12 Commits (e33c8dc98ad8ff8d7c7a3a33ddcce5d696776a59)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Joey Hess e33c8dc98a * Support DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip. Closes: #437554 15 years ago
Frans Pop 8eecc41a71 Revert controversial patch from Silvain so we can release. Patch will be submitted to BTS for further discussion. 17 years ago
sylvain ferriol 032603271b * Add pre and post scripts execution for a menu item. It is useful 17 years ago
Joey Hess 0e499fd6aa - convert to debhelper v4 19 years ago
Goswin von Brederlow 2160e65ada DH_OPTIONS=-n not "-n" 19 years ago
Goswin von Brederlow 13464bf3fb added 'DH_OPTIONS="-N"' to prevent dh_installdebconf from creating postrm 19 years ago
Martin Sjögren fa6314ee81 change "install -s" to "install" and remove dh_strip, the Makefile already strips the binary 20 years ago
Joey Hess 7818150b59 * Patch from Romain BEAUGRAND <rbeaugrand@easter-eggs.com> to order() 22 years ago
Joey Hess 5787f4632b variableized 22 years ago
Joey Hess 5a086b93dc I'm told that it shouldn't be byhand. Ok. 22 years ago
Joey Hess 70f1ec8b95 one hack gone 22 years ago
Joey Hess 14154a0433 added debian packaging stuff to build .udebs. However, it fails with 22 years ago