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systemd System and Service Manager






#systemd on


Lennart Poettering
Kay Sievers
...and many others

LGPLv2.1+ for all code
- except sd-daemon.[ch] and sd-readahead.[ch] which are MIT
- except src/udev/ which is (currently still) GPLv2+

Linux kernel >= 2.6.39
CONFIG_CGROUPS (it's OK to disable all controllers)

Linux kernel >= 3.8 for Smack support

Udev will fail to work with the legacy layout:

Legacy hotplug slows down the system and confuses udev:

Userspace firmware loading is deprecated, will go away, and
sometimes causes problems:

Some udev rules and virtualization detection relies on it:

Mount and bind mount handling might require it:

Optional but strongly recommended:

For systemd-bootchart a kernel with procfs support and several
proc output options enabled is required:

For UEFI systems:

Note that kernel auditing is broken when used with systemd's
container code. When using systemd in conjunction with
containers please make sure to either turn off auditing at
runtime using the kernel command line option "audit=0", or
turn it off at kernel compile time using:

dbus >= 1.4.0
libblkid >= 2.20 (from util-linux) (optional)
libkmod >= 5 (optional)
PAM >= 1.1.2 (optional)
libcryptsetup (optional)
libaudit (optional)
libacl (optional)
libattr (optional)
libselinux (optional)
liblzma (optional)
tcpwrappers (optional)
libgcrypt (optional)
libqrencode (optional)
libmicrohttpd (optional)
libpython (optional)
make, gcc, and similar tools

During runtime you need the following additional dependencies:

util-linux >= v2.19 (requires fsck -l, agetty -s)
sulogin (from util-linux >= 2.22 or sysvinit-tools, optional but recommended)
dracut (optional)
PolicyKit (optional)

When building from git you need the following additional dependencies:

gtkdocize (optional)
python (optional)
sphinx (optional)
python-lxml (entirely optional)

When systemd-hostnamed is used it is strongly recommended to
install nss-myhostname to ensure that in a world of
dynamically changing hostnames the hostname stays resolvable
under all circumstances. In fact, systemd-hostnamed will warn
if nss-myhostname is not installed.

Note that D-Bus can link against, which
results in a cyclic build dependency. To accommodate for this
please build D-Bus without systemd first, then build systemd,
then rebuild D-Bus with systemd support.

To build HTML documentation for python-systemd using sphinx,
please first install systemd (using 'make install'), and then
invoke sphinx-build with 'make sphinx-<target>', with <target>
being 'html' or 'latexpdf'. If using DESTDIR for installation,
pass the same DESTDIR to 'make sphinx-html' invocation.

Default udev rules use the following standard system group
names, which need to be resolvable by getgrnam() at any time,
even in the very early boot stages, where no other databases
and network are available:

tty, dialout, kmem, video, audio, lp, floppy, cdrom, tape, disk

During runtime the journal daemon requires the
"systemd-journal" system group to exist. New journal files will
be readable by this group (but not writable) which may be used
to grant specific users read access.

It is also recommended to grant read access to all journal
files to the system groups "wheel" and "adm" with a command
like the following in the post installation script of the

# setfacl -nm g:wheel:rx,d:g:wheel:rx,g:adm:rx,d:g:adm:rx /var/log/journal/

The journal gateway daemon requires the
"systemd-journal-gateway" system user and group to
exist. During execution this network facing service will drop
privileges and assume this uid/gid for security reasons.

systemd will warn you during boot if /etc/mtab is not a
symlink to /proc/mounts. Please ensure that /etc/mtab is a
proper symlink.

systemd will warn you during boot if /usr is on a different
file system than /. While in systemd itself very little will
break if /usr is on a separate partition many of its
dependencies very likely will break sooner or later in one
form or another. For example udev rules tend to refer to
binaries in /usr, binaries that link to libraries in /usr or
binaries that refer to data files in /usr. Since these
breakages are not always directly visible systemd will warn
about this, since this kind of file system setup is not really
supported anymore by the basic set of Linux OS components.

For more information on this issue consult

To run systemd under valgrind, compile with VALGRIND defined
(e.g. ./configure CPPFLAGS='... -DVALGRIND=1'). Otherwise,
false positives will be triggered by code which violates
some rules but is actually safe.