505 Commits (f9b1fc84d1d4010f8bc472abe2ea0df66c954550)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Prokop f9b1fc84d1 puppet: update list of Jenkis plugins to satisfy dependencies 5 years ago
  Michael Prokop e890efc471 Release new version 0.17.0 5 years ago
  Michael Prokop 8e81ada5d8 Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.7 5 years ago
  Michael Prokop 12a45c5627 Vcs-Git header: replace git with more secure https version 5 years ago
  Adrian Vondendriesch a490dbbe27 Fix permissions of keyring.gpg in D20releaserepo. 5 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois d3a0dc3052 puppet: end sources.list snippets with newlines. 5 years ago
  Michael Prokop 5a6c4d6e8e Support choosing distribution/codename via $RELEASE_DISTRIBUTION 5 years ago
  Michael Prokop 8c422f079d build-and-provide-package: support RELEASE_REPOSITORIES 5 years ago
  Michael Prokop ea83f076e5 Support usage of a reprepro wrapper script via REPREPRO_CMD 5 years ago
  Michael Prokop f33c054279 Update copyright information (hello 2016) 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop aba7d289be Release new version 0.16.0 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 0d872a2840 pbuilder-hookdir/C10shell: support pbuilder >=0.216 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 2614b2069a reprepro: processincoming doesn't handle --ignore=surprisingbinary yet 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop d00f953edb reprepro: use --ignore=surprisingbinary to support automatic debug symbols 6 years ago
  Christian Hofstaedtler b07e12182e Fix TAP format pep8_tap output 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 4f81b3e45d Support skipping cowbuilder updates via SKIP_COWBUILDER_UPDATE=true 6 years ago
  Kane 59a317113c Add an option for enforcing Git commit in package version 6 years ago
  Kane 1e15d10262 Allow customization of generated timestamp in package version 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 49d2a4d520 Release new version 0.15.2 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 6d02e56495 generate-git-snapshot: support git-buildpackage >=0.6.24 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 3e4e665e1d Release new version 0.15.1 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 08710a4878 B20autopkgtest: fix order of adt-run tests on command line 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 254809ca05 tap_tool_dispatcher: fix command line handling for file-list 6 years ago
  Victor Seva 8aa6aab2ae tap_tool_dispatcher: support BASE_BIN to control location of *_tap scripts 6 years ago
  Victor Seva 129b2265b7 tap_tool_dispatcher: add --file-list option 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop d86a214db0 Release new version 0.15.0 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 89d3400a2d Update informational message regarding sub-directory checkout for Git (Closes #107) 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop fdd0c85009 Use debian-archive-keyring when building for recent Debian on Ubuntu (Closes #130) 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 469a1ed79f Ensure that eatmydata version on host is recent enough 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop a1cba38ff7 Rename global REPOSITORY to DEFAULT_REPOSITORY to support overwriting it on demand (Closes #94) 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 220f87ed18 Support eatmydata (automatically enabled if host + distribution needs match) + ccache 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop d243f8f565 Release new version 0.14.2 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop a410fbb9b0 Drop /var/cache/pbuilder/build from default bindmounts 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop a12c01db63 Explicitly set umask to avoid running into cowbuilder bug #531885 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 10fc68862c Release new version 0.14.1 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop f7235ed37e libperl-critic-perl in Depends is unneeded, Recommends is enough 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 9bb89c85e8 Replace my business mail address with my debian.org one 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 4b6063572a tap_tool_dispatcher: fix path for checkbashism_tap check 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 740c8b969c Do not skip dist_and_arch_settings in PROVIDE_ONLY mode 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 38b3c1ce1d The package is named libperl-critic-perl, not perlcritic 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop e5a39b432d tap_tool_dispatcher: keep existing behaviour by not removing empty directories 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 1862af3c22 Drop jenkins-debian-glue-buildenv-* from Provides 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 4025da34b2 Support parallel from moreutils as alternative to GNU parallel 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop d414549199 Conflict with old jenkins-debian-glue-buildenv-* to fix upgrade issues 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 3da4c8a85a Support disabling specific tap tool checks (Closes #132) 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop b9b7c13255 Get rid of cowbuilder environment if creating it failed 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 21255fe5a6 Release new version 0.14.0 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop e9e533c2ce Get rid of mount bind for autopkgtest (Closes #123) 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 0aebca1938 Get rid of generate-reprepro-codename lockfile 6 years ago
  Michael Prokop 1a1102caea Update debian/copyright 6 years ago