images since this was never supported.
* Reorganize the DECstation tree and put images in sub-dirs.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Switch i386 to the 2.6.15-1 kernel.
[ Kurt Roeckx ]
* Switch amd64 to the 2.6.15-1 kernel.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Switch sparc to the 2.6.15-1 kernel.
* Change build dependency from sysutils to tofrodos as package was split.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Switch powerpc to the 2.6.15-1 kernel.
[ Steve Langasek ]
* Switch alpha to the 2.6.15-1 kernel.
* Add scsi-common-modules to the alpha cdrom initrd.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Don't drop English translations for S/390 initrds.
* Also remove Indices-* and Default-* lines when dropping translations.
* Include sparc-utils-udeb for sbus detection on Sparc 2.6 based installs.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Update hppa to 2.6.15-1 kernel. Completly and utterly untested.
[ Stephen R. Marenka ]
* Update m68k to 2.6.15-1 kernel.
* Add console-keymaps-at to m68k.cfg's to appease kbd-chooser
(keeps us from getting the console-keymaps-acorn).
[ Frans Pop ]
* Add missing floppy-modules udeb to powerpc root floppy.
-- Frans Pop <> Wed, 15 Feb 2006 10:39:01 +0100
debian-installer (20051031) unstable; urgency=low
[ Stephen R. Marenka ]
* Added amiboot dependency for m68k.
[ Kurt Roeckx ]
* Stop building the monolithic target on amd64.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Only generate /etc/lsb-release if a udeb hasn't already provided it.
* Move "main/debian-installer" (for sources.list.udeb) to a
UDEB_COMPONENTS variable in build/config/common, so that people can more
easily build with e.g. non-free udebs.
* Include module-init-tools-udeb when using udev; busybox modprobe doesn't
seem to support enough of newer kernel features like aliases and
blacklisting to be usable there yet.
* Use [2.6] for udev pkg-lists instead of kernel_specific.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Switch to root=/dev/ram in syslinux configs to support 2.6.14 post-devfs
* Did away with the kernel_specific pkg-lists directories.
* Back to managing localudebs with apt. To support secure apt,
authentication is disabled and a warning printed if there are any udebs
in the localudebs directory. During an official build there will not be
any and the downloaded udebs will be properly authenticated.
* pkg-list: Turn off debugging as the dep resolutuon stuff is working ok
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 16 Nov 2005 15:04:47 -0500
debian-installer (20051026) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add cramfsprogs dependency for mipsel. Closes: #334780
* Syslinux ignores failures due to being out of disk space (#335152).
Avoid this bug by running syslinux on the original, empty disk
* If the boot logo can't be copied onto a floppy, don't fail, just proceed
on without a boot logo. Yes, we're that short on space on the i386 boot
floppies, no more logos for them until space is freed up.
* Deal with changed case of Kernel-Version fields in stat generation code.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Improve wording of debian-installer binary package description.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 26 Oct 2005 18:55:45 -0400
debian-installer (20051018) unstable; urgency=low
[ dann frazier ]
* Workaround #326103 by using mklibs-copy instead of mklibs on ia64.
[ Colin Watson ]
* Drop hotplug-udeb from udev package list; udev-udeb is sufficient now
that coldplugging support has been added to it.
* Build mini.iso images for powerpc and powerpc64 netboot.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 18 Oct 2005 15:57:35 -0400
debian-installer (20051017) unstable; urgency=low
* No source changes, will catch new i386 kernel udebs that fix usb install
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 17 Oct 2005 19:45:50 -0400
debian-installer (20051014) unstable; urgency=low
* Use cramfs images on mipsel. Current mipsel binaries compress very well.
Needs newest mipsel kernel udebs.
* Drop EXTRALIBS. Use EXTRAFILES, code was the same, and it's not used
* Copy in EXTRAFILES before depmod so modules can be included if necessary.
* Remove libiw udeb from netboot-minimal/powerpc.cfg, will be pulled in by
mklibs/deps as needed.
* During library reduction, copy in libraries from driver disks same as
other libraries so mklibs knows where to find them. This is a hack to
let mklibs work if building a root floppy with driver disks that include
libraries that are not on the root floppy. It's not ideal, since the
library gets added to the root floppy by mklibs now. (This issue currently
only occurs because netcfg, on the root floppies, is linked statically
and wireless-tools, on some the driver disks, is not.)
* Back to building from udebs in etch (yeah, it really works now).
* Further workaround for #329733.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 14 Oct 2005 16:44:29 -0400
debian-installer (20051009) unstable; urgency=low
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Add the list of needed characters for Sanskrit
[ Joey Hess ]
* Split manual out into its own top-level directy, and removed it from build
deps and build system. The debian-installer-manual tracking package is
replaced by a (currently mostly empty) debian-installer tracking package.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Remove fdisk-udeb from hppa cdrom images as partman is used now.
-- Frans Pop <> Sun, 9 Oct 2005 00:14:46 +0200
debian-installer (20051006) unstable; urgency=low
[ Bdale Garbee ]
* patch from Richard Hirst to fix ramdisk size on hppa
[ Colin Watson ]
* Revert addition of real alternatives for virtual glibc-pic
build-dependency, since it apparently confuses sbuild on architectures
without libc6-pic.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 6 Oct 2005 15:37:13 -0400
debian-installer (20051005) unstable; urgency=low
[ Bdale Garbee ]
* updates for hppa support of 2.6.12 kernels
[ Sylvain Ferriol ]
* When ONLINE=n, APT must not cleanup lists directory.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add preseed-common to all initrds, split out from file/network-preseed.
* Add initrd-preseed too.
* Add a PRESEED variable, which can be used to specify a preseed file to
add to the initrd in the location initrd-preseed expects to find one
* Default PRESEED to unstable.cfg, which sets mirror/udeb/suite, which
means that all d-i developmental and daily builds that download udebs
will download them from unstable, not testing.
