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FreeIPA Server

FreeIPA allows Linux administrators to centrally manage identity, authentication and access control aspects of Linux and UNIX systems by providing simple to install and use command line and web based management tools.

FreeIPA is built on top of well known Open Source components and standard protocols with a very strong focus on ease of management and automation of installation and configuration tasks.

FreeIPA can seamlessly integrate into an Active Directory environment via cross-realm Kerberos trust or user synchronization.



  • Allows all your users to access all the machines with the same credentials and security settings
  • Allows users to access personal files transparently from any machine in an authenticated and secure way
  • Uses an advanced grouping mechanism to restrict network access to services and files only to specific users
  • Allows central management of security mechanisms like passwords, SSH Public Keys, SUDO rules, Keytabs, Access Control Rules
  • Enables delegation of selected administrative tasks to other power users
  • Integrates into Active Directory environments


The FreeIPA project provides unified installation and management tools for the following components:

Project Website

Releases, announcements and other information can be found on the IPA server project page at .


The most up-to-date documentation can be found at .

Quick Start

To get started quickly, start here:

For developers


Please see the file called COPYING.