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Mark Hindley 813f526985 Version 1.60+devuan1. 7 months ago
source Imported Debian version 1.0 8 years ago
tests autopkgtests: Drop seteup steps that are not required anymore 3 years ago
changelog Version 1.60+devuan1. 7 months ago
clean Convert manpages into reStructuredText 4 years ago
control init-system-helpers Debian release 1.60 7 months ago
copyright Fix manpage listings in d/copyright for rst manual pages 3 years ago
gbp.conf d/gbp.conf: add default for debian-tag. 1 year ago
init-system-helpers.bug-control init-system-helpers: Include insserv package state when filing a bug 5 years ago
init-system-helpers.dirs Ensure dh_installsystemduser(1)-added snippets pass piuparts 1 year ago init-system-helpers: Ship README.invoke-rc.d and README.policy-rc.d 5 years ago
init-system-helpers.install init-system-helpers: Ship invoke-rc.d, update-rc.d and service 5 years ago
init-system-helpers.manpages Run wrap-and-sort -at over our debian control files 5 years ago
rules Fix merge of nmu1: really add runit-init to init Pre-Depends. 1 year ago