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Greg Kroah-Hartman 9e6fdea016 Linux 5.0.2 1 year ago
Documentation Merge git:// 1 year ago
LICENSES This is a fairly typical cycle for documentation. There's some welcome 1 year ago
arch perf/x86/intel: Implement support for TSX Force Abort 1 year ago
block for-linus-20190215 1 year ago
certs kbuild: remove redundant target cleaning on failure 1 year ago
crypto net: crypto set sk to NULL when af_alg_release. 1 year ago
drivers ath9k: Avoid OF no-EEPROM quirks without qca,no-eeprom 1 year ago
firmware kbuild: change filechk to surround the given command with { } 1 year ago
fs gfs2: Fix missed wakeups in find_insert_glock 1 year ago
include drm: disable uncached DMA optimization for ARM and arm64 1 year ago
init revert "initramfs: cleanup incomplete rootfs" 1 year ago
ipc ipc: IPCMNI limit check for semmni 1 year ago
kernel tracing: Fix event filters and triggers to handle negative numbers 1 year ago
lib kasan: turn off asan-stack for clang-8 and earlier 1 year ago
mm Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew) 1 year ago
net bpf: Stop the psock parser before canceling its work 1 year ago
samples samples: mei: use /dev/mei0 instead of /dev/mei 1 year ago
scripts scripts/gdb: replace flags (MS_xyz -> SB_xyz) 1 year ago
security Merge git:// 1 year ago
sound sound fixes for 5.0 1 year ago
tools selftests: firmware: fix verify_reqs() return value 1 year ago
usr user/Makefile: Fix typo and capitalization in comment section 1 year ago
virt kvm: properly check debugfs dentry before using it 1 year ago
.clang-format clang-format: Update .clang-format with the latest for_each macro list 1 year ago
.cocciconfig scripts: add Linux .cocciconfig for coccinelle 4 years ago
.get_maintainer.ignore Add hch to .get_maintainer.ignore 5 years ago
.gitattributes .gitattributes: set git diff driver for C source code files 3 years ago
.gitignore kbuild: Add support for DT binding schema checks 1 year ago
.mailmap A few early MIPS fixes for 4.21: 1 year ago
COPYING COPYING: use the new text with points to the license files 2 years ago
CREDITS CREDITS/MAINTAINERS: Retire email domain 1 year ago
Kbuild kbuild: use assignment instead of define ... endef for filechk_* rules 1 year ago
Kconfig kconfig: move the "Executable file formats" menu to fs/Kconfig.binfmt 2 years ago
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Linux kernel

There are several guides for kernel developers and users. These guides can
be rendered in a number of formats, like HTML and PDF. Please read
Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst first.

In order to build the documentation, use ``make htmldocs`` or
``make pdfdocs``. The formatted documentation can also be read online at:

There are various text files in the Documentation/ subdirectory,
several of them using the Restructured Text markup notation.

Please read the Documentation/process/changes.rst file, as it contains the
requirements for building and running the kernel, and information about
the problems which may result by upgrading your kernel.