102 Commits (deea1a1a0926e9a5ee6c322c70855694b8d6f3e2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Reurich dcdc96750a fix filename reference in comments 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 112607606b git depth and ref shouldn't depend on debian/source/options file 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 99a9fbe3b6 fix: if value *NOT* set 6 years ago
  nextime c0bc0c7225 Better to add "" in the if... 6 years ago
  nextime 6b450d23b6 Another little fix 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 52902ae776 fix missing closing quote 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 6b0356ee04 fix newline before shebang 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 0a7a6167d1 make GIT_DEPTH configurable from the environment 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich d745ca9eae limit git srch depth and width 6 years ago
  nextime 48de17cce8 sync with upstream 0.13.0 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop ca53ec493e generate-git-snapshot: support overwriting DBP_EXTRA_OPTS + adjust coding style 6 years ago
  nextime 5cb9bd6396 Add git format deb pkgs support thanks to Daniel Reurich for Devuan 6 years ago
  nextime c0d1a71843 generate-git-snapshot: replace distribution dashes in version 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 617e36081f make git-buildpackage related functions optional 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 4ac7982b82 use variable to add dpkg-source option 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich a6b83670c4 add call to src_format_opts 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 9d840f9506 add default empty DBP_EXTRA_OPTS parameter 6 years ago
  Daniel Reurich da39e2696a add source format handler function 6 years ago
  Antoine Musso 17c3778ffc generate-git-snapshot: replace distribution dashes in version 6 years ago
  nextime 8e38e08cb3 Rebased to upstream 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 74712fff73 Support signing source packages via $KEY_ID 6 years ago
  nextime 098668a8a7 Add signing key support to generate-svn-snapshot 6 years ago
  nextime d078c089c3 Make generate-git-snapshot script sign sources 6 years ago
  Bernhard Miklautz c300281515 generate-git-snapshot: add DCH_LOG_RESTRICTION 6 years ago
  Bernhard Miklautz 7e2484ac78 generate-git-snapshot: combine dch opts 6 years ago
  Bernhard Miklautz 1f8d499a07 generate-git-snapshot: fix typo 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 30fd6bb112 Gerrit support: assume *-source job gets triggered with full gerrit params 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop b0acd6c520 Support Gerrit integration without direct connection to Gerrit events 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop 017756fb40 generate-git-snapshot: support $SKIP_BRANCH_AND_TAG_HANDLING and detect Gerrit pushes 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop e4172eabbc generate-git-snapshot: fail if git-dch doesn't support --distribution but $DIST is set 7 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler cfdec26252 Allow overriding the source package dist 7 years ago
  Mathieu Parent 4c329b3908 Don't use --git-export-dir 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop dbdea39252 generate-git-snapshot: Support PRE_DCH_HOOK variable for custom scripts 7 years ago
  Michael Prokop a7e01d3c68 generate-*-snapshot: provide user friendly error message if debian/changelog is missing 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop f618f4d35a Rework new gbp.conf handling 8 years ago
  Carl Fürstenberg 9d5366f9db Allow debian-glue to read gbp.conf 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop ab03545843 generate-*-snapshot: provide hint if the 'source' directory hasn't been configured 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop d759c0d781 Remove *_source.changes file generated by dpkg-buildpackage in *-source job [Closes: #67] 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop 63d6c47ce5 Rework generate-git-snapshot to make sure quilt can't break the build 8 years ago
  Sylvestre Ledru 105fa476dc PRE_SOURCE_HOOK handling in generate-*-snapshot scripts: match behaviour and do not test if file exits 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop 512eb37875 generate-git-snapshot: explicitely check for beginning of line when retrieving version information 8 years ago
  Calvin Walton 9ac44d16a7 cd to workspace in generate-git-snapshot when running dpkg-source 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop 1f211d53fe generate-git-snapshot: use --git-ignore-branch as default build option for gbp [Closes #47] 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop 694b92693d generate-*-snapshot: do not fail if PRE_SOURCE_HOOK is unset 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop ede0fb05a9 generate-git-snapshot: force switching back to previous branch 8 years ago
  Slawomir Bochenski d98f4405d8 Change timestamp format used in version string 8 years ago
  Patrick Schoenfeld 586207ebec Bugfix: Make dpkg-source ignore .git in more cases 8 years ago
  Sylvestre Ledru 521e0cf747 Add the management of a PRE_SOURCE_HOOK variable. If set, the script pointed by PRE_SOURCE_HOOK will be executed before the .dsc creation 8 years ago
  Antoine Beaupré 6faa90dad1 use a more sensible default for DEBEMAIL 8 years ago
  Michael Prokop 747fda36a6 generate-git-snapshot: prepend "origin" when checking out a $branch 8 years ago