29 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Adrian Vondendriesch a490dbbe27 Fix permissions of keyring.gpg in D20releaserepo. 5 years ago
  Michael Prokop 0d872a2840 pbuilder-hookdir/C10shell: support pbuilder >=0.216 5 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 13078de0e5 add support for setting options for newpid 5 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 907d106980 fix missing closing "fi" 5 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 42875f2d2e add option to suppress use of newpid 5 years ago
  nextime 1648670555 Resynced to upstream 5 years ago
  nextime 659d5fe22f Reverted latest changes 5 years ago
  Daniel Reurich be5b87c601 copy updated B20autopkgtest from pbuilder/examples 5 years ago
  Michael Prokop 08710a4878 B20autopkgtest: fix order of adt-run tests on command line 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop a410fbb9b0 Drop /var/cache/pbuilder/build from default bindmounts 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop e9e533c2ce Get rid of mount bind for autopkgtest (Closes #123) 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 026ace2075 B20autopkgtest: do not fail build when skipping tests 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop a00c865af8 Use adt-run's --output-dir option if available 6 years ago
  nextime 56c0a1f539 Import latest changes from upstream 6 years ago
  nextime f5243be866 Remove unusefull hooks 6 years ago
  nextime 81bebe6a89 Or -n or = true! 6 years ago
  nextime 7df2331661 ccache is installed by pbuilder 6 years ago
  nextime 1f4638e820 Fix ccache 6 years ago
  nextime 42d22a06ee Add support for ccache and eatmydata 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 3d79c4583f Support execution of external autopkgtests via ADT=external + ADT_RUNNER=... 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop e4e2f7b400 adtsummary_tap: support output of recent versions of autopkgtest 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 36cca6030a Support skipping adt tests by setting ADT=skip 7 years ago
  Lukas Anzinger b1e42c18e6 Make it possible to verify our own reprepro repositories by providing a pubkey. 7 years ago
  Yoann Dubreuil 8d10e82c56 Add execute permissions to D10-man-db 8 years ago
  Yoann Dubreuil 600499e15a Speed up pbuilder: disable building of manual pages with a hook script 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop 5930014a1d Support keeping the build environment via DEB_KEEP_BUILD_ENV 8 years ago
  Stanislav Bogatyrev 2cf556390f Use release repo for all builds with same release parameter. 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop 95a35fe16f support autopkgtest 8 years ago