modified version of jenkins debian glue ( for devuan
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  1. * Misc Notes related to Jenkins
  2. This document provides some notes you might consider useful, but aren't necessarily releated to jenkins-debian-glue itself.
  3. ** Install jenkins.rb on Debian
  4. Goal: Clean installation of on Debian, using Debian packages.
  5. Recipe provided by Michael Prokop:
  7. mkdir jenkins-rb.deb ; cd jenkins-rb.deb
  8. gem2deb httparty
  9. gem2deb crack
  10. gem2deb thor
  11. sudo apt-get install libterm-ansicolor-ruby ruby-json libbuilder-ruby
  12. sudo dpkg -i ruby-crack_*.deb ruby-httparty_*.deb ruby-jenkins_*.deb ruby-thor_*.deb
  14. Recipe provided by Michael Gebetsroither:
  16. git clone git://
  17. cd rubyrrdtool
  18. ruby extconf.rb
  19. make
  20. checkinstall -D --pkgname=rubyrrdtool --install=no --pkgversion=0.6.0 make install
  22. ** Install python-jenkins on Debian
  23. Goal: Clean installation of on Debian, using Debian packages.
  24. Recipe provided by Michael Prokop:
  26. bzr branch lp:python-jenkins
  27. cd python-jenkins
  28. apt-get install python-stdeb
  29. python --command-packages=stdeb.command bdist_deb
  30. sudo dpkg -i deb_dist/python-*deb
  32. ** Use chroot for building non-Debian stuff
  33. Goal: Do not build stuff on Jenkins Master/Slaves but use a dedicated chroot instead.
  34. Background: Whereas jenkins-debian-glue uses cowbuilder/pbuilder and its separate chroots for building you might want to also build
  35. e.g. documentation without abusing your main build host(s). Using dedicated chroots as slave nodes inside Jenkins provides that.
  36. Set up a basic chroot (e.g. Debian/squeeze):
  38. debootstrap squeeze /srv/chroot_documentation_builder
  39. wget -O ./make_chroot_jail
  40. bash ./make_chroot_jail chroot-docs /bin/chroot-shell /srv/chroot_documentation_builder
  42. Test the login via SSH running:
  43. : ssh chroot-docs@localhost
  44. Finally install Java (required for Jenkins) and build-essential (and optionally whatever you might also need):
  46. chroot /srv/chroot_documentation_builder
  47. mount -t proc none /proc
  48. apt-get install openjdk-6-jre
  49. mkdir /var/lib/jenkins
  50. chown chroot-docs /var/lib/jenkins/
  51. apt-get install build-essential
  53. Then configure a new Slave node in Jenkins using /var/lib/jenkins as $HOME directory and user chroot-docs as login.