21 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  nextime f5d7e6af01 Fix missing files 5 years ago
  nextime 1648670555 Resynced to upstream 5 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler b07e12182e Fix TAP format pep8_tap output 5 years ago
  Michael Prokop 254809ca05 tap_tool_dispatcher: fix command line handling for file-list 6 years ago
  Victor Seva 8aa6aab2ae tap_tool_dispatcher: support BASE_BIN to control location of *_tap scripts 6 years ago
  Victor Seva 129b2265b7 tap_tool_dispatcher: add --file-list option 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 4b6063572a tap_tool_dispatcher: fix path for checkbashism_tap check 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 38b3c1ce1d The package is named libperl-critic-perl, not perlcritic 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop e5a39b432d tap_tool_dispatcher: keep existing behaviour by not removing empty directories 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 4025da34b2 Support parallel from moreutils as alternative to GNU parallel 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 3da4c8a85a Support disabling specific tap tool checks (Closes #132) 6 years ago
  Victor Seva d27c6c66ac tap: add shellcheck support 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop e4e2f7b400 adtsummary_tap: support output of recent versions of autopkgtest 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 9eb6edb6da piuparts_tap: check for broken symlinks + installation errors, provide options to skip checks 6 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 73593abb71 checkbashism_tap: ignore non-shell-script files 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop cea1830872 pep8_tap: further fix for encoding issue with ruby1.8 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop a1f0576d47 Fix script name of pep8_tap 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 5d33d21b17 pep8_tap: don't reenable default-disabled checkers 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 0767dd554c pep8_tap: adjust Encoding handling for ruby1.8 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler f9a139d840 tap_tool_dispatcher: run all tools in parallel 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 870f61aa18 pep8_tap: ignore non-Python files 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 5dc4fe00fc pep8_tap: Fix crash with invalid encoded source data 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 325f1dd832 pep8_tap: fix counter 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 1f796f0602 pep8_tap: improve formatting 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop ed2b47af60 New script pep8_tap to check python code via pep8 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop bd6d573a3b piuparts_tap: explicitely set Encoding::UTF_8 for Ruby 1.9 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop 95a35fe16f support autopkgtest 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop b56f16b1ae tap_tool_dispatcher: use .tap suffix for output files 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop e814cfe825 tap_tool_dispatcher: ignore .git directory as well 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop 87bb207f21 Initial piuparts support with new package jenkins-debian-glue-buildenv-piuparts 9 years ago
  Michael Prokop abc1949300 New package jenkins-debian-glue-buildenv-taptools 9 years ago