* However, in release builds of the package, this is unset, so those will
pull udebs from testing as previously.
* Try adding root=/dev/fd0 to the silo.floppy.conf since at least the 2.4
kernel floppies are reported to not boot without it. This change may
also affect the 2.6 kernel floppies, which need to be tested.
Closes: #301374
* Make syslinux configs use "install" as the label to install, in
preparation for rescue mode. "linux" continues to work for
* Add "install24" and "expert24" labels to syslinux configs, in
preparation for making i386 use 2.6 by default.
* Turn on dependency resolution for nic-extra-modules, especially useful
since it has a new dependency in 2.6.11.
* Turn on dependency resolution for standard-udebs and
kernel-module-udebs. This allos most of the mess in monolithic/common
to be removed as the dependencies pull most of it in, except where
they're still broken.
* When preseeding mirror/suite, don't make it be seen, so user can
override from the default.
* Recent additions (initrd-preseed) made the el-torito image too big on
i386, drop usb CD support from it to make it build again.
Stop abusing the build system in sparc.cfg by pretending that cdrom
and miniiso are subarches. Add a "combined" subarch for these images
that really contain both sparc64 and sparc32 support.
* Included 2.6.8 kernel for amd64. Closes: #307306
* Add support for creating initramfs initrd images (needs rootskel 1.12).
* Move /unifont.bgf into lib. Needs rootskel 1.12.
* Resisted the urge to drop i386 el-torito images, which filled up again
once 2.6 fb-modules was fixed, and instead just dropped all translations
from these (unused) images.
* Add rescue-check to all images.
* Add rescue, rescue24, and rescue26 boot options in syslinux.
* To document these in syslinux, removed the old, useless f9.txt, and
shifted f4 through f8 up one; the new f4 documents rescue mode.
* Updated one place in the manual that referred to fn documents to reflect
above change.
* Document rescue mode in ia64 boot screens, but don't add stanzas for it
since that would go over the limit of 16. Users will have to type
* Add stanzas for rescue mode and document in sparc boot screen.
* Remove devfs=mount from syslinux.cfg. Needs rootskel-bootfloppy 1.13.
* Use dependency resolution for floppy-retriever, since mountfloppy has
been split off of it and into a dependency.
* Add bugreporter-udeb to the i386 root floppy, to cdrom images, and even
to netboot images, so users can use it to report bugs earlier. Add
commented out versions to other images on which it won't be very useful,
since it currently required floppy support.
* Update the manual for the /var/log/debian-installer ->
/var/log/installer move.
* Update the manual for the bugreporter-udeb rename, and for its
new capailities.
* Add an /etc/lsb-release file to the initrd, which includes the image
build date. Useful for determining the provenance of an image.
Closes: #250321
* bugreporter-udeb got renamed and is now on more images.
* Remove redundant rootskel entry from access floppy's package list.
* Add mountfloppy to each initrd that contains save-logs, except for the
s390 generic one. save-logs can now drop its dependency on mountfloppy.
* Make the image tarball be listed as raw-installer in the changes file.
* Switch to localechooser.
* Drop all translations from the m68k floppy, which filled up when
localechooser was added to it, since it didn't have countrychooser on it
* Add new env-preseed to base pkg-list.
* Turn of dpkg logging during image building. Need to depend on new dpkg
for this.
* Add support for virtual packages to pkg-lists.
* Set DEBIAN_VERSION to etch.
* Switch from hw-detect-full to disk-detect.
* Updates for libiw28. Remove libiw27 from build deps and from exclude
list, since the udeb is in fact used now to provide the library and
netcfg's dependencies have been fixes. Enable dependency resolution
for netcfg. Now no more updates should be needed here when libiw
* Temporarily disable nano from all images, as it's linked to slang2 and
the rest of d-i is not, and library reduction cannot cope with two
* Change udeb list format to match file format expected by katie (add
arch field).
* Make update-manifest also manage a MANIFEST.udeb file listing the udebs
inside each file in the manifest, and pass prameters to update-manifest
calls to provide this information.
* Include a udeb.list, based on the MANIFEST.udeb, but munged so katie can
read it natively, inside the images tarball. This will be used to
ensure that sources for d-i images do not fall out of the archive.
* Copyright file updates for 2005.
* Fix manual to note that linux supports HFS+. Closes: #313488
* Unset LANG in chroot call in chroot-install section of manual.
Closes: #311704
* ia64 does not support rarp, remove from manual. Closes: #250028
* Document deconf-set-selections -c to check preseed files. Closes: #284289
* Try to pass appropriate manual_release when building the manual in rules
* Switch to slang2.
* Switch from busybox-cvs to busybox.
* New busybox supports 2.6 modules, so the hack with modutils-udeb is not
needed anymore.
* Add isolinux.cfg files to the debian-cd-into tarball, so that we
don't have to maintain the same stuff in debian-cd.
* Switch i386 images that contain a 2.6 kernel to boot 2.6 by default,
install24 etc boot 2.4.
* Allow apt to run unauthenticated in offline mode since it may not have
cached a Release.gpg.
* di-utils-bootfloppy removed, pipe_progress moved to busybox.
[ Kurt Roeckx ]
* Changed libdevmapper1.00-udeb to libdevmapper1.01-udeb in the monolithic
package list. Closes: #306976
* Change amd64 kernel from 2.6.8-10 to 2.6.8-11.
* Do not install nano in the monolithic target.
* Change amd64 kernel from 2.6.8-11 to 2.6.12-1.
