modified version of jenkins debian glue ( for devuan
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devuan install pbuilder only for arm* archs 7 years ago
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LICENSE LICENSE: update copyright information for 2014 9 years ago
Makefile Add devuan support files 8 years ago provide documentation how to use chroots for building non-Debian stuff 11 years ago Add devuan support files 8 years ago fabfile: adjust regex to match all jenkins-debian-glue packages 11 years ago


Continuous Integration for Debian, Ubuntu and Devuan made easy. jenkins-debian-glue allows you to build Debian, Ubuntu and Devuan packages directly from the Jenkins Continuous Integration system.

Please head over to for setup instructions and documentation.

This is the devuan modified version from jenkins-debian-glue github master repository as of February, 6 2015, hosted at

Devuan project: