modified version of jenkins debian glue ( for devuan
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# The post-commit hook is invoked after a commit. Subversion runs
# this hook by invoking a program (script, executable, binary, etc.)
# named 'post-commit' (for which this file is a template) with the
# following ordered arguments:
# [1] REPOS-PATH (the path to this repository)
# [2] REV (the number of the revision just committed)
# The default working directory for the invocation is undefined, so
# the program should set one explicitly if it cares.
# You don't necessarily need /tmp/trigger_jenkins and /tmp/trigger_jenkins_stderr
# but it turned out to be useful if you've to debug any issues...
echo >> /tmp/trigger_jenkins /tmp/trigger_jenkins_stderr
echo "Executing /usr/bin/trigger_jenkins $1 $2 [$(date) ]" >> /tmp/trigger_jenkins
echo "Executing /usr/bin/trigger_jenkins $1 $2 [$(date) ]" >> /tmp/trigger_jenkins_stderr
bash -x /usr/bin/trigger_jenkins "$1" "$2" >> /tmp/trigger_jenkins 2>>/tmp/trigger_jenkins_stderr
echo >> /tmp/trigger_jenkins /tmp/trigger_jenkins_stderr
# vim:foldmethod=marker ts=2 ft=sh ai expandtab sw=2