Setup of Devuan name server sub system.
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3 years ago
; This is NSD's master zone file for
; (it has bind9 format)
$TTL 7200
3 years ago
@ IN SOA (
2022110401 ; serial number for this zone file
3 years ago
21600 ; refresh
7200 ; retry
691200 ; expire
7200 ) ; default TTL and end of header
3 years ago
; NS
;ns1 IN NS
@ IN NS ns2
@ IN NS ns3
@ IN NS ns4
@ IN NS ns5
@ IN NS ns6
3 years ago
; MX
@ MX 10
gitea IN A
gitea IN AAAA 2001:41d0:a:511b::3624:8eb4
git IN CNAME gitea
mail IN A
mail IN AAAA 2001:41d0:8:732b::3624:8eb6
mail IN MX 10
lists IN A
lists IN AAAA 2001:41d0:8:732b::3624:8eb6
lists IN MX 10
ns2 IN A
ns2 IN AAAA 2001:41d0:8:732b::587:52b2
ns3 IN A
ns3 IN AAAA 2001:19f0:5801:e4:5400:1ff:feed:77b6
ns4 IN A
ns4 IN AAAA 2a01:9e40::108
ns5 IN A
7 months ago
ns5 IN AAAA 2407:b6c0::108
ns6 IN A
; ns6 does not have an IPv6 address
;jenkins IN A
;jenkins IN AAAA 2001:41d0:a:511b::98e4:cc92
jenkins 300 IN CNAME
debbugs IN A
debbugs IN AAAA 2001:41d0:2:1f68::3624:8eb2
bugs IN A
bugs IN AAAA 2001:41d0:2:1f68::3624:8eb2
popcon IN A
popcon IN AAAA 2001:41d0:2:1f68::3624:8eb2
borta IN A
borta IN AAAA 2001:19f0:5801:e4:5400:1ff:feed:77b6
foobar IN CNAME
; for letsencrypt certification of
_acme-challenge.gitea IN TXT "zk-d5WyFMs7L_JW9ylnOyYd_jZ_jTgs_VuXagSNgo5w"
_acme-challenge.borta 300 IN TXT "aXIo1FcblWPHj0sNjnIx5zidL-SmfQqY3e8rn5WL5y4"
; SPF record for backup's
mail TXT "v=spf1 ip4: ip6:2001:41d0:a:511b::3624:8eb4 ip4: ip4: -all"