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Bernd Zeimetz 0f884c2af7 Release 6 years ago
source Imported Debian version 1.0 10 years ago
tests Robustify test suite 7 years ago
changelog Release 6 years ago
clean Add debian/clean to remove script/*1.p 7 years ago
compat Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9. 7 years ago
control Make init depend on a new enough init-system-helpers 6 years ago
copyright Use https url for copyright format 6 years ago
gbp.conf Add gbp-dch configuration 7 years ago
init-system-helpers.bug-control init-system-helpers: Include insserv package state when filing a bug 7 years ago
init-system-helpers.dirs Add /etc/rc?.d to the dirs shipped by init-system-helpers 7 years ago init-system-helpers: Ship README.invoke-rc.d and README.policy-rc.d 7 years ago
init-system-helpers.install init-system-helpers: Ship invoke-rc.d, update-rc.d and service 7 years ago
init-system-helpers.lintian-overrides i-s-h: override lintian warning spelling-error-in-manpage 9 years ago
init-system-helpers.manpages Run wrap-and-sort -at over our debian control files 7 years ago
init-system-helpers.postinst Store masked state to respect user’s masking 10 years ago
rules Stop setting POD_MAN_DATE 7 years ago