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Update forking policy as agreed at meet on 20210722.

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@@ -53,15 +53,24 @@ There are four categories of packages in Devuan:-
4. Used directly from Debian unchanged.

In general, packages in category 2 are forked so they work on Devuan with
non-systemd init systems. Note that the current policy is *not* to fork a
package only to remove systemd unit files and/or libsystemd0
dependencies. Further details on this and the rationale behind it can be found in
this [forum post by KatolaZ](
non-systemd init systems.

Packages in the last category will usually not be present in Devuan's git or
jenkins. However, packages can change category over time and so remnants of
previous incarnations may remain.

## Package Forking Policy

Devuan was established to be Debian without the need to have systemd as
PID1. Packages are forked when necessary to facilitate this. Forked packages
that require logind functionality should be built using libelogind-dev.

Packages are sometimes forked for reasons other than functionality without
systemd. Most commonly this is to maintain or increase user choice.

Devuan welcomes contributions from those who are willing to fork and maintain a
package and keep it up to date with the Debian versions on an on-going basis.

## Git

1. Clone a local copy of the relevant repository from