Project for generic devuan documentation (was devuan-doc)
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Devuan Project

Welcome to the Devuan project, a fork of debian (starting at Jessie). Devuan aims to provide a lighter project organization, in particular without the political bloats that has grown around Debian, a more user and sysadmins freedom of choice oriented distro, and to avoid any lock-in in the most important parts of the systems by avoiding things that are trying to hijack the GNU part of the system, like systemd is doing right now in many distros and also in our lovely debian.

We consider ourselves the real debian history continuity path, and the actual debian like a fork from us, or a derivate from devuan with bloatware added.

This wiki aim to offer guidelines for contributors and developers, hoping we will get enough traction in the community to let us together continue the amazing tradition of Debian, POSIX and the UNIX philosophy behind them.