[ Christian Perrier ]
* Add the list of needed characters for Kazakh
* Add the list of needed characters for Vietnamese
* Add the list of needed characters for Wolof
* Add the list of needed characters for Bengali
* Add the list of needed characters for Kurdish
* Add the list of needed characters for Georgian
* Add the list of needed characters for Icelandic
* Add the list of needed characters for Hebrew
* Add the list of needed characters for Kannada
* Add the list of needed characters for Tamil
* Complete the list of needed characters for Persian with the help of
Arash Bizanjadeh and Eugenyi Meshcheryakov
* build/Makefile: include xx_YY files from needed-characters to all.utf
and not only xx files
[ Colin Watson ]
* Force HOME=$(TEMP) for hfsutils calls throughout powerpc
hd_media_common target.
* Ship yaboot with powerpc hd-media images.
* Add rescue stanzas to yaboot configuration files.
* Document raised kernel command-line limits in 2.6.9.
* Remove devfs=mount from yaboot configuration files. It shouldn't be
needed any more.
* Don't remove modules.*map from the initrd if we're using real hotplug.
* Use the kernel-specific discover and isa-pnp-modules include files
rather than explicitly listing those udebs throughout pkg-lists.
* Make a note about another possible cause for 'locale charmap' being
wrong during font generation, since it confused me for days ...
* Document new-style timezone preseeding, available from base-config
* Document rescue mode in the manual.
* Remove historic manual files from (variously) woody and the old build
* Copy KEYRING into the initrd, as /usr/share/keyrings/archive.gpg. I'm
relying on the keyring being small here, although we should really have
a keyring udeb instead.
* Build-depend on gnupg; apt requires it to verify signatures.
* Add udev pkg-lists files (including both udev and hotplug); not used by
default yet.
* Add real alternatives for virtual glibc-pic build-dependency.
* Remove and corresponding bzip2
build-dependency on powerpc; we use mkvmlinuz everywhere now.
* Keep modules.alias in udev/hotplug builds; new coldplug udev needs it.
[ Frans Pop ]
* Fix logic error in build/util/pkg-list to get rid of incorrect warnings
about missing lists.
* Add build dependencies needed to build PDF/TXT versions of the manual.
* Make main build script for the manual fail on errors.
* Introduce cascading stylesheet for the HTML version of the manual.
* Modify build depends to allow openjade1.3 as well as openjade.
* Add appendix on installing over plip, contributed by Sylvain Ferriol;
edited by Frans Pop.
* Document network-console in manual.
* Switch sparc to 2.6.12 kernel, dropping 2.6 support for sparc32 as there
is no 2.6.12. kernel available.
* Update silo configurations to properly support install, expert and rescue.
* Enable building both 2.4 and 2.6 images for sparc CDs.
* Split preseeding example in manual into seperate files for Sarge and Etch;
the differences were getting too great for a single file.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Add support for rescue mode to mipsel/cobalt.
* Rename the default target of {mips,mipsel}/sb1-swarm-bn from
'installer' to 'install' in compliance with other arches.
* Add support for rescue mode to {mips,mipsel}/sb1-swarm-bn.
[ Stephen R. Marenka ]
* m68k tools rework.
* incorporate boot/m68k/amiga scripts in tools.
* initial support for future penguin and amiboot packages.
* drop 2.2 kernel support for everything but macs.
[ Eddy Petrisor ]
* Removed ASCII characters from needed-characters/vi
[ David Nusinow ]
* Add attribution to Karsten M. Self for chroot-install section of the
manual. Closes: #316487
[ Joey Hess ]
* Switch i386 to 2.6.11 kernel.
* Add file-preseed to netboot image so file-based preseeding can be used on
netboot mini iso.
* Remove file-preseed from netboot; that won't work since netboot never
mounts a CD, duh.
* Enable text frontend for netboot on all arches.
* Aribitrarily increased sparc ramdisk_size to 9000 from 8192, since
it's at least 8230 big now due to added languages.
* Build-depend on newest libdebian-installer as some udebs have a versioned
dependency on it.
* Switch i386 to 2.6.12 kernel.
* Add support for running upx on binaries inside the initrd, and turn it
on for a marginal space gain in the (full) i386 boot floppy.
* Remove usb floppy support from speakup boot floppy since it's terminally
low on space.
* Add comments to control file about build deps and add genbuilddeps which
generates the build dep line based on the comments.
* As part of the review, removed ncurses-base (not used since we got the
terminfo udeb), and libnewt0.51 (pulled in by a dep from libnewt-dev)
and cpio (WTF?)
[ dann frazier ]
* Switch ia64 to 2.6.12 kernel.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Turned on dependency resolution by default for udebs in pkg-lists.
* Add libnss-files-udeb to exclude list to work around bug #322506
(removed again as #322506 was fixed and the exclusion broke
network-console for S/390 - FJP).
* Optimise pkg-lists a bit.
* rootskel-locale renamed to installation-locale.
* Move md5sums and udeb.list generation into "release" target of
build/Makefile and run these as part of the daily build too.
* Cleaned up various userdevfs cruft, goes along with a reworked
userdevfs udeb.
* As part of userdevfs cleanup, removed m68k initrd22 images,
the regular initrds should work wih 2.2 kernels.
* Add ads subarch for arm, with a "cf" image flavour used to boot
various ADS arm boards from compact flash. There is not yet a kernel for
these boards in Debian, so the images do not include a kernel and must be
used with a monolithic kernel (from ADS).
* The stats targets no longer build any images. If the image is not built,
it just won't display stats for it. This is mainly to work around a bug
that affected the daily builds, where running stats in a separate fakeroot
after the build would run build again, and rebuild initrds based on the
trees in tmp, messing up permissions and devices. It also removes a lot of
unnucessary work in stats, and allows simpler invocation of stats by
the daily-build script.
* Don't regenerate the list of udebs in an image in stats, this was
redundant info and was slow and ugly to generate there.
* Remove config/local from svn and add a comment to config/common about
making the file.
* Add an evil workaround for bug #329733.
[ Sven Luther ]
* Enabled powerpc64 support.
