383 Commits (suites/unstable)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mark Hindley 813f526985 Version 1.60+devuan1. 7 months ago
  Mark Hindley ec4b08503e init-system-helpers Debian release 1.60 7 months ago
  Michael Biebl dbd9197569 Release version 1.60 to unstable 10 months ago
  Michael Biebl 4a0cf6adb9 Remove init-system-helpers.lintian-overrides, no longer needed 10 months ago
  Michael Biebl 15f7d8e0f6 Drop obsolete Breaks/Replaces and Conflicts 10 months ago
  Michael Biebl c527fa9564 Bump Standards-Version to 4.5.1 10 months ago
  Michael Biebl 7fff36697b Switch to debhelper-compat and bump compat level to 13 10 months ago
  Michael Biebl bbc1c7c4fa deb-systemd-*, update-rc.d: Don't hard-code path to systemctl binary 10 months ago
  Michael Biebl 41ad100a76 Release version 1.59 to unstable 11 months ago
  Michael Biebl 3988cf7053 invoke-rc.d,service: Stop using ignore-dependencies 11 months ago
  Michael Biebl f0cac594ab invoke-rc.d: Remove unnecessary systemctl daemon-reload 11 months ago
  Mark Hindley ed1d47199d Changelog for version 1.58+devuan1. 1 year ago
  Mark Hindley 73d13897d8 init-system-helpers Debian release 1.58 1 year ago
  Mark Hindley beb8098c88 d/control: update Vcs-* fields following Gitea migration. 1 year ago
  Michael Biebl 6a1860c6f5 Release version 1.58 to unstable 1 year ago
  Michael Biebl 552e993488 update-rc.d: Consider /usr/lib/systemd/system when searching for unit files 1 year ago
  Michael Biebl f1b835dcb2 man: Fix typo in service(8) man page 1 year ago
  Guilhem Moulin a1ef8e9154 Ensure dh_installsystemduser(1)-added snippets pass piuparts 1 year ago
  Mark Hindley 0afd7748be Changelog for version 1.57+devuan1. 1 year ago
  Mark Hindley b1e32d3bc5 init-system-helpers Debian release 1.57 1 year ago
  Mark Hindley 3db4a37ada Changelog for version 1.56+nmu1+devuan3. 1 year ago
  Mark Hindley c8f291fa5a d/gbp.conf: add default for debian-tag. 1 year ago
  Mark Hindley f7d2ade7c9 Correct devuan-dev list address. 1 year ago
  Mark Hindley d886b35a5f Add myself to uploaders. 1 year ago
  Mark Hindley 7b0d06eb22 Fix merge of nmu1: really add runit-init to init Pre-Depends. 1 year ago
  Mark Hindley 4803fe020f Fix signature indentation. 1 year ago
  Svante Signell b9a3fe6f5d Fix Vcs-* entries. 1 year ago
  Svante Signell 249dcb54ce Clean up gbp.conf, remove lintian-override file, not needed 1 year ago
  Svante Signell 0e83b7948d Upgrading to 1.56+nmu1 and cleanup fixes, see debian/changelog 1 year ago
  Michael Biebl 760c625ec0 Release version 1.57 to unstable 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogatov 2aeeb3eae2 Document that `service` does not check /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d 2 years ago
  KatolaZ c92e08222e init-system-helpers Debian release 1.56 2 years ago
  Michael Biebl 6646bd36ab Release version 1.56 to unstable 2 years ago
  Michael Biebl 0c3f034426 Revert "Don't mark init as Multi-Arch: foreign" 2 years ago
  Michael Biebl d4243f691e man: Update bugtracker URLs 2 years ago
  Michael Biebl e4e67cd9ca man: Stop mentioning bum and sysv-rc-conf in update-rc.d man page 2 years ago
  Michael Biebl 62b80624fe man: Stop mentioning file-rc in invoke-rc.d man page 2 years ago
  Michael Biebl fdb094c424 man: Fix Henrique's name in the man pages 2 years ago
  KatolaZ 20bf2d17b7 bumped version number 2 years ago
  KatolaZ 10da730d6c added compression-level to gbp.conf 2 years ago
  KatolaZ 7c77b2444d corrected typo in debian/control 2 years ago
  KatolaZ 1014984105 bumped devuan version for unstable 2 years ago
  KatolaZ ffea3d7bd3 init-system-helpers release 1.55 for unstable (sid) [dgit] 2 years ago
  KatolaZ cc70a67d0f merged ascii version into unstable 2 years ago
  Michael Biebl 69b593c352 update-rc.d: if systemctl is available, use it in make_systemd_links 2 years ago
  Michael Biebl e15876c3aa update-rc.d: fix manpage name 2 years ago
  Michael Biebl 1c7e23b18a Don't mark init as Multi-Arch: foreign 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler c743a7de79 Release 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 4fb267398c Bump Standards-Version (no changes needed) 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 19c39ceae9 Fix manpage listings in d/copyright for rst manual pages 3 years ago