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Version 246.9 Release

This is the first release of the new version 246 series.
We start with 246.9 to be in sync with upstream systemd tagging.

The latest upstream commit this version is synced to is

One important note: If you have a localized Linux with translated man
pages installed, you have to use `LC_ALL=C` when calling `man` for
elogind manuals about `logind.conf` or `loginctl`. Otherwise you will
see the translated pages for the systemd versions.

Changes and Additions
* Removed unused source files and headers.
* pam_elogind: Do not ask for 'elogind-user-record', nothing sets
  that up.
* suspend/hibernate: Read current config before acting. This way
  users can change their configurations and have them applied without
  the need to restart or SIGHUP elogind.
* Enable checking for BTRFS before calculating an offset to a
  swap_file before hibernating.
* Makefile: Allow parallel debug and release builds.
* cgroup controller detection has been enhanced to be more reliable.
* Makefile: Fully wrap meson/ninja to be compatible with JetBrains
  CLion IDE.
* Support config files in .d directories: (#170, #172)
  Configuration loading has been enhanced to additionally search for
  configuration files (*.conf) in:
    * /etc/elogind/logind.conf.d
    * /run/elogind/logind.conf.d
    * /usr/local/lib/elogind/logind.conf.d
    * /usr/lib/elogind/logind.conf.d
    * /lib/elogind/logind.conf.d (if split-usr is set)
    Additionally elogind now looks into the following paths for
    configuration files with [Sleep] configurations:
    * /etc/elogind/sleep.conf.d
    * /run/elogind/sleep.conf.d
    * /usr/local/lib/elogind/sleep.conf.d
    * /usr/lib/elogind/sleep.conf.d
    * /lib/elogind/sleep.conf.d (if split-usr is set)
    Additional to the system shutdown skript directory, elogind will
    now also look into `/etc/elogind/system-shutdown` for shutdown
    hook skripts.
* Add functionality to try to lay present nvidia cards to sleep when
  suspending/hibernating (#140)
  New logind.conf entry: `HandleNvidiaSleep` default: `no`
* Actually heed SuspendMode= settings in logind.conf
* Prefer syslog over kmsg, elogind is a daemon, not a kernel module.
* Make broadcasting of PowerOff/Suspend cancellation optional. (#175)
  New logind.conf entryies:
  * `BroadcastPowerOffInterrupts` default: `yes`
  * `BroadcastSuspendInterrupts` default: `yes`

Fixed Bugs
* Fix two potential NULL pointer issues.
* Execute wakeup skripts in serial order. (#72)
* Fix creation of user runtime directories.
* Fix elogind double fork, so logging works as expected.
* Make privilege check on suspend/hibernate optional. (#167)
* `man logind.conf`: Document sleep modes/states (#180)
  (You might need to use `LC_ALL=C` to actually see this, as
   translations installed are for systemd logind.conf.)

Signed-off-by: Sven Eden <>
debian upstream/v246.9
Sven Eden 1 year ago
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@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
# SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1+
project('elogind', 'c',
version : '246',
version : '246.9',
license : 'LGPLv2+',
default_options: [