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  Sven Eden 2b37284d88 README: Update information about mesonconf versus 'meson configure' 3 years ago
  Sven Eden e9a94e78cc Prep v231.3: Fix typo in README 4 years ago
  Sven Eden daa9b80cd2 Prep v231.3: Add --with-cgroup-controller=name to configure 4 years ago
  Sven Eden 70fdcef66a Update README - Attempt to reduce the chance of becoming flame-bait. 4 years ago
  Sven Eden 9be300d25d General: README updated 4 years ago
  Sven Eden f3dca9e3c3 General: Update build system to upstream support of meson+ninja. 4 years ago
  Sven Eden 9eb822a5a6 Classify processes from sessions into cgroups 4 years ago
  Sven Eden 2055a4de39 Update README 4 years ago
  Sven Eden bd1ce0bdbf Prep v226: Sync build files with upstream 4 years ago
  Sven Eden def98457be Prep v225: Sync build files with upstream 4 years ago
  Sven Eden 7f231684fd Prep v223: Sync basic build system with upstream. 4 years ago
  Sven Eden 37570c53dc Prep v220: Update non-critical root files to the upstream versions. 4 years ago
  Sven Eden 1cfc78c919 Prep v221: Update and clean up build system to sync with upstream 5 years ago
  Sven Eden ae695cb23d Merge remaining elogind/master root files of the systemd upstream tag 'v220' 5 years ago
  Andy Wingo 1622551860 Classify processes from sessions into cgroups 5 years ago
  Andy Wingo 9c5e7cbf05 Update README 6 years ago
  Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek a6cccd8f58 README: mention ACLs more 6 years ago
  Peter Waller f4e5354a1d README: add pkg-config to required deps for autogen 7 years ago
  Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek a48a62a1af tmpfiles: use ACL magic on journal directories 6 years ago
  Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek b52a4a3b05 README: CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES is necessary 7 years ago
  Gabriel de Perthuis d47f6ca5f9 blkid: Warn when rejecting a superblock with a bad csum 7 years ago
  WaLyong Cho 0acd5a08f5 README: notice kernel config for CPUQuota 7 years ago
  Chris Leech 8d3ae2bd4c mount: use libmount to enumerate /proc/self/mountinfo 7 years ago
  Lennart Poettering 2b671e9560 README: mention that engineering services for systemd are available from endocode 7 years ago
  Ronny Chevalier cb607ecb84 remove references of readahead 7 years ago
  Lennart Poettering fdbbad981c README: simplify documented dependency on util-linux 7 years ago
  Karel Zak 48d3e8d07f fsck: re-enable fsck -l 7 years ago
  Kay Sievers be2ea723b1 udev: remove userspace firmware loading support 7 years ago
  Lennart Poettering f9ffbca2fb README: mention the new optional libidn dependency 7 years ago
  Lennart Poettering a4a79605f7 README: document what to do with the NSS modules 7 years ago
  Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek a509e0e694 README: add liblz4 7 years ago
  Jan Engelhardt 8d0e0ddda6 doc: grammatical corrections 7 years ago
  Lennart Poettering 5b244719ab README: mention that elfutils is an (optional) dependency now 7 years ago
  Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek a900b827d4 README: add gobject-introspection 7 years ago
  Cristian Rodríguez cc219d7bab Remove libattr mentions from README 7 years ago
  Kay Sievers 3dff3e00e0 udev: assign group "input" to all input devices 7 years ago
  Umut Tezduyar Lindskog a21b4670d4 doc: specify kernel configs for cpushares 7 years ago
  Kay Sievers f31cf2b6d0 udev: stop using "floppy" group 7 years ago
  Lennart Poettering 323a2f0b4b README: mention new required user systemd-bus-proxy 7 years ago
  Tom Gundersen 682265d5e2 resolved: run as unpriviliged "systemd-resolve" user 7 years ago
  Lennart Poettering e15007bc0e README: document the new "systemd-network" user we require for systemd-networkd 7 years ago
  Nis Martensen f1721625e7 fix spelling of privilege 7 years ago
  Lennart Poettering a349eb10d3 timesyncd: run timesyncd as unpriviliged user "systemd-timesync" (but still with CAP_SYS_TIME) 7 years ago
  Jan Engelhardt b8bde11658 doc: comma placement corrections and word order 7 years ago
  Jan Engelhardt 70a44afee3 doc: typographical fine tuning 7 years ago
  Jan Engelhardt d28315e4af doc: use non-contracted forms in written documents 7 years ago
  Mike Gilbert 13468826f2 Document CONFIG_NET_NS as a required kernel option 7 years ago
  Lennart Poettering 7f8aa67131 core: remove tcpwrap support 7 years ago
  Kay Sievers 23aedd0294 README: update 7 years ago
  Thomas Bächler f33016ff8b README: Correct EFI requirements 7 years ago