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Sven Eden b3fbcb5117 New: pwx/update_po_files.pl : Coment out all translations to non-existent files. 4 years ago
Sven Eden b6e675bcef Prep v233.3: Update po files to not include files that do not exist in elogind. 5 years ago
Sven Eden 01fd080903 Prep v230: Update POT files to upstream 5 years ago
Sven Eden 5fc9b84503 Mask unused entries in .po files. 5 years ago
Sven Eden b7bf7d0cfb Prep v235: Updated .po files to upstream versions. 5 years ago
Lennart Poettering b0821738ff po: run make update-po 5 years ago
Didier Roche d5e41df6d7 Refresh po files 7 years ago
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek 2e219e5672 Remove "to allow" from policy messages 8 years ago
Dimitris Spingos 3d89c35c2a po: add Greek translation 8 years ago