399 Commits (98632ac74ce5c9d82a3051777f1b1a3f58258974)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Prokop 98632ac74c Bring .mailmap up2date, incl. usage instructions 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 73593abb71 checkbashism_tap: ignore non-shell-script files 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop a1f32a8ac7 Release new version 0.10.0 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop b756c647a6 Clarify Depends/Recommends of jenkins-debian-glue-buildenv-taptools 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop cea1830872 pep8_tap: further fix for encoding issue with ruby1.8 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop a1f0576d47 Fix script name of pep8_tap 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 5d33d21b17 pep8_tap: don't reenable default-disabled checkers 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 0767dd554c pep8_tap: adjust Encoding handling for ruby1.8 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 99353c1140 jenkins-debian-glue-buildenv-taptools: it's libperl-critic-perl, not perlcritic 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler f9a139d840 tap_tool_dispatcher: run all tools in parallel 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 870f61aa18 pep8_tap: ignore non-Python files 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 5dc4fe00fc pep8_tap: Fix crash with invalid encoded source data 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 325f1dd832 pep8_tap: fix counter 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop e4172eabbc generate-git-snapshot: fail if git-dch doesn't support --distribution but $DIST is set 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop f9cfb58fdb Recommends pep8 >= 1.4.6~ as we depend on its '--format' option 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 1f796f0602 pep8_tap: improve formatting 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler 22ac5fa32c Install pep8_tap tool 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler cfdec26252 Allow overriding the source package dist 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop ed2b47af60 New script pep8_tap to check python code via pep8 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 14b7884a1c Release new version 0.9.0 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop ac5dd5b4c0 Bump Dependency on openjdk-6-jre-headless to openjdk-7-jre-headless 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 578bb8d846 puppet: Enable "Raw HTML" option and move systemMessage into View 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 757c0ccacd Adjust Recommends for REPOSITORY_EXTRA feature + minor style improvements 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 402015707a lintian-junit-report: do not use "--" as option separator 7 years ago
  Andrey 0a4191cfaa Allow adding extra repositories for resolving dependencies 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 36cca6030a Support skipping adt tests by setting ADT=skip 7 years ago
  Mathieu Parent 4c329b3908 Don't use --git-export-dir 7 years ago
  Lukas Anzinger b37d3109a0 generate-reprepro-codename: Accept origin and suite as command line arguments. 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 811aef7a57 debian/copyright: fix Upstream-Name header 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop dbdea39252 generate-git-snapshot: Support PRE_DCH_HOOK variable for custom scripts 7 years ago
  Jean Baptiste Favre a9ab5cc8d6 No need to source /etc/jenkins/debian-glue twice in the same script 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop e116dbbc8c puppet: allow DIST + ARCH in sudo configuration 7 years ago
  Edwin Fine 29611c66ef Empty 'distribution' and 'architecture' env vars now do not break script when calling cowbuilder. 7 years ago
  Patrick Schoenfeld 08248d685f Pass DIST and ARCH to cowbuilder call 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop e52d270c66 Release new version 0.8.1 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 2d5dc4f7f3 Revert "build-and-provide-package: use -b for package builds that shouldn't include sources" [Closes: #88] 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 5e199f537a LICENSE: update copyright information for 2014 7 years ago
  Lukas Anzinger b081829cef generate-reprepro-codename: Make architectures and (udeb) components configable. 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop da91c8aa2d Release new version 0.8.0 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop c98acbf1c0 Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop e1f97033f7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pr/83' 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 649c70812e build-and-provide-package: use -b for package builds that shouldn't include sources 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 8da4508451 puppet: install timestamper plugin 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 534e761097 puppet: install ttf-dejavu package to fix java headless issue 7 years ago
  Lukas Anzinger b1e42c18e6 Make it possible to verify our own reprepro repositories by providing a pubkey. 7 years ago
  Lukas Anzinger 4ab1301ba1 Dynamically parse list of components from Release file 7 years ago
  Lukas Anzinger 4fa841e2ca The given $REPOS variable may also point to a suite, not only a codename 7 years ago
  Lukas Anzinger be40e3c0d8 Don't include sources in sources.list, they're not needed for building 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop b231c3ec04 generate-reprepro-codename: lock access to conf/distributions 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop a7e01d3c68 generate-*-snapshot: provide user friendly error message if debian/changelog is missing 8 years ago