168 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Colin Watson 52a7d28eac Handle asprintf failures consistently. 8 years ago
  Joey Hess ba700576f1 Support escaping of menu items containing commas. Closes: #613623 10 years ago
  Joey Hess fe085d4f10 convert menu_entry to return the string rather than its size 10 years ago
  Joey Hess ec26cb35f5 avoid unnecessary parameter 10 years ago
  Joey Hess ed335f2fb5 adjust comment to fit reality 10 years ago
  Joey Hess 7cbf064a43 combine two uses of a constant 10 years ago
  Colin Watson df61de5545 Use debconf_x_save (requires libdebconfclient0-dev 0.106) instead of 11 years ago
  Petter Reinholdtsen a21dff1867 Include menu item number if disabled debug message. 11 years ago
  Frans Pop fbeb3430e8 Don't mark menu items that are not installable as "seen" 11 years ago
  Frans Pop 7da163d9f4 Remove check for menu item 99900; no packages use it anymore. 12 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 16c7bd617a Add support to exit the installer using di-utils-exit-installer. 12 years ago
  Colin Watson 0aa7bbd6e8 typ 12 years ago
  Frans Pop fa77a7dba0 Minor style improvements in debconf_to_pri(); thanks to Jérémy Bobbio 12 years ago
  Frans Pop 5cbeff30b6 Dynamically adjust priority at which menu is displayed 12 years ago
  Frans Pop aee63d2880 Return to default priority in one step after an error has been resolved 12 years ago
  Frans Pop 054b324286 Factor out function to convert debconf priorities 12 years ago
  Frans Pop d6f0b627d9 Mark components with a menu item number of 99999 or 99900 as uninstallable 13 years ago
  Colin Watson 16b433ac38 typo 14 years ago
  Joey Hess e33c8dc98a * Support DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip. Closes: #437554 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 4d47eabaf9 * Fix test for new menu items that come before the last successful item. 14 years ago
  Jérémy Bobbio 939edbcc9a * Do not raise the priority when cdebconf-priority succeed. 14 years ago
  Jérémy Bobbio 87ca486828 * Fix a memory leak in show_main_menu(). (Closes: #438121) 14 years ago
  Colin Watson 9b7a736780 * Fix a few memory leaks in corner cases. 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 92bdf0e3fc actually, let's set it to the title of the failing menu item 14 years ago
  Joey Hess f2d434be62 * Reset debconf title when displaying a failure message, otherwise the title 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 4704782601 useful debug, commented out 14 years ago
  Colin Watson 7b87dce1fd don't restore previous default priority when selecting a neverdefault item 14 years ago
  Colin Watson 2ebb7fd155 * Restore previous default priority when selecting a menu item immediately 14 years ago
  Frans Pop ec712683e5 Post-Etch development merged in from Colin's people directory: 14 years ago
  Frans Pop 86c15333d6 Free menu variable after use; thanks to Masami Ichikawa 14 years ago
  Frans Pop b4c1ddb282 Make cdebconf honour currently set debconf/language 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 690e20d59d * Comment out some debug items, switch another log item to info. 15 years ago
  Frans Pop 8eecc41a71 Revert controversial patch from Silvain so we can release. Patch will be submitted to BTS for further discussion. 15 years ago
  sylvain ferriol 032603271b * Add pre and post scripts execution for a menu item. It is useful 16 years ago
  sylvain ferriol 7867c5921b static modify_debconf_priority declaration forgotten 16 years ago
  Joey Hess fde2d6b627 * If a default menu item cannot be determined, drop priority to avoid 16 years ago
  Joey Hess d2de21e1e6 * Avoid trailing commas at end of missing-provide choices list since 16 years ago
  Colin Watson 684d05ab2a * Rip out all of the code to manually fetch localised templates; cdebconf 16 years ago
  Colin Watson 49a57b2ec0 Propagate EXIT_BACKUP from recursive calls to di_config_package() (Ubuntu 16 years ago
  Colin Watson e4e756b9e5 Add support for executables in /lib/main-menu.d/, which get run at main-menu 16 years ago
  Petter Reinholdtsen fc2de4a610 * Petter Reinholdtsen 16 years ago
  Joey Hess 508e070391 missed these 17 years ago
  Joey Hess e77c709b93 * Joey Hess 17 years ago
  Bastian Blank a64555578b Check for availability of debian-installer/language. 17 years ago
  Colin Watson fca17cb15a Avoid empty entries in generated menu choices list; main-menu wrongly 17 years ago
  Joey Hess 00ed56a97f * Joey Hess 17 years ago
  Bastian Blank 8ce4cea273 - Use X_SAVE. 17 years ago
  Bastian Blank d5310d68f7 - Cleanup. 17 years ago
  Matt Kraai cc3daa279c Do not skip a package unless all of the virtual packages that it 17 years ago
  Joey Hess ddee14b1eb add debugging code, commented out 17 years ago