* Killed all 2.4 powerpc kernels except apus.
* Upgraded to 2.6.12 powerpc kernels.
[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Change dependency to libparted1.6-13 due a new soname change on parted
[ Dann Frazier ]
* Drop the Linux 2.4 support for ia64.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Temporarily disabled powerpc floppy builds since they depend on miboot
kernel udebs that are not in the archive.
* Temporarily made it build against udebs in sid when releasing this
package, since it's taking too long to get udebs into etch for a release.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 5 Oct 2005 21:15:12 -0400
debian-installer (20050317) unstable; urgency=low
* Frans Pop
- Add German and Russian for official builds of the manual
- Add PDF and TXT formats for official builds of the manual
* Martin Michlmayr
- Mention rootdev in the ARM manual, thanks Kyle McMartin.
- Use the correct TFTP filename for ARM Netwinder.
- Remove bogus information about noinitrd option from ARM manual.
- Mention option needed for serial console installations on
ARM Netwinder, thanks thanks Kyle McMartin.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 17 Mar 2005 10:54:07 -0500
debian-installer (20050305) unstable; urgency=high
* Thiemo Seufer
- Do an e2fsck for the extra floppy images.
- Handle sparse files in cramfs images more efficiently.
- Use cramfs images for mips/r4k-ip22 and mips/r5k-ip22.
- Add cramfsprogs build-dep for mips.
* Colin Watson
- Add acpi-modules to the amd64 cdrom, hd-media, monolithic, and netboot
initrds, so that rootskel can turn the fan on.
- Use dependency resolution for ide-modules, nic-modules,
pcmcia-storage-modules, scsi-common-modules, scsi-modules, and
usb-storage-modules on powerpc, and remove several modules from
powerpc-extra-modules that only belong on certain images. This removes
cdrom-core-modules and fs-common-modules from netboot images, and adds
parport-modules to apus/cdrom (I think it was missing by mistake).
- Add support for kernel-specific pkg-lists entries: use lines like
"package [2.2 2.4]" or "package * [2.6]". Should eventually form a
simpler replacement for the kernel_specific directory.
- Include initrd.list on amd64/i386 images.
- Add hd-media image for powerpc, including a boot.img.gz designed for
use on USB sticks.
- Document USB booting on powerpc. This involved splitting out the
documentation for USB booting on i386 a bit.
- Since power3 and power4 no longer build images with the 2.4 kernel,
remove their KERNELVERSION_2.4 variables and kernel-build-2.4*
- Switch libparted1.6-0 build-dependency to libparted1.6-12.
- Fix support for multiple words in KERNELVERSION.
* Christian Perrier
- Add the list of needed characters for Belarussian
- Add the list of needed characters for Esperanto
* Martin Michlmayr
- Switch Cobalt to use the new-style initrd parameter rd_start and
* Stephen R. Marenka
- Add m68k/amiga startup scripts with thanks to and the permission of
Christian T. Steigies <>.
* Frans Pop
- Implement new-generation build scripts for sarge branch.
- Make kernel-version for sparc64 ide-modules variable by using an
#include rather than the full module name.
- Add gawk and poxml build dependencies (required for the manual)
* Joshua Kwan
- Change sparc kernels to use 2.6.8-2 udebs.
* Joey Hess
- Add new usb-modules to sparc64 images to support usb keyboard on sun
- Move all utilities in build/ into build/util/, except daily-build,
which is hardcoded in many cron jobs.
- Fix two cases where the pkg-lists dependency checker printed warnings
about dependencies that were actually ok.
- Manual correction re debconf/priority.
- Don't fail to build if sources.list has a cdrom entry in it
(don't try to use the cdrom as a udeb source, either).
- Switch i386, ia64, alpha, hppa, and s390 to use the -2 kernel abiname.
- Add text frontend to alpha netboot image for general old-timey keenness.
- Dropped hppa 2.4 images.
- Removed various things from the hppa 2.6 netboot initrd to make
it small enough to work again.
- Add cdrom-modules to hppa cdrom initrd, this is a new package as of the
-2 kernel.
- Add socket-modules to all hppa initrds, also newly modularised.
* Bdale Garbee
- hppa 2.6 cdrom initrd needs more modules
* Kurt Roeckx
- Remove unused config files for amd64.
- Update kernel version for amd64 to 2.6.8-11
- Update netboot and monolithic config files for amd64 to match i386.
* Sven Luther
- Adapted to new 2.4.27-3 and 0.64 powerpc kernel .deb and .udebs and
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 5 Mar 2005 13:07:49 -0500
debian-installer (20041227) unstable; urgency=low
* Joey Hess
- Add module-init-tools to build deps for ia64 to fix truncated
modules.dep files and USB keyboard.
- Add it for sparc too.
- Add discover1 to even the 2.4 hppa images. Yes, there are no modules
there, but this allows the de4x5 blacklist code in hw-detect to notice
that discover1 wants to load de4x5, and blacklist it, avoiding a
crash when the installed system boots.
- Add 2.6 netboot image for hppa. Includes a move of the 2.4 netboot
image into the netboot/ directory for consistency.
- Fix SUITE setting so debian/rules can override it. I guess this never
worked as intended before!
* Christian Perrier
- Add 7 missing characters to installer/build/needed-characters/ar
Thanks to Naidim Shaikli and Arabeyes contributors
* Martin Michlmayr
- Add a ramdisk_size parameter to sb1-swarm-bn's boot configuration
file since the initrd is now bigger than what the kernel expects.
* fjpop
- Implement new-generation build scripts for sarge branch.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 27 Dec 2004 21:26:29 -0500
debian-installer (20041118) unstable; urgency=HIGH
* Joey Hess
- Add debian-installer/locale=C to s390 parmfile to work around
bug #281538 in languagechooser.
- Add module-init-tools to build deps for hppa, to fix FTBFS.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 18 Nov 2004 14:12:41 -0500
debian-installer (20041115) unstable; urgency=HIGH
* Bdale Garbee
- Enable hppa 2.6 cd initrd building now that we have suitable udebs
- freshen hppa configs, adding modules udebs for hppa 2.6 kernels, etc
- update hppa kernel versions
- add discover udebs to hppa 2.6 package list
* Steve Langasek
- Extensive alpha-related edits to the install manual; it should now
exhibit more than a remote correspondence to the installer itself.
* Stephen R. Marenka
- Explicitly note in manual that m68k 2.2 kernels should use initrd22
- Fix m68k/bvme6000 links in manual.
- Add mac53c9x kernel parameter notes to manual.
* Joey Hess
- Add network-preseed to s390 initrd.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 15 Nov 2004 16:00:10 -0500
debian-installer (20041027) unstable; urgency=HIGH
* Colin Watson
- Remove asian-root floppy for powerpc, and make the root floppy
English-only. The 2.6 root floppy now fits. Closes: #276826
* Joey Hess
- Remove fdisk-udeb from overfull mips initrds. The priority/dependency
situation will be dealt with in another way.
- This build also contains important fixes in languagechooser,
kbd-chooser, and hw-detect, lowmem.
- Missing Romanian characters were added. Closes: #278099
- Back to building using udebs from testing since testing is now
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 27 Oct 2004 13:11:07 -0400
debian-installer (20041014) unstable; urgency=HIGH
* Colin Watson
- Fix ramdisk root device path in manual.
* Joey Hess
- Disabled hppa 2.6 cd initrd building until we have udebs.
- Disabled m68k vme floppy building since building the boot floppy
requires root.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 14 Oct 2004 15:04:57 -0400
debian-installer (20041012) unstable; urgency=high
* Joey Hess
- Add cdebconf-text-udeb to netboot i386 image.
- Fix font reduction to include translations from driver floppies.
Closes: #274396
- Preseeding doc updates. Closes: #274486
- Build-depend on cramfsprogs on ia64, needed for 2.6 kernels.
- Back to building using udebs in sid to catch the latest set of
translation updates and other fixes since pre-rc2.
- upx-ucl-beta 1.93 is broken. Avoid building with this version.
The safe version to use, 1.91, is in testing. Closes: #275378
- Make image builds run as root (as part of the binary-arch step),
rather than as fakeroot, since fakeroot is broken on mips and mipsel.
- Add nic-modules to the speakup net-drivers floppy. Closes: #275703
- Add nano and terminfo to access floppy.
* Joshua Kwan
- sparc cdrom initrd should have scsi-modules. Also added ide-modules.
closes: #273308
- Remove localized floppies for sparc32 (now English only),
closes: #269971
- Remove sparc64 entries from silo.floppy.conf.
* Jeff Bailey
- Begin adding 2.6 support for hppa.
* Thiemo Seufer
- Mips manual update.
* Martin Michlmayr
- Put fb-modules on the sb1-swarm-bn/netboot initrd to allow "desktop
like" installations with framebuffer and USB keyboards.
* Colin Watson
- Update apus kernels to 2.4.27.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 12 Oct 2004 13:48:37 -0400
debian-installer (20041001) unstable; urgency=high
* Sven Luther
- Switched to 2.6.8-4 and 2.4.27-1 kernels for powerpc.
* Thiemo Seufer
- Handle arch/subarch specific kernel module udeb inclusion.
* Joey Hess
- Add page markers to the syslinux help screens.
- Update install manual section 3.5 to note that d-i can resize fat,
and to de-emphasise the fips stuff. Closes: #265029
- Finish moving installation howto to manual.
- Remove now-useless index.en.html.
- 24 mb installs are now possible on i386.
- Add -- to the end of the syslinux kernel append lines so user-params
can work.
- Add preseed udebs to initrds and document preseeding in manual.
Closes: #265988
- Bump genext2fs build dep to avoid building images with broken versions.
- Remove the ugly and no longer needed genext2fs size hack.
- Remove the last uses of load-installer, replacing them with
- i386 updated to 2.6.8 and 2.4.27 kernels.
- Add acpi-modules to i386 2.6 initrds so the fan can be turned on.
Closes: #264584.
- Remove function key descriptions from the bottom of the ia64 help
screens, as in my experience the function keys only work from the
menu screen.
- Make ia64 boot screens somewhat more generic so they can be used for
netboot or other image types besides CD.
- Use only one elilo.conf for netboot and CD.
- Revamp the ia64 netboot, provide a netboot.tar.gz image that contains
a fully preconfigured netboot setup with boot menus for 2.6 and 2.4.
Make the dest tree have the same layout.
- Add -- markers to elilo.cfg boot options.
- Update i386 and amd64 netboot to follow ia64. Note that the tarballs
have been renamed.
- Fix ia64 miniiso support to not hardcode use of specific boot image,
remove the miniiso type, and generate a netboot miniiso instead.
- Simplify bootscreen-subst parameters.
- Based on a patch from Alex Owen, make syslinux help screens explain
on serial consoles how to press function keys there, and add a pxelinux
config file for 9600 baud serial consoles, available by changing the
pxelinux.cfg link.
- Comment out the "NewWorld MacOS Installation Files" section of the
install manual as it's out of date and has broken links. Closes: #269526
- Add support for depenency resolution to pkg-lists. For now it has to be
turned on on a per-package basis by appending an asterisk to the line,
since many udebs have messed up dependencies and inter-image
dependencies are not accounted for.
- Make pkg-list warn about unsatisfied dependencies.
- Use dependency resolution for the nic-modules package, as its
dependencies vary from arch to arch and kernel to kernel. Fixes various
missing deps on i386 and ia64.
- Use dependency resolution for scsi-modules to get rid of the
kernel_specific hack.
