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# Devuan Artwork
Elements of the Devuan identity: graphics, sounds, etc. for use with Web
presence, user interfaces, presentations, videos, and other promotional
`git clone`
## Repository Organization
- The `master` branch contains the latest stable version of everything.
- A branch per suite, e.g., `suites/jessie`.
- A branch per [issue](issues), e.g., `fix-123`.
### Logo
The Devuan logo source files and specifications are in `[graphics/logo][logo]`.
7 years ago
![Devuan Logo SVG](
### Graphics
Ready-to-use graphical elements (backgrounds, icons. applied logos...).
## Distribution
Devuan is a registered trademark of the foundation.
The above notice need to be preserved on all publications naming Devuan.
The logo is released as Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 4.0 international (same as Wikipedia).
7 years ago
## Team
`devuan-art` is a project of the [Devuan Editors][editors]. If you're
interested in contributing, please contact us on the IRC channel
#devuan-art or by using the [issue tracker](../../issues). We welcome
talented graphical artists!
[logo]: graphics/logo