17 Commits (suites/unstable)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dimitri John Ledkov 416769d5c2
nm-conf.c: check return result of fscanf 5 years ago
  Philipp Kern a7d695c36b nm-conf.c: mark a few more functions as static 5 years ago
  Philipp Kern 7e1f288217 Drop non-public methods from nm-conf.h and mark the others as static. 5 years ago
  Kjell Braden 8e10555c97 Fix missing bounds check on nameserver array iteration (Closes: #768218). 6 years ago
  Philipp Kern 9cb2d70f05 nm-conf: drop libuuid usage, we only support Linux 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern 67174ce689 nm-conf.c: add missing errno.h include 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern 41c7b353b4 nm-conf: check fchmod's return value, move to correct place 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern 7f9f1d2272 nm-conf: Only write out MAC addresses on static configurations. 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern 5bfce24ed7 nm-conf: Allow both IPv4 and IPv6 to be activated post-installation. 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern d2dd5a1d00 nm-conf: use ESSID as connection name 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern ba5ee42705 Write out network-manager configuration files with mode 0600. 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern e946cee90d nm-conf: Use Linux's random/uuid proc entry if available. 8 years ago
  Sorina Sandu 730ba88160 Remove config file used for testing 8 years ago
  Sorina Sandu b6520f1d1f Add NM config for IPv6 8 years ago
  Sorina Sandu 28a0a4d6cd Choose whether to use ipv4/6 config for nm 8 years ago
  Sorina Sandu 625e2833dc Add connection type file for finish-install script 8 years ago
  Sorina Sandu 53447dec02 [not-tested] Add nm-conf upgraded sources 8 years ago