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README for jjb directory in jenkins-debian-glue

Jenkins Job Builder (JJB) takes simple descriptions of Jenkins
jobs in YAML format and uses them to configure Jenkins.
This directory provides some sample configuration for usage of
jenkins-debian-glue with Jenkins Job Builder.

Usage instructions:

1) Install jenkins-job-builder, available as Debian package
in Debian jessie and newer and in Ubuntu [universe]
raring, saucy, trusty and newer, or from upstream at
Find upstream documentation for jenkins-job-builder at

2) Create /etc/jenkins_jobs/jenkins_jobs.ini, like (adjust user,
password and url settings as needed for your environment):


3) Execute e.g. 'jenkins-jobs update jjb/jdg-reprepro.yaml' to
generate Jenkins jobs in the specified Jenkins environment (see
point 2) as defined in file jdg-reprepro.yaml, currently being
jobs jenkins-debian-glue-source, jenkins-debian-glue-binaries
and jenkins-debian-glue-piuparts.

The jjb/jdg-freight.yaml file configures Jenkins jobs
jdg-freight-source and jdg-freight-binaries, which provide
a similar setup as jenkins-debian-glue-* but using the
freight repository software []
instead of using reprepro [].

Hint: by running "mkdir /tmp/jdg; jenkins-jobs test jjb/ -o /tmp/jdg'
you can get a test configuration of your jobs without
directly deploying them into the Jenkins system.


* the yaml files assume amd64 as default architecture,
if you don't have an amd64 system please adjust the
references to "amd64" in the files with "i386" (or so)
* you need to adjust the KEY_ID setting in jjb/jdg-freight.yaml
before executing the jdg-freight-* Jenkins jobs (and if you
don't have a GPG key for the user which runs the job yet you
also have to create a key running 'gpg --gen-key')
* junit's "keep-long-stdio: false" setting requires
jenkins-job-builder >0.5.0 (available as of git commit 2faa91e2).
* the TAP test result files feature requires
jenkins-job-builder >0.5.0 (available as of git commit 624fd659).