- Drop scsi-modules and usb-storage-modules from ia64 netboot image.
- Put efi-reader on ia64 cdrom image.
- Remove ia64-extra-modules hack, not needed thanks to nic-modules and
scsi-modules dependency resolution.
- Add dependencies of nic-usb-modules to net-drivers floppy (usb-modules
was missing).
- Remove useless (and missing dependencies) usb-storage-modules from
cd-drivers floppy. This made space to add back full pcmcia support on
this floppy.
- Add options to elilo boot menu for serial console installs, as I tire
of typing them.
- Split access-drivers floppy into net and cd drivers and updated these
floppies to 2.4.27.
- Remove ide and scsi modules from various arches netboot images.
- Move some files to a doc/devel subdirectory.
- Moved partman docs over from packages/partman, and build them as part
of the doc build process. Add build dep on debiandoc-sgml.
- Also moved in partman-auto recipe documentation.
- Added example preseed file for automated installs.
- Rewrote design.txt.
- Use text frontend for ia64 installs via serial console by default,
since the default ia64 serial console is 9600 baud.
- Add English to i386 root floppies. Closes: #269971
- Set build date to the version date from the changelog when doing
official builds, so all builds of a given version claim the same date.
- Add a dummy entry to the status file for that gives the overall version
of the installer image.
- Build-Depend on syslinux 2.11-0.1 to get fix for parameter bug.
- Drop all languages from root floppy. Drop all other localised versions
of root floppy. Document how to make a custom root floppy containing
the language(s) you need.
(PC 101: If you can't satisfy everyone, satisfy no-one.)
- Move countrychooser back to the root floppy.
- Add wireless-tools-udeb and nic-usb-modules to the root floppy because
we have the space, so why not?
- Update hppa to 2.4.27 kernel. Without testing it, but the 2.4.25 kernel
udebs are no longer available. We need hppa developers..
- Patch from Jö Fahlke to consistently refer to DEBCONF_FRONTEND in docs.
debconf/frontend doesn't work everywhere yet, and it's better to only
support one option.
* dann frazier
- Add ia64 elilo .msg files from Jim Lieb
- Add ia64 2.6 image build goo, contributed by Jim Lieb
Closes: #267689
- Move ia64 2.6 flavor to 2.6.8-1
- Move ia64 2.4 flavor to 2.4.27-1
- Make 2.6 the default for ia64
- Add elilo.conf options for faster serial consoles
- Add a hint about text mode to the elilo boot params screen
* Bastian Blank
- Drop the whole bunch of languages on s390.
* Stephen R. Marenka
- Modify m68k/atari bootargs to default to
- Update m68k manual.
- Add bootfloppy.cfg for all vme.
- Enable vme builds.
- m68k image reorganization.
- Add some m68k/q40 support.
- Update all m68k 2.4 kernels to 2.4.27.
- Add preseed to nativehd/m68k.
- Fix m68k/atari bootargs kernel.
* Martin Michlmayr
- Improve manifest descriptions of the Broadcom BCM1250 (SWARM)
evaluation board.
- Put a SiByl TFTP boot configuration script to sb1-swarm-bn/netboot.
- Put the SiByl boot loader to sb1-swarm-bn/netboot.
- Update the Cobalt manifest descriptions to reflect reality
(the config now uses NFS, not TFTP).
- Create an nfsroot tar file for Cobalt which can easily be extracted
(containing all files including proper symlinks).
- Switch mips and mipsel over to 2.4.27.
- Put USB and input modules on the sb1-swarm-bn/netboot initrd to allow
"desktop like" installations with framebuffer and USB keyboards.
- Make sure that the serial console on Cobalt gets turned on.
- Update installation menu for mips and mipsel.
- Cleanup the ARM config files: declare most variables in one place and
use them in various other configs. This makes it easier to switch
kernels and makes the code easier to maintain.
- Switch ARM over to 2.4.27.
* Kurt Roeckx
- Use kernel version 2.6.8-3 on amd64.
- Remove "2.6" in all amd64 flavours since it's the only we have.
* Steve Langasek
- install manual updates for the alpha architecture
* Christian Perrier
- Added build/needed-characters/hi with the help of Pankaj
* Claus Hindsgaul
- Removed (untranslated) Danish doc files leaving only the very
few translated files for a potential future translation effort.
* Bastian Blank
- s390 updated to 2.4.27 kernel.
* Norbert Tretkowski
- switch alpha over to 2.4.27.
* Christian Perrier
- Added the "Harakat" characters to Arabic needed characters.
U+064B - U+0652
* Colin Watson
- Debian CDs haven't used /install/powermac for a long time. Switch the
d-i minimal CD targets to use plain /install.
- Add -- to the end of the yaboot kernel append lines so user-params can
- Don't clean at the end of the daily build (we already clean at the
- Move socket-modules from powerpc root-2 to root, otherwise syslogging
won't work.
- Remove serial-modules from root-2. It's only needed for strange PPP
stuff which is not needed on the floppies.
- Remove PCMCIA support and wireless tools from root-2. The floppies are
only needed on OldWorld, which probably either won't have PCMCIA or
will have built-in networking. In the rare cases where this might be
needed, you can always throw the udeb on a floppy.
- Remove nic-extra-modules from powerpc net-drivers. We've changed the
module udebs so that all drivers likely to be needed on OldWorld are
in nic-modules.
- Move everything else from root-2 to net-drivers, and remove root-2.
* Steve Langasek
- Trim various unneeded udebs from the alpha netboot and cdrom
* Thiemo Seufer
- Add all_rebuild convenience rule.
- Add the SGI firmware default sashARCS name to bootfiles.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 1 Oct 2004 16:07:11 -0400
debian-installer (20040801) unstable; urgency=medium
* Joey Hess
- Work around a bug in genext2fs that causes it to produce 1441k floppies.
