LTSP5 for Devuan
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Mark Hindley 822babf935 Changelog for version 5.18.12-3+devuan2. 4 days ago
client 10-resolv-conf: start comment with #, thanks Hyperbyte! 1 year ago
common Allow early logging to /dev/kmsg, for init-ltsp. 4 years ago
debian Changelog for version 5.18.12-3+devuan2. 4 days ago
obsolete OBSOLETE: ltsp-vmclient is obsolete. Mark it as an example. 9 years ago
po Sync launchpad translations. 1 year ago
server Move ltsp-server-dnsmaq.conf into common configuration directory. 1 year ago
.bzrignore find cannot handle paths 11 years ago
COPYING updated copyright notice with current copy of GPL v2 11 years ago
TODO Upstream work 12 years ago ltsp-localappsd/ltsp-remoteappsd: Use "xprop -spy" to replace "xatomwait". 6 years ago
release.conf Version 5.18.12. 1 year ago