73 Commits (suites/unstable)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hendrik Brueckner b84118248b
static: trim user-specified values for IP and other addresses 5 years ago
  Philipp Kern 104fc668e2 Skip reachability test for empty gateway. (Closes: #690868) 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern db19e15343 Use netcfg/hostname for the hostname if found. (Closes: #606636) 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern e3a17d8cb1 Fix the dns- entries in /etc/network/interfaces. 8 years ago
  Philipp Kern 51b94dc3e2 static.c: Fix call to deconfigure_network on kfreebsd. 8 years ago
  Colin Watson dfe306f1d3 Don't preseed IP addresses as hostnames 9 years ago
  Matt Palmer fac74c7496 Deal with stateless DHCPv6 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 8802ca520d IPv6 support for using rDNS to preseed hostnames 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 8da67dead2 Refactor /etc/network/interfaces writing code 10 years ago
  Colin Watson 81f23607f1 Move wireless options into struct netcfg_interface 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer f3f28cf871 Support IPv6 netmasks, for people who like typing too much 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 6e8653e95d First working draft of IPv6 support 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 3369f3ff74 Make a few more functions IPv6 aware 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 8da7622f4e Create and use a struct to store all network interface settings 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer fedbf6cafa Convert all remaining in_addr variables to strings 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer ac137d855c Move the rest of the static-specific globals into functions 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 3402f9607f Make nameserver_array a local, and an array of strings 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 196154f2dd Remove gateway from being a global var, and turn it into a string 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 1322a1f821 Only flush address families we manage 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 0222eeb32b Refactor out some program-global variables 10 years ago
  Sorina Sandu a469bcd6ec Remove backup treating for link timeout 9 years ago
  Per Andersson 2d90ce4c89 Remove magic numbers when returning back to main 9 years ago
  Sorina Sandu d4ff99ddf0 Make link detection timeout preseedable 9 years ago
  Sorina Sandu 761dd7b775 Removed trailing white spaces. 9 years ago
  Matt Palmer 776026360e Wait for link detection on static interfaces. Closes: #606515 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer ee637df904 Fix some dodgy indenting in static.c 10 years ago
  Samuel Thibault 02915d1682 More fixes for Hurd support, including network device detection (closes: 588761). 11 years ago
  Samuel Thibault 4c249ebe76 * Fixes for Hurd support. 11 years ago
  Aurelien Jarno 116898f571 * add support for GNU/kFreeBSD. 11 years ago
  Frans Pop 3027542297 Remove trailing spaces 11 years ago
  Frans Pop 96def6b68a Fixes for Hurd support 11 years ago
  Martin Michlmayr 3c9a373258 Put in a special case to allow preseeding of no gateway via 13 years ago
  Frans Pop 8e2457db79 Add extra tab for proper allignment 14 years ago
  Frans Pop a3a7b3e19e Add default entries in /etc/networks in line with netbase (static config) 14 years ago
  Philip Hands a0ddba1ff8 tidy up somewhat random C style 15 years ago
  Frans Pop f7cba19597 * Set up the loopback interface with address 15 years ago
  Colin Watson 3470d09ec1 * Make sure empty ESSIDs don't get written to /etc/network/interfaces; 15 years ago
  Frans Pop 0ec0cd84fe Remove temporary workaround for #322723 introduced in 1.13; problem can no longer be reproduced 15 years ago
  Frans Pop 6213e7206d Change hotplug configuration as written to interface file 15 years ago
  Frans Pop fb657e95d6 Temporary workaround for #322723: use 'route add' instead of 'ip route add' 16 years ago
  Joey Hess 098551fa20 [ Joey Hess ] 16 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 16dc06f143 unfuck changelog from 1.07.1, i think, and fix #295482 16 years ago
  Joshua Kwan c2fa8d7a0b finish up the code I did kinda halfway 16 years ago
  Thomas Hood 2c55e964ca Fix #271978 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan b7d7fb4e94 - remove mii-diag support 17 years ago
  Colin Watson b89670d715 Ask netcfg/get_nameservers at priority critical; if you're doing static 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 456a81f715 relocate the BAIL_OR_NOT stuff in static.c back to netcfg.c 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 6c8126b210 Allow "don't configure network" when mii-diag ordains static configuration. 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 55eaf2427f apply adam thornton's IUCV patch 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan c55a9faddf don't add auto OR hotplug lines for PCMCIA devices 17 years ago