Closes: #262266
- Add ipv6-modules and wireless-tools-udeb back to net-drivers floppy.
- Built with newer version of lowmem.
- Temporarily add libnewt0.51 to build depends to work around libnewt-dev
dependency breakage.
* Stephen R. Marenka
- Update m68k manual.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 31 Jul 2004 15:28:53 -0400
debian-installer (20040728) unstable; urgency=low
* Steve Langasek
- Add additional missing ligature characters and harakat
(diacritics) to needed-characters/ar.
* Thiemo Seufer
- Add /dev/null to the image tree if !USERDEVFS.
* Bastian Blank
- Remove countrychooser and languagechoose from generic type.
* Joey Hess
- Switch release builds back to using udebs from testing.
- Add firewire-core-modules to the 2.6 kernel_specific nic-modules list, as
used by i386, amd64, and powerpc, all of which were just changed so that
nic-modules depend on firewire-modules for 2.6 kernels.
- Remove ipv6-modules and wireless-tools-udeb from the i386 net-drivers
floppy to get back under the floppy size limit. Closes: #261625
- Numerous fixes and updates to the installer manual, including
improved docs on PXE booting for i386 (Closes: #232252),
rewritten section of downloading files that avoids bad links and
outdated image names (Closes: #246890), document ramdisk_size for lilo
and grub booting better (Closes: #255821).
- i386 kernel no longer support rarp, disable that in install manual.
Closes: #250027 ; Same for hppa. Closes: #250026
- Integrate installation howto into manual. The old text format howto is
left for now until we update all links and docs to point to the new one.
- Full package builds build the manual in official build mode.
* Stephen R. Marenka
- Kill second set of m68k initrds, genext2fs seems to work.
- Add /dev/null to userdevfs-dev.txt.
- Update m68k manual.
* Colin Watson
- Document 'install video=ofonly' instead of 'install-safe', which is
going away (it caused combinatorial explosion in the yaboot prompt on
full CDs).
- Add fb-modules and floppy-modules to powerpc cdrom and netboot
* Bastian Blank
- Update s390 manual: remove mention of second initrd and devfs.
* Martin Michlmayr
- Add cobalt-scripts and colo-udeb to the Cobalt initrd.
* Sven Luther
- Switch default powerpc kernel to 2.6.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 28 Jul 2004 17:54:19 -0400
debian-installer (20040715) unstable; urgency=low
* Sven Luther
- Removed the -chrp image and renamed the -chrp-rs6k to -chrp,
as the addnote doesn't stop it from working on chrp.
- Fixed build for 2.6 -chrp kernels with builtin initrd.
only prep is missing now.
* Colin Watson
- Add usb-storage-modules and scsi-common-modules to the powerpc cdrom
- Add cdrom-core-modules, input-modules, firewire-core-modules, and
scsi-core-modules to the powerpc 2.6 cdrom initrds. Should actually
work now.
- Add pcmcia udebs to powerpc net_drivers floppy and netboot images.
- Move $(TREE)/usr/lib/kernel-image-$(KERNELVERSION) out of the way to
$(TEMP)/lib when building boot images. powerpc subarchitectures that
need to use mkvmlinuz should now be able to do so.
- For every initrd, output an initrd.list file containing the packages
and their versions used to construct it.
- debootstrap-udeb is now priority optional. Add it back into monolithic
- Drop G5 images; power4 works on G5s as of linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6
0.62. Build power4 netboot 2.6 images.
- Remove install-safe and expert-safe targets, advising people to add
'video=ofonly' instead. The -safe targets have got rather out of hand
on full CDs, so I'd like to think about removing them there.
- daily-build copies the previous build before rsyncing up the new one.
This saved 82MB of upload for my powerpc build.
- Add nic-shared-modules to powerpc netboot images, needed by
- Bump powerpc 2.6 kernels to 2.6.7. Add firmware-modules, much as on
- Build-depend on module-init-tools on architectures with 2.6 images.
* Joey Hess
- Split out a new cyrllic root floppy on i386 as the regular root floppy
is full again.
- Fix stats for images without kernels.
- Fixes to INSTALLATION-HOWTO from Jan Minar. Closes: #253868
- Change netcfg/use_dhcp to netcfg/disable_dhcp in syslinux boot screens
and elsewhere.
- Update i386 to the 2.6.7 kernel.
- Add firmware-modules to i386 images that have either nic-modules or
scsi-modules on them. Make this happen only for the 2.6 kernel, using a
nasty pkg-lists/kernel_specific technique since we lack dependency
resolution in pkg-lists.
- Go back to pulling udebs from unstable when building official images.
- Produce a single hd-media boot image that includes both kernels.
- Parameterise filenames and paths in the syslinux.cfg files so that
files can have different names or locations.
- Provide a pxeboot.tar.gz on i386 that can just be untarred into a
tftpserver file space for easy PXE boot setup, and update
- Merge the i386 and amd64 syslinux data and image build code.
- Add support for dual kernel minisos.
- Use the 2.4.46 kernel for speakup.
- Add pcmcia-cs to netboot initrd.
* Joshua Kwan
- Change netcfg/use_dhcp to netcfg/disable_dhcp in manual.
* Steve Langasek
- Add shaped Arabic characters to the needed-characters set
- Bump kernelversion to 2.4.26 for alpha
- Add libfribidi0-udeb to the package list for everything except floppy
- Add mideast-root floppy flavor and split languages for bidi support
* Goswin von Brederlow
- Update amd64 kernel version, and input-modules are now compiled in.
Closes: #253536
* Martin Michlmayr
- Start Cobalt netboot install via NFS instead of TFTP.
* Thiemo Seufer
- Use 2.4.26 kernels for mips, mipsel.
* Bastian Blank
- Use 2.4.26 for s390.
- Add network-console on s390.
