3065 Commits (suites/jessie)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Frits Daalmans 85a5a167ba series file got confused 5 years ago
  Frits Daalmans 9954dc9cf9 Added -Xbcj <architecture> option to mksquashfs in order to compress 5 years ago
  Frits Daalmans e7914e6b5e Added -Xbcj <architecture> option to mksquashfs in order to compress 5 years ago
  Frits Daalmans d7908684e2 Renamed branch devuan/jessie to suites/jessie from commit 92301c1c 5 years ago
  Frits Daalmans 92301c1c67 Set maintainer for Devuan version 5 years ago
  Frits Daalmans 56a5e6069e Branch 4.0.3 (Debian Jessie) modified for Devuan Jessie 5 years ago
  Frits Daalmans b800c3f2d1 set debian-branch to devuan/jessie for this branch 5 years ago
  Daniel Baumann a157fbb361
Releasing debian version 4.0.3-1. 7 years ago
  Richard Nelson e2a9114cb3 Correct variable name for apt_indices and adjust sed order for population of build feedback on frontend/cgi. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann bf8c367e02 Updating to standards version 3.9.6. 7 years ago
  Richard Nelson 7376f4e308 Adding cinnamon-desktop to frontend/cgi. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann afef2c271e
Releasing debian version 4.0.2-1. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 7c00b1b4ac Removing source_includes from toplevel source script, it was a python stub and will come back at a later point. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann a284af94db Dropping syslinux 6 symlinks from bootloader configs for wheezy. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 9c3b8eb08a Dropping incomplete German manpage translations. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann cfaa08dfd2 Making check target in manpages makefile comply with the rest. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 8eaba8ea5c Making populating of live.chroot.list distribution specific. 7 years ago
  victory 75ba99dd27 Add Japanese translations. 7 years ago
  victory c736a9743d Fix typos in lb_config.1. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann d1eae01577 Creating live.list.chroot with live packages in config. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann b1ce772ab7
Releasing debian version 4.0.1-1. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 50f2ef8712 Dropping leftover testroot call in bootstrap_cdebootstrap and bootstrap_debootstrap. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 754ac018b1
Releasing debian version 4.0.0-1. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann c1d85328f8 Restoring old manpages since we're back to the non-python implementation (Closes: #745134). 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann bc50443cf0 Moving partial python rewrite to separate branch, let's do it in the jessie+1 cycle rather than go with the current mixed code. 7 years ago
  Ben Armstrong 5fc57865a4 Exclude lib and non-main sections as tasksel does (Closes: #758218). 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 23b8ec4ff8 Setting default distribution to jessie. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 7312ca2d2d Correcting wrong target for /etc/mtab symlink in create-mtab-symlink hook, thanks to Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca>. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 5c16b340e5 Releasing debian version 4.0~alpha39-1. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 2a829562c9 Adding second set of bootloader templates for wheezy. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann dd47358700 Unconditionally replacing bootloader symlinks with syslinux 6 from jessie, this will break building wheezy images (so we have to come up with something better than that prior upload). 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 1606ed3c5a Enabling syslinux 6 support for jessie as well. 7 years ago
  Richard Nelson 951e7b44e4 Include mate-desktop in templates/cgi/debian/form.html 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 6cfcbbb576 Updating isohdpfx handling for syslinux 6. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 802741f84a Releasing debian version 4.0~alpha38-1. 7 years ago
  Simon McVittie 114a778b7a If /etc/mtab exists as a file, replace it with a symlink (Closes: #746570). 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 547f559343 Adding symlink for udeb data for jessie. 7 years ago
  Richard Nelson ca941152b4 Add --apt option on frontend/cgi. 7 years ago
  Kiel Christofferson 846e8a0795 Replace subprocess.call() with subprocess.check_call(). 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann e8cbbb09d3 Enabling syslinux 6 support for sid. 7 years ago
  Carlos Zuferri 6f8f7f96d2 Adding '--package-version' to po4a options. 7 years ago
  Carlos Zuferri 446190515c Adding .po integrity check target to manpages/Makefile. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 4b815ee833 Also creating source stagefile in source_debian. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 9cbb6865c1 Releasing debian version 4.0~alpha37-1. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 6bfcd3689a Adding wheezy legacy handling for syslinux. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 604d5f1416 Only removing stage files in lb clean --stage and keep .build around in order for init to detect initialized config directories properly. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann e84476a7e5 Adding hook to create /etc/mtab as a symlink to /proc/mtab if not already existing (Closes: #746570). 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 7f1f542cea Updating default boot parameters for live-config 4.x. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 4b5d831313 Releasing debian version 4.0~alpha36-1. 7 years ago
  Daniel Baumann 21ada8a348 Correcting os.chmod usage in lb init. 7 years ago