8 Commits (79019719d8226828c6ca145c2bdc98285052bd31)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Lennart Poettering cdcf0cf91d factory: include pam_keyinit.so in PAM factory configuration 3 years ago
Lennart Poettering cac12ec969 factory: add comment to PAM file, explaining that the defaults are not useful 3 years ago
Lennart Poettering eed3e57a02 factory: tighten PAM configuration 3 years ago
Sven Eden 737a731daf Change systemd occurences in factory/etc/pam.d to elogind. 5 years ago
Sven Eden 1cfc78c919 Prep v221: Update and clean up build system to sync with upstream 5 years ago
Kay Sievers c009072ec5 factory: remove broken pam_limits 8 years ago
Kay Sievers 32767cb1e8 login: update systemd-user PAM configuration file 8 years ago
Kay Sievers e5168066e7 factory: PAM - add generic fallback config 8 years ago