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generate-git-snapshot: support $SKIP_BRANCH_AND_TAG_HANDLING and detect Gerrit pushes

If the GERRIT_REFSPEC variable is set then our job was triggered
via Gerrit Code Review []. If that's
the case we don't want to modify the Git repository checkout by
branch or tag because we already have what we need inside
$GIT_COMMIT. Instead let's create the temporary branch based
on $GIT_COMMIT, otherwise (if we don't create a branch on our own)
we're lacking a branch and git-dch fails with:

| + git-dch --auto -S --multimaint-merge --ignore-branch --new-version=[...]
| fatal: ref HEAD is not a symbolic ref
| gbp:error: Currently not on a branch

Using a branch like [origin/]refs/changes/$ID/$ID/$PATCHSET when triggering
the *-source job using $branch setting from Gerrit fails, because
the ref isn't directly available for checkout as branch, but
Jenkins does the job for us so we can rely on $GIT_COMMIT.
Michael Prokop 7 years ago
1 changed files with 14 additions and 1 deletions
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@@ -219,7 +219,20 @@ branch_checkout() {
# commit, so instead create a temporary branch to work on

if [ -n "${tag:-}" ] && [ "${tag:-}" != "none" ] ; then
# skip branch building if the branch we received was triggered via gerrit
if [ -n "${GERRIT_REFSPEC:-}" ] ; then
echo "*** Setting SKIP_BRANCH_AND_TAG_HANDLING=true because we seem to be building for Gerrit ***"

if [ "${SKIP_BRANCH_AND_TAG_HANDLING:-}" = "true" ] ; then
echo "*** Skipping branch/tag handling as requested via SKIP_BRANCH_AND_TAG_HANDLING ***"
echo "Making sure that random_branch $random_branch does not exist"
git branch -D "$random_branch" || true

echo "Checking out branch $random_branch based on git commit $GIT_COMMIT"
git checkout -b "$random_branch" "$GIT_COMMIT"
elif [ -n "${tag:-}" ] && [ "${tag:-}" != "none" ] ; then
echo "Making sure that random_branch $random_branch does not exist"
git branch -D "$random_branch" || true