* Kurt Roeckx
- Update kernel version for amd64 to 2.6.7-3 and use input-modules again.
- Reenable the monolithic target for amd64.
- Update config files to match i386 changes.
- Change kernel version for amd64 to 2.6.7-4.
- Change kernel version for amd64 to 2.6.7-5.
* Stephen R. Marenka
- Build second set of m68k initrds using dd/mke2fs instead of genext2fs.
- Update m68k kernel versions.
* Christian Perrier/Arash Bijanzadeh
- Added build/needed-characters/fa for Farsi characters
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 15 Jul 2004 15:15:34 -0400
debian-installer (20040528) unstable; urgency=low
* Martin Michlmayr
- Include bogl-bterm-udeb on the arm netboot image again.
* Colin Watson
- Add fs-common-modules to powerpc 2.6 initrds; isofs.ko needs it.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 28 May 2004 17:52:25 -0400
debian-installer (20040527) unstable; urgency=low
* Colin Watson
- Bump powerpc 2.6 kernels to 2.6.6.
- Add pcmcia-cs, pcmcia-modules, and pcmcia-storage-modules to the
powerpc cdrom initrd so that hw-detect finds my wireless network card.
- Add powerpc, power3, power4, and g5 2.6 cdrom images.
- Move yaboot up from /install/powermac/ to /install/, in line with
* Kurt Roeckx
- Add amd64 support based on i386. Only uses 2.6 kernels.
* Stephen R. Marenka
- m68k: initrd is over 10MB, so bump up to 13MB.
- m68k: drop eject-udeb from pkg-lists to solve build problems.
* Joey Hess
- Switch boot logo back to the klowner one, the new logo confused some
users who conused it with screen display problems.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 27 May 2004 08:18:33 -0400
debian-installer (20040522) unstable; urgency=low
* Stephen R. Marenka
- m68k make vme bootable, requires root to build (not on by default).
- m68k add atari to normal build.
* Thiemo Seufer
- Fix mipsel CD boot, and remove some cruft from mipsel/boot/delo.conf.
* Colin Watson
- Add 2.6 kernel version information to power3 and power4 configs.
- Add e2fsprogs-udeb to monolithic list, since it's now priority
* Joey Hess
- Merge changes back from rc1 branch, module-init-tools-udeb is back.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 20 May 2004 13:33:46 -0300
debian-installer (20040520) unstable; urgency=low
* Joey Hess
- Busybox 2.6 support is still very broken, reinstate the use of
module-init-tools-udeb on 2.6 images.
- Releasing from rc1 branch, as these changes would break builds from
unstable, which does not currently include module-init-tools-udeb.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 20 May 2004 11:52:54 -0300
debian-installer (20040518.1) unstable; urgency=low
* Joshua Kwan
- Build from a fresh checkout. Lesson has been learned.
-- Joshua Kwan <> Tue, 18 May 2004 15:06:32 -0700
debian-installer (20040518) unstable; urgency=low
* Stephen R. Marenka
- m68k atari cleanup and make bootable.
- m68k manifest cleanup.
- m68k specify keymaps in configs, remove from pkglists (except cdrom).
- m68k add atari build-deps: atari-bootstrap, dosfstools, mtools.
- m68k amiga: bump to 2.4.26.
- m68k vme updates.
- m68k separate 2.2-based cdrom initrd.
- m68k add vme build-deps: vmelilo, m68k-vme-tftplilo
- m68k add USERDEVFS_SIZE to make 2.2 initrd's size configurable.
- m68k add bootfloppy targets for mac and amiga.
* Martin Michlmayr
- Build-depend on a version of colo which has TFTP support.
- Add a configuration script to the Cobalt images for automatic
TFTP boot.
- Add socket-modules to the SWARM netboot image.
- Temporarily remove modules for USB detection from the SWARM
netboot images since we don't have the right kernel modules yet.
- Remove fdisk-udeb from the mipsel netboot and cdrom images and
from the arm netboot images.
- Add little-endian netboot images for the SWARM.
- Add a monolithic image for SWARM on mips and mipsel for testing
purposes, but don't active it by default.
- Add mdcfg-utils and mdadm-udeb to pkg-lists/monolithic/common;
partman-md needs it.
- Add lvm2-udeb and libdevmapper1.00-udeb to pkg-lists/monolithic/common
for partman-lvm.
- Build-depend on version 1.3-5 or higher of genext2fs in order to fix
initrd problems found and fixed by Vince Sanders.
* Bastian Blank
- busybox is not longer kernel dependent.
- Only call depmod if there are modules in the tree.
- Make TEMP and DEST resolvable in the config.
* Thiemo Seufer
- mips config cleanup, no changes in behaviour.
- Cleanup the Makefile's handling.
* Joey Hess
- Add cdrom-core-modules to hd-media as it is not on the iso,
and partman needs to find cdroms to set up the fstab properly.
- Add pcmcia-storage-modules to the cd-drivers floppy. The rest of pcmcia
support is too lasge to fit on the floppy, so for now the net-drivers
floppy will also have to be loaded to access pcmcia cdroms.
- Update i386 kernel to 2.4.26 (with the SATA backports).
- Add sata-modules to hd-media and to the isolinux image.
- Add nic-usb-modules to net-drivers floppy.
- Document noapic on f5.txt. Closes: #238609
- Set apt to retry 3 times to guard against intermittent network problems
and make builds more robust.
- Move firewire stuff to isolinux CD initrd; the el-toritoc CD initrd
is full.
- Remove ppp-modules udeb from net_drivers floppy images, which do not
have ppp-udeb on them.
- Pull udebs from testing when building official images.
- Disable monolithic image type on i386, because it is large, mostly
useful for testing, and currenlty cannot build against testing because
of a missing mdcfg-utils.
* Colin Watson
- Reduce the four cloned-and-hacked yaboot.conf files to one, with the
type substituted in at b