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  golinux 00de03d80a Created document Theming a Devuan Release 1 week ago
  golinux 75227190ef Created document Theming a Devuan Release 1 week ago
  golinux 989bea685c Rounded-square icon for the title line of www 2 weeks ago
  golinux e8f6bf5d31 Added svg to create logo for grub splash 2 weeks ago
  fsmithred 1f9296989b Merge branch 'master' of git.devuan.org:devuan/documentation 2 weeks ago
  fsmithred 6f9a094ef0 update deepsea-icons v.1.1 2 weeks ago
  golinux ffd9e5aef9 Added .svg for grub splash 2 weeks ago
  golinux c49c0702ca Added .svg to create the isolinux splash 2 weeks ago
  Hendrik Boom c88ebc5c49 Advise user to get a graphical user interface to connman. 2 weeks ago
  fsmithred 6b1b5953c4 Update live-iso README files for Chimaera. 2 weeks ago
  fsmithred 9b41eb8d4d Add live-iso docs. 2 weeks ago
  Xenguy 54a0d8a172 Create new directory for authoring Release Notes and README files 3 weeks ago
  golinux b86c441db6 added template for iso linux splash 3 weeks ago
  golinux b4ca96c7da Added minimal live splash screen images 4 weeks ago
  Hendrik Boom 12d6164d59 Corrected spelling of package name 'connman'. 1 month ago
  Hendrik Boom 71920cf53d Warn users that wicd will no longer be available after the upgrade, and suggest a remedy 1 month ago
  Xenguy 461f8770cd Rename stretch-to-beowulf.md -> bullseye-to-chimaera.md 1 month ago
  Xenguy 57e06faece Remove trailing white space from files 1 month ago
  Xenguy 7bbac1480b Copy more files to development area to update for Chimaera release 1 month ago
  Xenguy 1b43f9cead s/beowulf/chimaera/ 1 month ago
  Xenguy 822f2091fc Initial commit of 'upgrade' file 1 month ago
  Xenguy 8b0beb4b95 s/Freenode/Libera.chat/ 1 month ago
  Mark Hindley 1d8f0a0da6 Update forking policy as agreed at meet on 20210722. 2 months ago
  Mark Hindley d88c9217dc Eudev never made it into Debian. 2 months ago
  fsmithred 54e9683916 Merge branch 'master' of git.devuan.org:devuan/documentation 2 months ago
  fsmithred bef60faed0 Fix png file names (underscore) 2 months ago
  Xenguy a02f957297 Add copy of file 'devuan-logo.png' to 'documentation' repo. 3 months ago
  Mark Hindley 405f6c7687 Add configuration and usage for rmadison with Devuan's dak. 3 months ago
  Mark Hindley 0a520ba347 Migrate IRC to libera.chat. 4 months ago
  Mark Hindley 536c9fe88c Update repository urls following migration to gitea. 5 months ago
  Mark Hindley 45c812d790 Correct capitalisation. 5 months ago
  Mark Hindley 9fa817b797 Just means only, so use only! 5 months ago
  Mark Hindley 8deac91e41 Specify good reasons to fork packages and when not to. 5 months ago
  fsmithred 3704ef7c46 Upload files to 'art/graphics/chimaera-deepsea' 5 months ago
  fsmithred 425456fffb Upload deepsea icon set. 6 months ago
  golinux 1655ede108 Upload files to 'art/graphics/chimaera-deepsea' 6 months ago
  golinux 8e77a5e8a0 Upload files to 'art/graphics/chimaera-deepsea/slim' 6 months ago
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  golinux 79b1165e82 Upload files to 'art/graphics/chimaera-deepsea/grub' 6 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 8d5e50e156 added directories 6 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist f28d5db78b b*y web gui 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist f749c28ff9 moved stuff into subdir 8 months ago
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  Mark Hindley 8fbf1fa285 Add hint about --git-export-dir to avoid inadvertent changes to working tree. 1 year ago