15 Commits (suites/unstable)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Samuel Thibault 8cd816f384 Revert work around for bug #769189, it is now fixed 4 years ago
  Samuel Thibault 8037ae52a1 make isc-dhcp only try to release the lease once 6 years ago
  Colin Watson 973e23e52c Don't copy /etc/network/interfaces to /target if netcfg/target_network_config=ifupdown; it's already been copied by the base-installer hook earlier, and copying it again makes it hard to modify /target/etc/network/interfaces in a preseed file (closes: #709017). 7 years ago
  Colin Watson afdc9334ae Minor refactoring to avoid unnecessary test invocations. 7 years ago
  Philipp Kern 594ef2afd2 finish-install.d/55netcfg-copy-config: wrap dpkg-query call with sh 7 years ago
  Philipp Kern c7d87b7c6a Do not rely on dpkg -l to check if network-manager is installed. 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern ce25f54151 netcfg-copy-config: exit if connection type file is missing 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern 2f5f1a845c Do not compile in network-manager support on kFreeBSD & Hurd. 8 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois 5c7316c3b9 finish-install: Fix bashisms; equality tests are done with '='. 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern 4e1dbbde99 finish-install: Do not set /etc/network/interfaces to mode 0600. 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern 46208b2246 Reword target_network_config template; do not ask the question. 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern ba5ee42705 Write out network-manager configuration files with mode 0600. 8 years ago
  Sorina Sandu 45a8200b9d Add finish install script 8 years ago
  Colin Watson 8ebbecf897 Release isc-dhcp-client IPv6 leases at end of install 10 years ago
  Colin Watson 6106dcbb16 Call /usr/lib/NetworkManager/ifblacklist_migrate.sh from finish-install if present, so that 'auto dhcp' interfaces are disabled if network-manager is in use. May be preseeded away with netcfg/network-manager. (Thanks, Matt Palmer; closes: #614884.) 10 years ago