modified version of jenkins debian glue ( for devuan
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  1. README for jjb directory in jenkins-debian-glue
  2. -----------------------------------------------
  3. Jenkins Job Builder (JJB) takes simple descriptions of Jenkins
  4. jobs in YAML format and uses them to configure Jenkins.
  5. This directory provides some sample configuration for usage of
  6. jenkins-debian-glue with Jenkins Job Builder.
  7. Usage instructions:
  8. 1) Install jenkins-job-builder, available as Debian package
  9. in Debian jessie and newer and in Ubuntu [universe]
  10. raring, saucy, trusty and newer, or from upstream at
  12. Find upstream documentation for jenkins-job-builder at
  14. 2) Create /etc/jenkins_jobs/jenkins_jobs.ini, like (adjust user,
  15. password and url settings as needed for your environment):
  16. [jenkins]
  17. user=jenkins-job-builder
  18. password=jenkins-job-builder
  19. url=http://localhost:8080/
  20. 3) Execute e.g. 'jenkins-jobs update jjb/jdg-reprepro.yaml' to
  21. generate Jenkins jobs in the specified Jenkins environment (see
  22. point 2) as defined in file jdg-reprepro.yaml, currently being
  23. jobs jenkins-debian-glue-source, jenkins-debian-glue-binaries
  24. and jenkins-debian-glue-piuparts.
  25. The jjb/jdg-freight.yaml file configures Jenkins jobs
  26. jdg-freight-source and jdg-freight-binaries, which provide
  27. a similar setup as jenkins-debian-glue-* but using the
  28. freight repository software []
  29. instead of using reprepro [].
  30. Hint: by running "mkdir /tmp/jdg; jenkins-jobs test jjb/ -o /tmp/jdg'
  31. you can get a test configuration of your jobs without
  32. directly deploying them into the Jenkins system.
  33. Notes:
  34. * the yaml files assume amd64 as default architecture,
  35. if you don't have an amd64 system please adjust the
  36. references to "amd64" in the files with "i386" (or so)
  37. * you need to adjust the KEY_ID setting in jjb/jdg-freight.yaml
  38. before executing the jdg-freight-* Jenkins jobs (and if you
  39. don't have a GPG key for the user which runs the job yet you
  40. also have to create a key running 'gpg --gen-key')
  41. * junit's "keep-long-stdio: false" setting requires
  42. jenkins-job-builder >0.5.0 (available as of git commit 2faa91e2).
  43. * the TAP test result files feature requires
  44. jenkins-job-builder >0.5.0 (available as of git commit 624fd659).