Project for generic devuan documentation (was devuan-doc)
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The VUA group is in charge, this is the collective that started the fork.

During the initial phase, until 1.0 is released, we shall follow a very simple conceptual line: the more you do, the stronger your voice on decisions. In case of conflict, nextime and jaromil are to be considered as something akin to a benevolent dictator duo.

Hopefully after release 1.0 we can try and better the structure towards a more democratic organization and carefully open decional powers outside the VUA group. The link sends to a DRAFT PROPOSAL to be discussed:

  • A core group, namely the VUA group, will have veto power on any decision
  • Any decision must be taken in strict compliance with our Constitution
  • Any decision, even from the VUA group, can be pointed as non-constitutional. In this case, the decision can pass and be considered constitutional only if 75% of VUAs agree to second it.
  • Only the VUA group can change the constitution, and this can be done only with 75% of VUAs accordance.
  • If more than 75% of Devuan developers are against a constitution change, the change will not happen.
  • All other decisions will be made in democratic ways, by open votations where the results will be calculated in different weight based on who vote with cumulative sum in case of multiple roles:
  • VUA member: weight 10
  • Operative members ( who offer sysadmin or other work ) 3
  • developers: weight 3 up to 10 packages mantained, +1 for any other 10 packages.
  • registered users: 1
  • Quorum is established for any votation by VUAs, but can't be more than 35% of potential votes.

The VUA group can accept new members only with 75% of VUA second it.

This will be added in our Constitution as a fixed ruleset after discussion and acceptance.