23087 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andreas Messer 387be4b623 Make Mark's work an NMU upload 2 years ago
  Andreas Messer a0d6a40439 change upstream tag and debian branch name for gbp 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley e3ee1863b6 Remove incorrect reference to elogind --user instances from pam.d/elogind-user. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley 3845aee935 Add whitespace to make pam.d/elogind-user more readable. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley dc105136ec Update Vcs- fields. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley cad3c201d2 Disable gbp using pristine-tar. Just rely on upstream-tag. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley ae65e91a54 Changelog 239.1-1~rc1. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley 7067965dce Typo. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley 475cb0991d Add AppStream metadata. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley e63eeea901 Changelog. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley b3d29c67dc Replace source pam.d/elogind-user with local version based on current systemd source. SELinux support is commented out for now. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley 9c64a30510 Move debian/extra/elogind to debian/extra/pam-configs/ 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley 74883bcfe6 Fix daemonization. Avoid SIGABRT from mfree() on program_invocation_short_name 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley fffec2cd43 Meson changes the rootprefix depending on if if detects a 'split-usr' environment. For consistency set split-usr=true. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley 1816c19624 Don't include /lib/udev/rules.d/70-power-switch.rules which is packaged in udev. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley 0028f6acdd Add upstream watch file. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley c0a77c8094 Update to Standards Version 4.2.1 (no changes). 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 23d226383e Changelog. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 862ee7ee0c Patch documentation to consistently refer to elogind. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 8b8745abc9 Remove src/login/.gitignore which was removed upstream in v235. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 53dc892d74 Change libpam-elogind Breaks: libpam-ck-connector to Conflicts as it is unversioned. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 891b0612a2 Avoid unnecessary activation of ldconfig trigger for elogind. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley f6e3190a60 Building with LTO works for me using binutils 2.13.1 which is currently in unstable. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 0795bf3c84 Cleanup whitespace. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 1fc3b7b115 Avoid warnings for files we know we are not installing. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 66022b9429 Enable installation of manpages in -dev package. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 8baa30d03a Migrate build to meson. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley de1c532842 Update to debhelper compat 11. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 75c790ef29 Revert in-tree changes to upstream src. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 6d97c489b9 Revert all modifications to upstream manpages. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley 8ab330a1c2 Remove patch fix-forking.diff. FDs are now correctly closed with safe_fork_full() and FORK_CLOSE_ALL_FDS flag. 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley f5897aaa86 Remove patch fix-udev-rules.diff. New helper program elogind-uaccess-command is accessible to eudev. 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 9740e44158 Update Version to 239.1 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 94b8b3d652 Prep v239: Fix an issue with program_invocation[_short]_name : 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 93998e41af 238/239 : Fix session finalization 3 years ago
  Mark Hindley a40b520158 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/upstream/latest' into merge_v239 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 1f0d51f2fc Prep v239: Mask unneeded test in test-strip-ansi 3 years ago
  Lorenzo 0fbe4bfa69 Create elogind-inhibit.xml 3 years ago
  Christoph Willing 358e81a42f Support system_bus_socket to be found in /var/run/dbus as well as /run/dbus. 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 2e0ffb64e2 Enhance the dealing with glibc-2.28 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 30a67f833e Fix elogind being non-reactive to laptop lid events. 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 8cc96e787c pwx: Revision bump for rebuild_all.sh having the renamed debug -> debug-extra option 3 years ago
  Zbigniew JÄ™drzejewski-Szmek 0b47dabe18 meson: rename -Ddebug to -Ddebug-extra 3 years ago
  Christoph Willing f340b006aa Deal with glibc-2.28 3 years ago
  Sven Eden c8a0f0cb9a Prep v239: Fix and add debug messages to method_can_shutdown_or_sleep() 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 1c540d7e5f Prep v239: Only _HANDLE_ACTION_INVALID makes method_can_shutdown_or_sleep() answer 'no' 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 564def2927 Prep v239: Add support for suspend-then-hibernate to loginctl. 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 40f140beb3 Prep v239: Utilize new user_runtime_dir() function 3 years ago
  Sven Eden 9d94b159df Prep v239: Add new user-runtime-dir main() function as user_runtime_dir(). 3 years ago
  Sven Eden d6f5c08a26 Prep v239: As we need the rootlibexecdir, 73-seat-late.rules.m4 must be configured first. 3 years ago