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  parazyd 4747b66100
Merge branch 'master' of https://anonscm.debian.org/git/collab-maint/init-system-helpers 3 years ago
  Steve Langasek b13d642c8a autopkgtests: Correctly handle unit names that can contain escape sequences 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 52945e580a Release to unstable 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler dcff6d590d Bump Standards-Version 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 5122f39e19 update-rc.d: check that /etc/insserv.conf exists before invoking insserv 4 years ago
  Michael Biebl eadbdac72f Drop support for upstart 4 years ago
  Iain Lane 5836b30772 invoke-rc.d: Pass --full to `systemctl status', so we don't get ellipsised output. 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 7962557f88 d-s-invoke: Execute systemctl once when starting units 4 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 0f884c2af7 Release 4 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz fbabdc8e2d Handle units with escaped characters correctly. 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 9d90bce8fa Release 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler b5847d78ea update-rc.d: allow trailing whitespace in LSB header delimiters 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler dc990efdd5 Make init depend on a new enough init-system-helpers 4 years ago
  Ondřej Nový b32d5abb76 Add try-restart action 4 years ago
  Andreas Henriksson 289e032e9e Do policy-rc.d automatically in init-less chroots 4 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler d20babdb47 Align policy-rc.d existing/nonexisting case for custom actions 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 5fd42af74c Release to unstable 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 8b704d2658 Use https url for copyright format 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler c08a7d068a Document copyright of things lifted from pkg:sysvinit 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 638e4ca752 Add a meaningful short description to init metapackage 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 3f00a7cb69 Drop dh-systemd transitional package 4 years ago
  Martin Pitt b64238b300 releasing package init-system-helpers version 1.45 4 years ago
  Martin Pitt 554931ca28 debian/changelog: Fix overlong lines in 1.44 record 4 years ago
  Martin Pitt 989d010edb Revert "invoke-rc.d, service: Asynchronously reload systemd units" 4 years ago
  Martin Pitt 7ad65164c9 releasing package init-system-helpers version 1.44 4 years ago
  Martin Pitt 5dc6e5f47b invoke-rc.d, service: Check for multi-user.target instead of graphical.target 4 years ago
  Martin Pitt 19fd6e5c54 releasing package init-system-helpers version 1.43 4 years ago
  Martin Pitt 9cfb6dfed4 invoke-rc.d, service: Asynchronously reload systemd units 4 years ago
  Martin Pitt 1460d6a028 invoke-rc.d, service: Only ignore systemd unit dependencies before default.target 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 62e093e794 Add /etc/rc?.d to the dirs shipped by init-system-helpers 5 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 28e0520ffe Release to unstable 5 years ago
  Felipe Sateler abc3f50f46 Add myself to uploaders 5 years ago
  Felipe Sateler db3aa12aca Add gbp-dch configuration 5 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 7e9e437839 update-rc.d: preserve S/K links when insserv is not installed 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 08fc28c81b init-system-helpers: Include insserv package state when filing a bug 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 9fa4eeeb51 Update changelog and release version 1.41 to unstable 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 29c21c09a9 update-rc.d: Properly handle enable|disable if insserv is not available 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 74bfc05050 Update changelog and release version 1.40 to unstable 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 4ed28e4965 invoke-rc.d: Allow restarting disabled-but-running services 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 5239e9729f invoke-rc.d: Don't check the enabled state twice 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 09a691c455 invoke-rc.d: Only consider the enabled-state for start and restart 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl d4fb790b2a invoke-rc.d: Drop fallback code for ancient upstart versions 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 0e43de3196 invoke-rc.d: Add SysV fallback for "systemctl is-enabled" for systemd < 220 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt f51e81cabe update-rc.d: Add fallback if insserv is not available 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 7b8b2ab4d6 Release version 1.39 to unstable 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 8249d49c4a Add an explicit dependency on insserv 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 2411b8e7b2 Update changelog and release version 1.38 to unstable 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl c0534ff8ba Turn dh-systemd into a transitional package 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 47dda7fecd Drop systemd2init 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 1f5975f88c Remove dh_systemd_* related files 5 years ago