modified version of jenkins debian glue ( for devuan
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debian/tmp/usr/bin/build-and-provide-package usr/bin/
debian/tmp/usr/bin/generate-git-snapshot usr/bin/
debian/tmp/usr/bin/generate-reprepro-codename usr/bin/
debian/tmp/usr/bin/generate-svn-snapshot usr/bin/
debian/tmp/usr/bin/increase-version-number usr/bin/
debian/tmp/usr/bin/repository_checker usr/bin/
debian/tmp/usr/share/jenkins-debian-glue/examples usr/share/jenkins-debian-glue/
support autopkgtest Implemented as follows: * build-and-provide-package uses the new pbuilder-hookdir directory by default. The pbuilder-hookdir script B20autopkgtest runs the actual tests using autopkgtest iff debian/tests/control is present in the Debian package, otherwise skipping the test execution so behaviour of build-and-provide-package is the same as before. The hook directory defaults to /usr/share/jenkins-debian-glue/pbuilder-hookdir/ and can be configured by the $PBUILDER_HOOKDIR setting. To skip any autopkgtest output handling the $SKIP_AUTOPKGTEST_RESULTS configuration can be set. * build-and-provide-package: copies autopkgtest output into directory 'adt' for later processing via adtsummary_tap * adtsummary_tap: this script generates a TAP report of the autopkgtest output, usage inside a Jenkins job as shell executer step like: mkdir -p report adt touch adt/summary # do not fail if no autopkgtest run took place adtsummary_tap adt/summary > report/autopkgtest.tap and using 'report/*.tap' for Post-build action "Publish TAP Results". It's recommended to use a recent version of autopkgtest. The one provided by Christoph Berg <> at (autopkgtest_2.2.3.pgdg+1 at the time of this commit) is known to work fine and also includes a bugfix for: | TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, instance found which is reported as Please note that autopkgtest isn't required on the system providing cowbuilder but instead *inside* the cowbuilder environment. Thanks to Christoph Berg <> for his initial work on autopkgtest support in jenkins-debian-glue and his permission to integrate it in the mainline project.
9 years ago
debian/tmp/usr/share/jenkins-debian-glue/pbuilder-hookdir/ usr/share/jenkins-debian-glue/