4 Commits (d2e3c9e77f0d8f40838dbb55f0ec3be2cf12832a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Daniel Reurich b7e58898b3 Fix english heading too. 7 years ago
Christian Perrier 0b86c31b8e Finish tagging the templates strings. Ouch... 14 years ago
Joey Hess 8506aa8c93 * Remove rather redundant extended description of main menu question. 15 years ago
Christian Perrier cc7dd33378 Rename templates to main-menu.templates 18 years ago
Joey Hess 911395f6c9 trim whitespace 18 years ago
Joey Hess 68721060c9 fix wording (sorry translators!) 18 years ago
Joey Hess 9ca8ae20aa - Add a nasty hack to detect backups. (Proper fix documented in TODO). 18 years ago
Joey Hess e41215dfa6 - Remove the stderr interception and logging, it's all sent to the 18 years ago
Joey Hess 88da8fcfe1 revert the VERSION thing as it does not work 18 years ago
Chris Tillman 1844d01897 Updated templates, thanks Christian Perrier, and added ${VERSION} 18 years ago
Joey Hess 608f111ea6 cleaned up the template text a bit 18 years ago
Petter Reinholdtsen 83a2471b27 Use SETTITLE instead of obsolete TITLE. 19 years ago
Chris Tillman 925e022810 update English usage in message templates 19 years ago
Joey Hess d5b3038b26 prettified 19 years ago
Joey Hess 34c71c71ee added stderr redirection and logging 19 years ago
Martin Sjögren eba0190943 Make sure the default choice for resolving uninstalled menuitems is at the top 19 years ago
Denis Barbier 9819f3606f * Convert to po-debconf, set Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 4.1.13) 20 years ago
Martin Sjögren cf07741a24 choices, not menu, bleh 20 years ago
Martin Sjögren 2805f465f4 When configuring virtual packages, only require one providing package, and let the user choose which. 20 years ago
Raphaël Hertzog 303b83d224 * Select a default entry in the main-menu. 21 years ago
Joey Hess 14154a0433 added debian packaging stuff to build .udebs. However, it fails with 22 years ago
Joey Hess a290636dab actually talks to debconf now (make demo) 22 years ago