138 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Felipe Sateler 5122f39e19 update-rc.d: check that /etc/insserv.conf exists before invoking insserv 4 years ago
  Michael Biebl eadbdac72f Drop support for upstart 4 years ago
  Iain Lane 5836b30772 invoke-rc.d: Pass --full to `systemctl status', so we don't get ellipsised output. 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 7962557f88 d-s-invoke: Execute systemctl once when starting units 4 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz fbabdc8e2d Handle units with escaped characters correctly. 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler b5847d78ea update-rc.d: allow trailing whitespace in LSB header delimiters 4 years ago
  Ondřej Nový b32d5abb76 Add try-restart action 4 years ago
  Andreas Henriksson 289e032e9e Do policy-rc.d automatically in init-less chroots 4 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler d20babdb47 Align policy-rc.d existing/nonexisting case for custom actions 4 years ago
  Martin Pitt 989d010edb Revert "invoke-rc.d, service: Asynchronously reload systemd units" 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 5dc6e5f47b invoke-rc.d, service: Check for multi-user.target instead of graphical.target 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 9cfb6dfed4 invoke-rc.d, service: Asynchronously reload systemd units 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 1460d6a028 invoke-rc.d, service: Only ignore systemd unit dependencies before default.target 5 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 7e9e437839 update-rc.d: preserve S/K links when insserv is not installed 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 29c21c09a9 update-rc.d: Properly handle enable|disable if insserv is not available 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 4ed28e4965 invoke-rc.d: Allow restarting disabled-but-running services 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 5239e9729f invoke-rc.d: Don't check the enabled state twice 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 09a691c455 invoke-rc.d: Only consider the enabled-state for start and restart 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl d4fb790b2a invoke-rc.d: Drop fallback code for ancient upstart versions 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 0e43de3196 invoke-rc.d: Add SysV fallback for "systemctl is-enabled" for systemd < 220 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt f51e81cabe update-rc.d: Add fallback if insserv is not available 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl 1f5975f88c Remove dh_systemd_* related files 5 years ago
  Michael Biebl a19e2c2b2f dh_systemd_enable: Do not mask previous declaration of $service variable 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 740c815066 invoke-rc.d: Show "systemctl status" on a failed (re)start if running under systemd 5 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 5da101948e dh_systemd_enable: Add support for installing path units 5 years ago
  Luca Boccassi a7685d6ff7 dh_systemd_enable: Add support for installing templated service units 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 14008bd4a0 update-rc.d: Refine test for installed initscripts 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 58d5476354 invoke-rc.d: Quiesce error message if "runlevel" does not exist 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 6dd9d53f4f invoke-rc.d: Allow controlling systemd units without sysv-rc 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt ce80f64e26 deb-systemd-invoke: Accept policy-rc.d exit code 0 as "allowed" in addition to code 104 5 years ago
  Dan Nicholson c167d9498a script: Handle \ escapes in unit names properly 5 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 79a4036f82 update-rc.d: Use mountkernfs.sh enable links as flag files for initscripts installation 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 2aca098295 Revert the check for failing "runlevel" command 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 161b762216 invoke-rc.d: Fix runlevel check during late boot under systemd 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 2c444f0cde invoke-rc.d: Fix check for failing "runlevel" command 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 6cd103bd1c dh_systemd_{enable,start}: Quiesce "No such file or directory" error messages when calling on a package without /lib/systemd/system/ 5 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 32bae60c5c Add support for installing target units 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 31223c17a7 dh-systemd: Support enabling of debian/<package>.mount files 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 207f709e1a Fix "service --version" to show the currrent instead some old hardcoded version 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 021194dfcd Respect preset files 5 years ago
  Niels Thykier edf2d2f078 dh_systemd_*: Add DH promise to avoid being called for no reason 5 years ago
  Niels Thykier ac73dc0f6a dh_systemd_*: Do not traverse the entire package tree 5 years ago
  Niels Thykier ead47e1b81 dh_systemd_start: Default to -R in compat 10 5 years ago
  Felipe Sateler ef7fd185db update-rc.d: Do not print 'error:' when passing --help 5 years ago
  Felipe Sateler ab74c5dba6 update-rc.d: Add 'defaults' action to usage message. (Closes: #814666) 5 years ago
  Benda Xu 5bc4d87f99 script/update-rc.d: Add OpenRC support 5 years ago
  Benda Xu 12b75595ac script/invoke-rc.d: Add OpenRC support 5 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 3c178b5055 update-rc.d: Ensure insserv doesn't fail if initscripts is not installed 5 years ago
  Martin Pitt 628cb43281 invoke-rc.d: Fix chroot install for packages without SysV script 5 years ago
  Raphael Geissert 5dfc576d3e invoke-rc.d: Fix behaviour when no start or stop symlink is found 5 years ago