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Devuan GNU/Linux 4.0.0 "chimaera" *

(HTML version in README.html)

Welcome to the reliable world of Devuan GNU/Linux

This disc is one of several installation options for the Devuan
GNU+Linux [0] distribution. Devuan offers an extensive collection of
original and modified Debian as well as Devuan-specific packages. It
is a complete Operating System (OS) for your computer. And it is free
as in 'freedom'.

* Introduction
* Disc Choices
* Installation
* Getting Software
* Devuan Derivatives
* Report a Bug
* Devuan Resources



An Operating System (OS) is a set of programs that provide an interface
to the computer's hardware. Resource, device, power, and memory management
belong to the OS. The core of the OS in charge of operating the circuitry
and managing peripherals is called the kernel. The default flavor of Devuan
comes with Linux. Most of the basic operating system tools come from
the GNU project; hence the name GNU+Linux.

Devuan is available for various kinds of computers, like PC compatible
hardware (i386 and amd64) and ARM targets (armel, armhf, arm64) such as
the allwinner flavour of SBCs and some ASUS chromebooks.

Disc Choices
* netinstall
* server (4 CD set)
* desktop
* desktop-live
* minimal-live

Proprietary firmware is automatically installed on systems if needed.
To avoid installation of non-free firmware, you must choose one of the
Expert install options and you must also select a mirror.


Before you start, please read the Chimaera 4.0.0 Release Notes [0].

You can install Devuan GNU+Linux either as a dual (or multiple) boot
alongside your current OS or as the only OS on your computer.

An Installation Guide is included on this disc (English version)
docs/install-devuan.html and also online (some translations available)

You can start the installation program easily by booting your computer
with CD/DVD or from USB. Note that some very old or very new systems
may not support this.

[0]: Release_notes_chimaera_4.0.0.txt

Getting Additional Software

After installing or upgrading, Devuan's packaging system can use CDs,
DVDs, local collections or networked servers (FTP, HTTP) to automatically
install software from .deb packages. This is done preferably with the
'apt' or 'aptitude' programs.

You can install packages from the commandline using apt-get. For example,
if you want to install the packages 'openssh-client' and 'xlennart', you
can give the command:

apt-get install openssh-client xlennart

Note that you don't have to enter the complete path or the '.deb'
extension. Apt will figure this out itself.

Or use aptitude for a full screen interactive selection of available
Devuan packages.

Software can also be installed using the Synaptic graphical interface.

Devuan Derivatives

The default desktop provided by classic installer-iso images shouldn't
be considered the only way to use Devuan on the desktop. A growing number
of derivative distributions have already adopted Devuan as a base OS. When
considering Devuan, we do recommend taking derivatives into consideration.
They harness the power of our base distribution by targeting specific usage.
This is exactly what we mean to achieve with Devuan. This list is in order
of chronological appearance:

* Gnuinos -
* Refracta -
* Exe GNU/Linux -
* Nelum-dev1 -
* EterTICs -
* MIYO -
* Star -
* heads -
* Dowse -
* good-life-linux -
* Crowz -
* Maemo Leste - (in development)

You are free to create and re-distribute CDs/DVDs of the Devuan
GNU+Linux Operating System as well as respins like these.

Report a Bug

This is an official release of the Devuan system. Please report any
bugs you find to the Devuan Bug Tracking System at

If you're reporting bugs against this disc or the installation system,
please also mention the version of this disc; this can be found in
the file /.disk/info.

Devuan Resources

Learn more about Devuan, Linux and Libre Software

* The Devuan homepage [1]
* The Dev1Galaxy web forum [2]
* Community Communication Channels [3]
* Twitter @DevuanOrg [5]
* The Linux Documentation Project [6]
* General Linux homepage [7]