383 Commits (suites/unstable)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Benda Xu f06d143830 s/update-rc.d: let OpenRC run after sysv_{insserv,plain} 3 years ago
  Ondřej Nový a6e60474c5 d/control: Deprecating priority extra as per policy 4.0.1 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler c022a8b24d Release 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 443a0abbab Revert "Drop fallback for old versions of systemd that didn't have is-enabled" 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 29d3e7bcb6 Release 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 7696f9178a tests: only load Linux::Clone if not testing on real system 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 5e68389bdd Release to unstable 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 1a6c51f196 Replace usage of dpkg-parsechangelog with pkg-info.mk provided by dpkg-dev 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 2fe957bd55 Shorten an old changelog line 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler ad37dbb599 Fix manpage references in d/copyright 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler f341db0bde Bump debhelper compat level to 11 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler f40d484706 deb-systemd-*: Invoke perl intepreter directly in /usr/bin 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler a6e6fa0a86 Update Standards-Version 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 2b3deab200 Merge branch 'dnn-guest/init-system-helpers-user-units' 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler d45b676376 invoke-rc.d: add option to do nothing for native systemd units 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi afc5713170 tests: Check that the root filesystemd has been marked private 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi 8c75ed77ee tests: Make calling 'deb-systemd-helper' in tests less verbose 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi 871f0eb4cc tests: Add tests for user instance's service handling 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi 1825074381 deb-systemd-helper: Implement user instance's service handling 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi 1458dfe35d autopkgtests: Drop seteup steps that are not required anymore 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi da50c0f171 tests: Make sure that the tests do not clutter the host system 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi dfe2a7f90c tests: Do not require Linux::Clone Perl module if TEST_ON_REAL_SYSTEM is set 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi 3609fd7973 tests: Fix setup when TEST_ON_REAL_SYSTEM is not set 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi d80c7993ba tests: Move common setup code and test functions to a new helpers.pm module 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi 37083fc968 deb-systemd-helper: Add comment explaining why 'systemctl preset' is used 3 years ago
  Michael Biebl bfe21c170c Merge branch 'drop-pre-stretch-fallback' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 6f95680ffc Drop fallback for old versions of systemd that didn't have is-enabled 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 743d8cfb5f Merge branch 'man' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi 872c922d70 d/rules: Fix man pages header and footer 3 years ago
  Daniele Nicolodi f8296c0b27 deb-systemd-helper: Fix typo in man page 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler e3ce009788 Change Vcs-* urls to point to the new salsa service 3 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 2bcceff5a6 Release 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 7b4318cb22 update-rc.d: fix typo that was disabling all sysv scripts in defaults mode 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 5f99a14e62 Convert manpages into reStructuredText 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 5d89428ddd Fix errors in pod2man invocations 4 years ago
  Michael Biebl 201b0f8ccb Drop man page translations for update-rc.d 4 years ago
  Michael Biebl aa92015c22 Drop obsolete debian/init-system-helpers.postinst 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler b413618690 Release 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 2db0ad66a9 Briefly document defaults-disabled 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 3a0b267121 update-rc.d: Add a defaults-disabled action 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 6cb72b59a0 update-rc.d: Refactor actions into a sequence of steps according to the installed init systems 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler e0d3d2261c update-rc.d: remove -n (dryrun) option, as it did not work 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler b8bbd3aa6a Add vim modelines for file type 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler e68f8cf6d4 Remove archive functions, they are nops nowadays 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 69d7f4974d Rename insserv_updatercd function to main 4 years ago
  Michael Biebl 6e07e42885 Wrap overlong changelog entries to make lintian happy 4 years ago
  parazyd 0b4b27adff
bump changelog for devuan 4 years ago
  parazyd 1a56135dd5 init-system-helpers Debian release 1.48 4 years ago
  Steve Langasek b13d642c8a autopkgtests: Correctly handle unit names that can contain escape sequences 4 years ago
  Felipe Sateler 52945e580a Release to unstable 4 years ago